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Hi, I live in WI and it gets cold here in the winter...so I can't exactly get as much sun as I should be, so I'm a little worried about my vit d this winter...I fear it's been low in past, and I don't want that to keep happening!

I wish I could just go somewhere warmer and sunnier... But that's simply not logical. Lol D;

What do u think would be the best way to get vit d?
Tanning bed?
Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance, guys!

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Before you supplement, please get your levels checked. Otherwise you run risk of creating imbalance and stressing kidneys more than necessary. 

Can't be done in Canada.  I agree that sunshine is extremely therapeutic - but you can't expose skin that long in the winter if it's cold enough.  I imagine this will be true of Northern Europe as well.

"it leads to mass ignorance"  - what the video demonstrates is the affects of one's endocrine system: stimulating the production of endorphin by way of the stressor.  It does not show the "comfort level" (video shows time in water is less than 1 min.) A better example of a comfort level would be the Alaskan that was in Kansas in winter; in below freezing weather she was wearing shorts outside, while everyone else was in overcoats and hats.  

Those who meditate to raise body temperatures or go without food and water for extended periods of time are examples of long term restrictions to have a desired result, not a common experience.  Meditation is relative.  It depends on the results desired, the ambition of the person as well as all other outside and environmental factors.  Positive thinking can do wonders, but it cannot discount the scientific results of exposure to sub-zero temperatures and windchills on the skin.  Two to five minutes can begin to show the signs of frostbite with dryness, discoloration and pain.  The best thing to do is to stimulate the pineal and pituitary by getting direct sunlight into the eyes - don't need to be in one's skivvies.  Five to twenty minutes (depending on comfort level) is enough to begin the production of endorphin and turn one's world from crazy disastrous to blissful utopia...at least for a while.

This information is based on experiences and extensive research for over 15 years.

Here is some biology reference

Here is the Vitamin D council

And youtube has some talks of Dr. Cannell


Have you ever visited Winnipeg in January?

Are you aware that it gets down to -30, -40, and even -50 C (with the windchill) in the winter here?  Skin begins to freeze within minutes.  I had no idea this was considered controversial in any way. Consider me mighty surprised.

Just the thought of that makes me shiver.... ;p

Again, there are NO UVB rays getting through our atmosphere during the winter at our northern location, which means we are not able to make Vitamin D even if we are doing this extremely uncomfortable behavior.

internet searches tells me we make no vit d from oct to march in northern usa  searches also showed that tanning beds are 74% more likely to cause skin cancer then natural sun .

i do not remember who said and the links  seems to a LOT of confusion about vit d  lots of opinion on it

did a good job soaking up the sun this summer    the sun is shining today and i am going out in it does it produce vit d ?   the sun is low and weak now here...


There was a good discussion on this earlier, but I can seem to locate it through searches.  The US Navy puts out an Azimuth table that is searchable by location.  See it here.  Put in your location and a table will pop up.  The table will show the time of day in 10 minute increments.  Under the column labelled Azimuth, the number must be 50 or over for any UVB to be penetrating the atmosphere at your location. 

At my location in northern Illinois on Sept 30, there are no UVB rays available.  It is nice and sunny and I will be outside most of the day, but I won't be making Vitamin D.

You mean the Altitude column.

It could be genetic. I read about a study done in Hawaii where 60 participants stayed out in the sun for 4 hours a day for 6 months and many of them came back deficient- under 30, with the highest reading being 65. I wonder why this is. But it shows that sun is not enough for some people, I guess. I'm taking 10,000 IUs a day to try and get it up. I'll re test is 8 weeks.

Global Health Trax has one made from lichen.  I use it.  It tastes just slightly like licking a tree.  Google it... I'm too busy to link at the moment.  :)

You bring up a good point, though.  Most people are not aware that most Vitamin D supplements are not vegan and are made from either fish or sheep wool.  The vegan supplements that are widely available are D-2 supplements not D-3, which is not as effective (possibly not effective at all).  There are vegan D-3 supplements available online.



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