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Hi there!


I am looking to buy a vibram but i found 2 issues. One, i dont know the best model, is there any differences, can anyone give suggestions?


The second one is that they dont send it to brazil... do anyone knows a store that could ship to here?

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Hi Edu,

I can help you there :)

got some suggestionshere

and you could choose one from thislink 

I could send them to you.

( I've been meaning to send a pair for my father )

I think i prefer the classic, KSO or sprint! Thanks Ju :P So can i buy on amazon and send you? Or do you think its better throught that website?

I think it's better from this site to avoid ( taxes) surprise fees. plus you can save on shipping as I could order at same time ... well lets talk more off topic ;)

I have the KSOs and I love them :)


Ive got a pair of KSO's and a pair of Sprints. They rock! Been wearing them pretty much everday for the last 3 months, and all day everyday for the last 6 weeks here in SEA


Classics would be good for just ordinary use, but running or exercise etc get the sprints. I imagine where you are is pretty hot, so the sprints will give your feet some breathing space. :D

Love em.

Thanksssssssss! I will post back as soon as i get them!



Where you at? I missed you, you crazy son of a gun ;)

Any one there from the states could send me a vibram if i bought them and send it to your place and send you some money to pay the shippment to brazil??

I was gonna recommend doing that, I hope you find someone to ship it to you .

Would be a much  better deal for sure than shipping to me in Europe but would gladly have helped :)

Yeah i got one person! Thanks Ju :D!

Ive got vibrams and use em frequently, I do not run on tarmac or recommend anyone do unless they want to run super slow to avoid impact injuries.


Vibram have recently released the Bikila model that has cushioned due to the number of complaints that they received from people having fractured shin bones etc.


NOBODY on the planet is running faster on trails/tarmac over distance in vibrams/barefoot. Even the stars of the Born to run book Scott Jurek and the Turahumara Indians used shoes. The Turrahumara used shoes made out of old car tyres. People read the book and assume that smashing there feet, legs and bones on tarmac will solve their running injuries!! Thats like punching a brick wall to learn correct punching technique! Even Bikila the barefoot marathon champ just forgot his shoes that day and decided to run anyway. The next olympics he brought extra shoes just in case! 


Here is Scott Jurek's opinion on barefoot. He is the greatest ultramarathoner in the history of the sport. Scott Jurek is also a long time vegan.


Matt: And I read that you wore the Brooks Green Silence when you set that record; is that true?

Scott: That is true.  A lot of people asked, "Did you switch out shoes?"  I wore the same pair for the whole, entire time.

Matt: Oh, really?

Scott: You know, 165.7 miles, and it felt great, and just had the right mix of cushioning and so forth.  And when running a race like that you take so many steps and strides that every little weight counts, and to give my body that kind of feeling of, "Okay, I've got one of the lightest weight shoes that I'd feel comfortable wearing for this distance," and gave it a shot.

Matt: Yeah, that's what I noticed about it, was that it was extremely lightweight for the fact that it still had a kind of cushioned sole on it, compared to the Vibram FiveFingers or something like that.

Scott: Exactly.

Matt: And there are obviously all the environmental aspects of it.  I wrote a post about that people were really interested.  Was that part of it for you?

Scott: Oh, definitely, it's been one of my favorite shoes from that standpoint as well.  I mean, anytime a shoe company like Brooks… they've been focusing on sustainability.  That was unheard of 10 years ago or 15 years ago in the footwear industry.  So it is important to me, and I've been really focused on supporting that and encouraging Brooks to do more and more.

We're definitely trying to do more with the design of the Cascadia as well, you know, keeping as many pieces of that shoe and the components involved in that shoe as sustainable as possible.  And again, it's not 100 percent there, but we're making steps each reiteration and each model into making it more sustainable.  Again, like the Green Silence, the heel counter is made of recycled CD's, and again, a lot of these things would just be dumped into landfills.  And shoes, unfortunately, are a very high-landfill volume type product, very throwaway in some ways.  But if we can make it last better and to hold up with using recycled components, we're definitely making strides in the right direction.  We've got a ways to go, but we'll keep working on it.

Matt: And do you wear that kind of minimalist-style shoe a lot, for even like a trail race, or do you ever run in Vibram FiveFingers for races?  Or is that something you just work into your training every once in a while?  Or do you even wear FiveFingers?

Scott: I think barefoot running and training is a great adjunct and for some people, it's the best thing that's happened to their running, and I say great.  Or if it inspires people to get back into running because now they pay more attention to their technique, I mean there's a lot of benefits and I do incorporate some barefoot running into my training.

But as far as everyday or the use of running in that extreme minimalism shoes, like the Vibram Fivefingers or using my bare feet, I'm not going to be able to perform as well because I'm not getting enough protection.  There's a fine line between getting enough protection…I definitely use a lighter-weight shoes when I'm out on the trails and roads, and I've experimented with a number of things and prototypes with Brooks, but the key is having some form of cushioning and protecting the foot.

I went down to the Copper Canyon with, of course, the Tarahumara, and the whole Born to Run book speaks of this—the Tarahumaran use tire tread.  And that's, in some cases, up to a half-inch thick or three-eights of an inch thick.  I mean it's thick rubber; it's tire tread.

Matt: So they're not really running barefoot.

Scott: No, they're not.  And you can't run fast on technical terrain—and again, for some people, running fast isn't their main objective.  Their goal is to get the finish line, and I think everybody wants to get to the finish line.  But if you do want to have a mix of feeling for the ground, integration and proprioception with technique, then going with a more minimal shoe would be great for that. And for some people, you know, running in barefeet and running in a minimal shoe is the best way for them to enjoy this sport, and I say go for it.  Definitely.

Matt: Alright, so now that you've done the 24-hour record and set that American record, you mentioned that it was kind of something you did later in your career, because it required such mental focus.  So what's next for you?  Are you satisfied with what you've accomplished in ultrarunning, or do you still have certain races in mind and certain things you'd like to achieve?


Thanks for the post harley! So tarmac is a form of concrete? U think they are good to run but should be used everyday for every terrain right?


I am using a adidas, but i dont know, i think most running shoes are to high, and running in CR last year with tennis shoes i hurted my knee, and still hurts a little bit when i run. So i am want to give them a try!



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