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Violated My Apartment Lease by Throwing Watermelon Shells All Over the Place

My landlords are conspiring against me because of my watermelon addiction!

Most of the entire building has already moved out, because they're remodeling right now, so I enjoy liberally depositing my watermelon shells all over my apartment complex and the woods next door. I also launch watermelon shells from my second story balcony, so that the rabbits and little critters can eat them. We have tons of wildlife, including deer, walking around :0

It seems to me that throwing all the fruit refuse into the trash bin, to be transported and dumped in a landfill, creates pollution and is bad for the environment. Its always annoyed me a bit how people see fruit peels as "trash" so if you throw a bananas peel into the woods, or in the back of some big garden or field where no one goes, they think you've just littered. To me the concrete, and all the human made stuff we use that is wasteful, creates wars, and destroys the environment, is the problem, not the banana peels.

I leave watermelon shells in the woods, come back the next day the rabbits ate the whole thing already.

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cool thanks a lot i really appreciate it

You're right, watermelon rinds aren't trash. Just hide them in the woods or get a home composter. If it's outside the ants are already there so as long as it's far away from the building. People have messed up priorities sometimes, like freaking out over some fruit scraps that would be gone in a week.:)

lol yep life goes on people!

I guess you could think about it from another angle tho too. when i grew up we never picked up after the dogs. I dunno anyone who picked up after there dog. As a result where you went you learned to watch where you where walking it was no big deal.

fast forward.

Now its the socially accpetable thing to pick up after your dog everyone does it etc.. picks up after there dog. I still dont get it and when i last had  a dog I REFUSED to pick up after it. Sure i woudl not go walking it in someone elses yard. But in my yard or public land if he went back to the earth that poo went too. 

It just seems normal and natural for me that waste go back to the earth like so. I know with fruits and vegs as a result of my habits i get all sorts of fruit and veg plants popping up around the yard and such. I also dont use any of that weed killer stuff or nothing either as a result i get wild berries growing where ever too. Its just more normal and natural.

I guess the tough call is your in an appt complex. Tho i still think people over react about stupid stuff.

i agree, i really don't like peeing inside because it seems like im saving it for something, like i don't need it the plants do!

yep its good for the plants

lol my mom doesn't like it when i throw melons either xD

one thing i like to do is put all of my compost in a banana box, and layer it with leaves so that it doesn't get all over the place

My goal is to be like Jared Six, who posts here a lot, one day but I have a long way to go since I use then dispose of tons of stuff:

you've seen his videos right? 


Just watched!! Amazing vid!! thanks for sharing!!

never! thanks :)

Do not believe BS's protestations of innocence.  This covert footage clearly shows him as a menace to society:

Windlord windlord that is clearly a waste of a good watermelon and has no place on here! but I love the sniggering in the background.. we all know it was you! haha shame on you!



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