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I figure I would start a thread on the victories of people doing what needs to be done.


Some may believe what can be done well some are working on the solutions.


Here is one to start with.



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I will let the image do the rest .


Take Care,

here are some of SHARK's efforts over the past year.



below is the email text of their accomplishments last year.


in friendship,




What SHARK Has Accomplished With Your Help                   
 DEAR FRIENDS,                                                               
 In the past year, SHARK struck major blows against animal cruelty on        
 numerous fronts; from crippling Pennsylvania's infamous live pigeon shoots, 
 to shattering the false-face of the rodeo mafia, SHARK has relentlessly     
 fought to save animal                                                       
 We've gone head-to-head with governors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.      
 We've exposed cruel celebrities who kill animals for "fun." One of those    
 celebrities - Troy Gentry - even professes to have seen the error of his    
 We've literally taken the fight against animal abuse to new heights with    
 our high flying fleet of remote controlled aircraft that captured video     
 that was previously impossible. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of all     
 these accomplishments is that that they are just the beginning.             

                           FIGHTING FOR PIGEONS                              
 SHARK has been tireless in our efforts against Pennsylvania's live pigeon   
 shoots and we've scored major victories since we began our fight just over  
 a year ago. The first shoot site to go down was Straustown, which happened  
 soon after SHARK began major operations in Pennsylvania. The Pike Township  
 Sportsman's Association, which SHARK has regularly attended and exposed,    
 has ended its pigeon shoots as well. Pike has been a major shoot site for a 
 very long time, so this was a particularly significant victory.             

 Sandy; one of the survivors SHARK rescued                                   

 After 130 + years, SHARK brought pigeon shoots at the Philadelphia Gun Club 
 to a screeching halt. Besides being on the ground (and on the water in our  
 boat) at the Club, we've gone after them in the media, leading to a vast    
 amount of coverage. This includes SHARK's campaigns against individual      
 shooters, where we exposed their cruelty to both pigeons and humans alike.  
 More recently, SHARK                                                        
 has exposed the previously hidden horrors at the Wing Pointe canned hunting 
 We've documented unspeakable brutality, such as their dead pile of birds    
 with still living animals in it, and we've rescued dozens of wounded birds  
 and given the survivors a second chance at life.                            

                  FIGHTING FOR ANIMALS ABUSED IN RODEOS                      

 As in past years, SHARK activists exposed rodeo animal abuse from one end   
 of the country to the other.  In June, the National College Finals Rodeos   
 were exposed for shocking animals in Casper, Wyoming.  The story made       
 front-page headlines. Caring people were outraged and one rodeo supporter   
 issued death threats against SHARK President Steve Hindi. Glad we made an   
 Meanwhile, in New Jersey, SHARK investigators exposed the Cowtown Rodeo for 
 shocking animals for the third year in a row.  Cowtown is sanctioned by the 
 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), the world's largest rodeo    
 association.  We again exposed how utterly worthless the humane rules of    
 even the biggest rodeo association are.                                     

 SHARK captured the true, vicious nature of rodeos in                        
 this picture from the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo                          

 Then came the big one - the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, held annually in  
 July in Cheyenne, Wyoming.                                                  
 We've been investigating and exposing Cheyenne since 2005. In 2010 we again 
 gathered evidence of overwhelming abuse, and of animal injuries and deaths  
 denied by rodeo thugs.                                                      
 Cheyenne, like numerous rodeos is losing money and losing sponsors.         

 Our videos posted on the Internet are making a difference, as people        
 world-wide are learning the cruel truth.                                    
                   SHARK'S ANGELS AIRCRAFT TAKE FLIGHT                       

 On October 3, 2010, Operation Angel saw its first action at the Erdman      

 SHARK's eye in the sky has animal abusers on the                            
 The Angel performed flawlessly as it carried a video camera almost half     
 a mile to a point where it could document the killing.                      
 Next we filmed the enormity (as only an aerial video could) of a pheasant   
 farm run by the state of Illinois. This is a program where pheasants are    
 raised like chickens so                                                     
 that hunters can enjoy killing them. Soon this footage will be used to      
 campaign against these tax-funded killing sprees.                           
 On November 14, the Angels saw more action at a pigeonshoot at the Wing     
 Pointe Resort. The Angel camera documented extensive abuse on a number of   
 It's taken an enormous amount of time, money and resources to get this      
 project off the ground. Now, armed with these amazing tools, we are able to 
 expand the fight against animal abuse in new and previously thought         
 impossible ways. Animal abusers can run, but they can no longer hide.       
                     SHARK FIGHTS CRUEL CELEBRITIES                          

 In 2010, SHARK launched www.CruelCelebrities.com to expose music and movie  
 stars when they promote or commit terrible acts of animal violence.         
 · Troy Gentry, of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry, pled guilty to a 
 crime resulting from the horrendous slaughter of a tame bear inside a small 
 electrified enclosure. He probably thought that everyone would soon forget  
 about his cowardly and dishonorable act. He was wrong. We waged and won a   
 three-year battle (including a victorious lawsuit) against the US Fish and  
 Wildlife Service that forced the federal government to turn over the        
 videotape of Gentry's canned hunt killing.                                  
 The YouTube video SHARK released soared across both the internet and in the 
 media, appearing on such as shows as Inside Edition, and caused so much     
 grief for Gentry that he was forced to issue an apology.                    
 · Miranda Lambert, a supposed animal lover, kills animals for fun,          
 including a small alligator. She even rubbed her hands in his blood! She    
 thought she was being cool, but SHARK showed just how cold-blooded she is   
 in a YouTube video that caught the attention of the National Enquirer,      
 which ran a full page story on her blood-lust.                              
 · Tom Cruise, according to reports, is going to star as a rodeo champ in a  
 movie entitled "Paper Wings." Because the only thing he will be championing 
 is animal cruelty, SHARK took him on with a video which also blasted        
 through the internet and websites such as www.RadarOnline.com ·             
                     MORE ACCOMPLISHMENTS FROM 2010                          

 · Our YouTube account hit 15 million views, making us the 9th most viewed   
 nonprofit on YouTube!                                                       
 · SHARK jumped into the battle against the New Jersey black bear hunt by    
 producing an in-depth investigative report that exposed how the bear hunt   
 was political payback by Governor Chris Christie for a pro-hunting          
 political action committee that not only funded his campaign, but appears   
 to have broken NJ state law by violating spending limits. We held a press   
 conference at the NJ state capitol and filed an election law complaint      
 against both Christie and the hunting PAC. There was massive news coverage  
 state-wide which showed Christie for the corrupt person he is.              
 · SHARK filed complaints with the USDA against Lee Marvin Greenly, the man  
 who sold Troy Gentry the tame bear he killed, and the USDA responded by     
 moving to remove Greenly's exhibitors license.                              
 · Provided CNN's Jane Velez Mitchell with video footage of cruel pigeon     
 shoots.  Jane did a piece on the shoots, and millions of people nationwide  
 learned about "Pennsylvania's Shame."                                       
 · The Red Cross demanded and won withdrawal of their name from the sign at  
 the Erdman Sportsman Association Club after SHARK explained to them that    
 pigeon shoots happened there.                                               
 · Provided evidence to local prosecutors in Minnesota to pursue animal      
 cruelty charges against stock contractors who committed animal abuse at the 
 Olmsted County Fair Rodeo.                                                  
 · Worked with lawyers and humane law enforcement officers to encourage and  
 support the prosecution of gun clubs and individuals who engage in animal   
 cruelty at live pigeon shoots.                                              
 · Conducted election law investigations against the two PA District         
 Attorneys who have crushed all citations against pigeon shoots and          
 uncovered links to money from pigeon shooters and pro-shoot PAC's.          
 · Protested at a fundraiser for then candidate for PA Governor Tom Corbett  
 because of his support for pigeon shoots. Corbett literally ran away from   
 SHARK activists when asked about it.                                        
 · Hand-delivered framed white feathers, taken from a bird killed at a       
 pigeon shoot, to the political leadership of Pennsylvania, including then   
 Governor Ed Rendell and Governor-elect Tom Corbett. These were the          
 politicians most responsible for                                            
 keeping pigeon shoots alive and well. Two of the recipients of the "Four    
 Feather" award later lost their bids for reelection.                        

                                 A PLEA FOR HELP                             

 In the past year, SHARK has scored amazing victories for animals - but it   
 wasn't free.                                                                
 Travel to confront animal abusers nationwide, putting boats in the Delaware 
 River to block pigeon shooters at the Philadelphia Gun Club, developing new 
 technologies such as our Angel aircraft costs a lot of money - but look at  
 what has been accomplished!                                                 
 We will fight with everything we have to protect animals from abuse, but we  
 your help.  Please remember that most of the SHARK team, including me, are  
 unpaid volunteers.                                                          
 Please consider sending in a generous donation so that we may continue      
 to fight for our nonhuman friends.                                           

                CLICK HERE TO HELP SHARK SCORE MORE VICTORIES                
                       FOR ANIMALS IN THE COMING YEAR                        

 Kindest Regards,                                                            
 Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team                                             

 "Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized 
 society.   Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting,       
 bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence.   Only  
 when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to     
 live well ourselves."   - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader,      
 founder of the United Farm Workers                                          

a quick follow up to the above:
High School Rodeo Finals Not Returning to IL

state budget cuts have much to do with this, but so does shark.

follow-up article


things you can do as copied from shark's email:

While Illinois is claiming cancellation of the rodeo is due to budget cuts, 
 the negative publicity generated by SHARK's expose of the rodeo's animal    
 cruelty year after year undoubtedly played a part in the decision.          
 Rodeo shills Springfield Mayor Frank Edwards, Representative Raymond Poe    
 and others are scrambling to try to reverse the decision and requesting a   
 meeting or conference call with Governor Quinn.  SHARK has requested to be  
 a part of the meeting or conference call.  We will keep you updated on this 

 What You Can Do:                                                            

 Please contact Governor Quinn and thank him for his decision to cut the     
 rodeo from the Illinois budget and request that he not rescind his decision 
 due to pressure from rodeo shills.                                          
 Phone:  312-814-2121                                                        
 Click here for the website link.                                            


in friendship,





Awesome thanks Shark are great.

I just came across this.


“Molly is a good representative of what a betrayal it was to each of these animals. The sanctuary should be a line in the sand that means never again should you suffer,” said Patty Finch, who said she has no relation to Jerry Finch.

http://helenair.com/news/state -and-regional/article_b92ef7a6 -2d01-11e0-a32a-001cc4c002e0.h tml?mode=story...


Take Care,

Another good soul doing good.


Meena Alagappan

The Animal Legal Defense Fund would never be able to use the law to advance the interests of animals without the support of legal professionals nationwide. In this continuing series of spotlights, ALDF’s Animal Law Program salutes attorney Meena Alagappan.




Take Care,



IDA India Water Bowl Project

Every summer in Mumbai, India thousands of stray dogs die due to lack of drinking water. In response, IDA-India has begun a new Water Bowl Project. We provide and install free cement bowls to place near homes and offices. This project started on a very small scale last year with the help of a few volunteers who placed 5 bowls in Western Mumbai. The animals were so thrilled with the water available to them that it seemed like a wonderful Stray dogs enjoying water thanks to IDA India Water Bowl Projectidea to continue. More volunteers joined and now we already have 220 bowls installed in Mumbai and 25 bowls in nearby Navi Mumbai. Someone in Delhi heard of this and now we have installed 20 bowls in the Noida/Delhi area. If you are in India and want to get involved, email Sarita. Just tell her how many bowls you want, your address and phone number, and Sarita will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks for your help!

nice stuff bigG!

reminds me of ericka's surprise experience in turkey:



CATCA was invited to participate for the second time at the European Ground Squirrel meeting. This time the 3rd EGSM took place in Ordu, Turkey.

CATCA would like to thank the organizer Mr. Islam Ganduzi, the University of Ordu and the Government, for all their incredible attention and hospitality during the meeting. A big thank you to Dr. Kepel for sponsoring CATCA's participation at this meeting.

It was a very interesting meeting, with important scientific discoveries, such as viruses that attack these endangered animals, differences on their alert calls according to the species, results of the re-introduction proograms, etc.

This meeting happens every two years and it is important because the European Ground Squirrel already got extinct in several Eastern and Central European countries, so since some years ago, several programs of re-introduction has been created, with several individuals been introduced to new habitats and succesfuly breeded and released.

I am very happy to inform that Dr. Kepel from PTOP Salamandra Poland, got an award for the best poster at the poster competition during this meeting. Poland also announced that they will be the host country of the next EGSM in 2012.

Changing the subject abruptly, I am very glad to report that in my time in Turkey, I was happily surprised to find out that the thousands of cats in this country are mostly in very good health and not malnourished. I was even shock to see bowls with water and food on the streets and even at the bazaars,stores, hotels, restaurants... Yes, the owners of the shops or business take care of these strays. Another big surprise was that is mostly the men who take care of these cats!.

I saw cats allowed to scratch and play on hand made carpets at carpet stores, jump on chairs at restaurants (most of the times that is considered kind of normal).. I even saw cats at Mosques, arqueological zones, museums and even deep inside the Hagya Sophia! No problema...

There are few street dogs and they look quite healthy, even if they are running on the busy streets and often in packs.

Another thing that really surprised me, is that drivers in Turkey STOP for the animals, in cities, towns or villages. Of course, sometimes with their crazy driving ways accidents happen, but all the times that I almost got a heart attack seen dogs, cats, goats, cows or horses in the middle of the street or road, even in heavy fog conditions or night, the cars always stop for them.



in friendship,




Thanks for sharing this great story.


Nice to know people are doing such noble deeds.


Take Care,

Russell Swigart's parole was denied! Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and wrote letters to the Kentucky Parole Board encouraging that convicted animal abuser Russell Swigart’s parole be denied. More than 15,000 signatures were collected on the Change.org petition since our alert was sent last week -- sending a clear message to lawmakers that animal abuse is a crime that should be taken seriously.

Charged under Kentucky's "Romeo's Law" after breaking into a former co-worker's home and brutally stabbing two of her cats to death, Swigart was sentenced to a 12 year prison term in December 2009. He has served two years and five months of that sentence, and the Kentucky Parole Board will reconsider parole for Swigart in two years.

The cats' owner, Bridgette Wright, spoke with the parole board on Monday and asked that Swigart serve his full 12 year prison term.

Swigart broke into Wright's condominium in September 2008 after sending her threatening text messages. Armed with an eleven inch knife, he brutally killed her cats, Piggy and Mr. Frank. Wright was out of town on a last-minute business trip and received text messages from Swigart saying, "You should get home and clean up the mess. Piggy & Frank have seen better days. I just stabbed your cats to death. Piggy put up a good fight, but Frank went out like a b****." More on this case on ALDF's website.

Thank you for taking action to keep convicted animal abusers behind bars!


Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fun

glad you put up the swigart item.

it was on my list, but now i can scratch it off.


in friendship,


no problem Prad,


I like what Paul has to say in this article...




Take Care



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