30 Bananas a Day!

said the meat-eater while chowing down a T-Bone.

I just read this on Tumblr and I was like :O what : http://dumblrfeminist.tumblr.com/post/36590642319/ill-go-completely...

Obviously, I replied to her post because these things really piss me off.

I hate it when people try to find extremely stupid excuses as to why they can't go vegan. No one's forcing them to buy organic fruits and vegetables because well, we all know they're more pricey. But seriously, since when do canned beans, rice, pasta, and frozen veggies cost a fortune?

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Maybe? I am not sure which is more intelligent. I have seen sources showing that liberals have higher IQ's on average, and another that conservatives do.

Conservatives, I HIGHLY HIGHLY DOUBT IT.  (On average of course).  IMO both sides are messed up on average, but i have to give the prize to conservatives, particularly right wing neo-cons who are over-zealous fundamentalists.  The irony of Mainstream Christianity today in America is that Jesus was a Communist!!!!  If that's not a sign of stupidity I dunno what is. 

Also though liberals and moderates tend to dominate the academic world, so I've heard and experienced in my own life (no sources sorry)  Professors scientists etc...  Right wingers tend to be blue-collars or business owners...

not all vegans are liberals :)

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-Albert Einstein


"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel Prize 1921


“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”

― Albert Einstein

Yes, maybe we are privileged.  Privileged to know that vegan living is possible, righteous, wonderful and healthful... for people, the animals and the planet.


So many angles to respond with...

Some of the poorest people in the world eat a vegan diet or very close to a vegan diet:

...photos from Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel, Faith D'Aluisio, Marion Nestle

I’ll Go Completely Vegan For A Year If Someone Funds it!

Right now I’m too poor to afford actual food. By which I mean every damn thing in my kitchen is a synthetic barely food version of something else. 


(what a luxury to own a kitchen, with electricity - how about you get off your ass and start cleaning your neighbours windows then go buy a box of bananas)

Because of already having problems with my digestive system this is basically killing me and I’m sick all the time.


(obviously you have a computer, electricity, computer connection your paying for - sounds like your a whinging whiner lazy ass to me)


I was never vegan to begin with BUT will go vegan if one of you vegan people on here funds it. I don’t think you realize how damn expensive a diet like that is. 


(i wouldnt give you a cent because your lazy and your a liar)

So if you come here, offer to completely fund my veganism for a year, I’ll do it because as I already like vegan food I just don’t exactly want to do it full time and also am insanely poor, then if you want it so bad you help me out.


(monica - your are a disgrace)


At this point I am nauseous almost every day because of the diet I was forced onto by having no money (this white privilege thing is totally working out for me) I basically only ever have bologna sandwiches and cereal with the occasional can of fruit which is so overly processed it’s doing very little to help my digestive system. 


(how about you donate your dying body to science)

I’m too poor to even afford a microwave or some damn pots or pans to cook in.


(poor baby - dont cook - eat raw)


I literally have NO options here and it’s cheaper to buy a pack of bologna than FRESH fruits or vegetables that will spoil in a few days time, and trust me I can’t go to the store every day to buy more food because what do you know?


(get off your lazy arse and walk monica - youve been given legs for a reason)


Awesome white privilege gave me this NO CAR thing. So it’s impractical to buy a ton of fruit or veggies and just leave it in my fridge.


(you own a fridge ???? - sheer luxury - you dont need a fridge to eat 801010 - sell the fridge)


I would buy a bunch of veggies and cook them into a nice dish to freeze or something but then we come back to the problem of not having pots or pans to cook in. 


(walk to the fruit shop every second day and buy all your fruit and salads)

Do you realize how expensive a vegan diet is?


(do you realise what a lazy idiot you are ?)


 Or even a healthy one? There have been studies as to why poorer people tend to be overweight in the US, mostly due to the overpriced nature of food like I’d have to purchase to become a vegan. 

(people are like you - too lazy to walk, to poor to buy fruit but you own fridges, computers, mobile phones, video cameras, electricity and kitchen and whine like a spoil baby on the internet for someone to feed you)

So if you fund it, I’ll do it. 


(suck it up and work like the rest of us and stop sucking off society)

lol.. that entertained me.

yeah someones gonna fund her for a year!!! not a week or a month but a year, she must be crazy lol

we've had our clashes in the past, but i'm behind you 100% on this one. SOOO much poor ass excuses...

what a crybaby, why would anyone fund her shes not not even willing to stop eating bologna and shes sick....meat is expensive!

"I don't think you really understand how expensive a vegan diet is"

...umm. I don't understand this lol. Who does she think is funding US? The rest of us make our OWN money to spend on our diet...logically a vegan would know way better than her how much a vegan diet costs? Lol



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