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VeganTeeShirts.com - post your ideas and designs to win free shirts!!!

Hey guys,


I'm starting a website selling vegan t-shirts!

Check out the site here: veganteeshirts.com

What is your favorite vegan message you would like to see on a shirt?

Post your ideas and/or designs below, the best ones are getting free shirt!


Also please let me know which one of the ones on the site you like. They aren't final designs just a few ideas I had and I put them up while setting up the site/shopping cart for testing.


I was thinking to start with 4-5 general vegan message shirts than later on add more AR/HCRV/30BAD ones too.

I want to keep the designs simple and clean with focus on the message, 1-2 colors 3 max.

Thanks in advance for your help/input/participation!!! :)



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added 3 pics with tanks, which one you like?



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Great suggestions Alison, thank you!

Agreed on both counts!! But I also really like a longer sleeve sometimes, ideally a 3/4 sleeve.

I second both of Alison's suggestions.

One design should be of a banana getting eaten by a bigger banana getting eaten by bigger one, and the message should have a stick figure wearing a vegan shirt saying. "SEE!! banana's are vegan too!!! 

lol Dharma!

Definitely will do something around the banana theme!

Only problem with this design is it might look to some like it says "F the animals."

I'll think of some ideas tomorrow when I'm supposed to be working lol.

Good point Mathyou, I'll rearrange the words.

TIA for any ideas!

Please click 'Like' on the vegantshirts facebook page:



Did you see this photo that Jodi Mycock posted? I think it would be perfect for a t-shirt!


I love it Shelah, thanks!

plus two! :)

Love it, man.



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