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My husband and I did 7 day no-overt fats, salt-free, only fruits and veggies a couple of weeks ago. I was actually ably to go for 11 days, but then I caved and ate some cooked rice and veggies, no salt but a little oil. They were some leftovers from the kids supper the day before, and it was a very disappointing experience. But I am just finding that I have no appetite, yet I am feeling so dragged out and run down. I am trying to focus on eating fruit, but the pickings are not great right now. Apples, pears, tasteless mangos, and bananas, which I have to be careful with as they tend to make me sleepy. I am just not feeling drawn to any of what is available right now. The cooked isn't anymore enticing, unless I douse it with oil and salt, which I don't want to do.

I went salt free for 3 months at the beginning of this year, and once I let a little bit slip back in, it all went downhill from there. And when hubby and I first went raw about 5 years ago, we just naturally were doing low fat, pretty much a large smoothie for breakfast and lunch and a large salad for dinner. We were using Udo's oil and avos, but were doing pretty well and felt really good. Then we started connecting with other raw fooders, and were introduced to the world of raw gourmet and started partaking in bulk nut and seed orders. Of course, we noticed we were not feeling as well, but didn't make the connection. We ended up eating cooked food again due to social pressure, people would feel so uncomfortable around us because we weren't eating what they were eating, and that is my weak spot. I don't like people to feel uncomfortable if I can help it. 

I have never forgotten how good I felt when I first went all raw. I really want that back, but I am kind of at a loss of what to do. After much reading on this site, I realize the importance of not under-eating, but should I be forcing myself to eat if I am not really having the desire to? I did start out the 11 days with a short 24 hour water fast. I am not feeling particulaily drawn to do a longer water fast, but would that be a possible solution, perhaps to reset my body?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




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I know from all the advise hear, that aiming for 2500 cals is what I should be striving for but the thought of most food just turns me off. I know that my stomach isn't too small, because I have been a big eater all my life. My hubby always teases me about how much food I can put away!

That is kind of what I was wondering, but I know that feelings are quite mixed here as to whether one should fast or not. I have done some fasting in the past, but the thought of doing a long-term one unsupervised makes me a bit nervous based on some things I have read. Was your fast supervised?

I have had very occasional pains in that part of my stomach, nothing that concerned me too much, though.

This morning I juiced some apples, carrots, beets ginger and kale and mint. I figure if I have some absorption issues, juicing should be a good thing.

Hi Rudy (and Jenny)

I have had exactly these symptoms as well...I haven't actually done a fast yet but I know that's what my body wants. I feel like something needs clearing...I have symptoms of appendicitis as well they have bee lurking for a good week now and probably before that as well. Did your symptoms go away after your fast?

Mine are sharp pain around my belly button and a hard bloated stomach. Last night I had nausea for the first time it lasted about 2 hours and then passed.

Would love to hear your experience...

Much love

Fran :)

Hi Jenny, there is a biological law called the Law of Accommodation, which might apply here. The Law of Accommodation states that the body will resort to accommodating whatever habits (good or bad) that is forced on it. For example, smoking. At first, the body will make you cough, get dizzy, nauseous, etc. But eventually, it will start to accommodate the offender and do the best it can in spite of it. This response might even make you believe it's actually ok or right to do what you're doing. 


I believe hunger and thirst are the same way. When we don't eat and hydrate properly, the body eventually just gives up giving us the right signals. But when you start addressing it~by a bit of force initially~suddenly the body starts putting out impulses like crazy. 


I experienced this myself several times. When I started making a deliberate point of hydrating (even though I didn't feel thirsty and sometimes the thought of water actually made me feel nauseous) all of a sudden my thirst cues went into overdrive! My body just wanted more and more water. And eventually, it leveled off and I could start to trust my body's thirst impulses again. 


The same is true with food. Someone on this site recommended just cramming the body with banana smoothies until all cravings for other foods stopped. Well, I tried this and oh my gosh my body kicked in and screamed for more and more fruity smoothies! It was quite surprising.


As for falling off...well, everyone here will tell you that you gotta eat in advance of your hunger. You have to stay in front of it at all times, or else the cravings or little impulses to eat in-optimal foods (a chip here, a little taste there) WILL creep in. You also have to eat a lot. This takes planning, and a wary eye for all those potential moments when you will be tempted to be pulled off your path.


And sometimes you're just gonna have to say NO! to the very first bite. I know this, because I have been the greatest offender. Oh! the stories I tell myself sometimes ("I gotta buy these brownies for Stevie, I know he'll just love them." When, if fact, he doesn't even care for brownies. lol)...


Also, you might want to go "All Aboard the Banana Wagon Welcome" on your 30 BaD page and read all the advice they have put there. It's really helpful.


Welcome Home........ana xoxo


Hmmm, never heard of the Law of Accomodation concept. Seems logical though. I seem to have a problem with bananas, not sure if I have an allergy or sensitivities to them, but I find I get sleepy and tend to crash after eating them.


Oh, I hear you about the first bite! I tend to be an all or nothing gal! People always tell me I have so much willpower, but I know myself, I can't give into even one bite with out throwing everything off fer me. Compared to the majority of people, I eat really well. A big indulgence for me are those gluten free Mary's crackers. But I know how well I felt when I was eating a clean, raw diet, and I want that back!


i second this, but i'd stay away from strenuous exercise, or any exercise if you're not eating much
I don't seem to have any energy to do much in the first place, which I guess is what is bothering me also. I have so many things to do, that I have put on the back burner for so long, and I really want to be able to start tackling them.
And thank you all for your thoughts and feedback. You all sure know how to make a girl feel welcome!!

Welcome! :)  Have you read through All aboard the Banana Welcome Wagon!  I would also reread 811.


Dr. D recommends not to do more than 3 days water fasting without supervision.  Fasting = resting, bed rest for your fasting time.  If you need it, go for it.


Juicing will mess with your blood chemistry: 

Is it okay to juice fruits and vegetables?

With a few exceptions, it is preferable to consume the whole food rather than to extract part of it and drink it. Drinking fruit or carrot juice without the pulp being present to slow the absorption rate of the nutrients can spike the blood sugar and throw your blood chemistry out of balance. It is far better to consume the whole fruit. One exception is fresh-squeezed citrus fruits, since a significant portion of the pulp is generally retained with the juice. The other "exceptions" are to blend fruits such as melons, and to make smoothies out of various fruits like bananas and strawberries. Liquefying the entire fruit in a blender turns it into a juice or a thick smoothie, while keeping the entire nutritional package together. Blending whole tomato, celery and orange together makes a thick, tasty, salad dressing.  http://foodnsport.com/faq.php


Tracking calories with chronometer is almost essential.

10grams per kilo of body weight times 4 for calories is what 30BAD recommends.

How is your sleep?  Sleep is a huge factor in health.

Are you peeing with vigor 8-12 times a day?  This means you are hydrated.  Most of us are badly dehydrated, if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Vigorous exercise will help you get an appetite, even if it's just a few minutes of jumping jacks.

Stick with high calorie ripe fruits to get in those calories.  High calorie fruits  ...and I just can't say enough for bananas and dates, are the bananas ripe, are they Earth bananas?

Topic 'How does ripe fruit look, taste, smell and feel? Add your fa...

Banana Date Smoothie - Music Video and Raw Food Recipe

Mono meals are best: Topic 'After 1 Solid Year Of Eating Only Mono Meals...'


Sugar, Water, Sleep! :)


This is strange, but I find that if I eat less, I have less appetite, and when I eat more, I have more appetite... like if I skip breakfast because I woke up late for work (which I hate doing) I am less hungry at lunch than if I ate a huge breakfast... it's strange?

I'd say, try starting your day off with some good exercise followed by a hearty fruit-filled breakfast of AT LEAST 800 calories~ that always makes me hungry enough to get in my calories for the rest of the day!

I'm the same Teri.... wonder why that is...?


I haven't noticed this since eating raw, but I definitely remember that from my SAD and cooked days.



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