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said the meat-eater while chowing down a T-Bone.

I just read this on Tumblr and I was like :O what : http://dumblrfeminist.tumblr.com/post/36590642319/ill-go-completely...

Obviously, I replied to her post because these things really piss me off.

I hate it when people try to find extremely stupid excuses as to why they can't go vegan. No one's forcing them to buy organic fruits and vegetables because well, we all know they're more pricey. But seriously, since when do canned beans, rice, pasta, and frozen veggies cost a fortune?

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what do you mean?

That's what I was gonna ask him lol

Well, statistically they are- don't see many vegans in the hood. It is expensive if you eat like me, no question about it- but the extra energy will help you in making money - so it evens out in the long term. I know I work more hours now that I am vegan.

Also: begging for money like this is shameful, in many countries- those that beg for money are seen as the lowest of the low. 

I'm guessing that by 'like me' you mean eating organic fruits and veggies...? That's why I never suggest raw veganism to people when I try to get people to go vegan because I know it's pretty expensive. However, a high carb cooked vegan diet can be pretty cheap. And also, most people don't wanna be slaves to the system just so they can buy fruit, but if that works for you, that's awesome :)

I'm a tall guy + 18, so I eat like a black hole. Although you can buy rice in bulk for a very cheap price- if you are recommending a vegan diet to someone with more limited money, you should also include rice as a staple- I get rice in 5kg bags for $5- and that's from a supermarket, not even wholesale.
What do you mean by "slaves to the system"?

I'm extremely against capitalism and the fact that we all have to work to earn money, which after all is merely paper, to live just drives me insane. That's all I meant (:

And that's really cheap for so much rice, I wish it were that cheap here xD

How can you be against freedom to trade voluntarily?
I know, it's really crazy when you think about it; our standard currencies are backed by paper notes- which can be printed to infinity at a whim, I read that all fiat currencies lose 10-20% purchasing power with each year. Whereas countries that still have the gold standard, prices have pretty much remained same.

But I am a business owner, I do not really understand what you are saying- since I am actually looking to buy and take over a smoothie company, since the demand for vegetarian/vegan food is growing faster and faster- you would be against me doing that?

Um, how is capitalism freedom? We are all brought up learning stuff by heart whether we like it or not (eff yeah indoctrination! :/), the government practically owns us, people with lots of money can do whatever the hell they want and the rest are left trying to figure out how to survive poverty. We're anything but free.

I'm not saying that you promoting vegan food is a bad idea or that I'm against it, but if capitalism was abolished and money stopped existing, vegan food would be available to everyone without having to pay for it. It's food. We NEED it. Why pay for something you cannot thrive without?

Ok, let's apply this lack of competitiveness/profitability to agricultural commodities. Without competing companies, we would not have combine harvesters for example, which are still in popular use today since they were created to give the farmers that bought the technology more profits. Agricultural technology is just one example of free market innovation. The computer you are using right now is a product of capitalism, computers were initially built to fit inside a room, now they can fit on your wrist. All thanks to competition and profitability to satisfy the customer. In your fantasy world, we would be holding hands and picking the crops without developing tools and technology.

If you were to abolish capitalism, you would need to enact global genocide, since trading is fundamental to human nature we see identical trading behaviour in primates. Countries that prevent free trade heavily correlate with genocide, starvation and imprisonment- ask those in North Korea or survivors of USSR.

That's not for you to decide.

Frazer, if money did not exist, farmers would not have to worry about profit. No one would have to worry about profit.

Poverty would cease to exist. Why do we have to spend our lives working our god damn butts off? It is simply illogical that we have to pay to live.

If skin ceased to exist, we would not have to worry about being cut. Pain would not exist, and we wouldn't have to be cautious of our bodies. It is simply illogical why we have to have skin.

I don't know what to say... honestly. What was your relationship with money as a child?



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