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I came across this one woman who was vegan for quite some time, 811 for a year, but then according to her, developed a host of problems like cystic acne, grayish hair, poor skin, etc. Upon going paleo (which has been for the past month or something), she says she feels a lot better.

Her vitamin D levels were really low and B12 was borderline/low. So...what happened? It's kind of disconcerting to read because it seems like she gave the 811 lifestyle a fair shot for a bit. Did she not do it for long enough? Was it her deficiencies? What's there to learn from her experience? 

Here's her letter explaining the switch, her interview with Dan about her health problems while 811, and her former YouTube channel from when she was raw vegan. Sorry for all of the links, but they can explain her background far better than me for those interested in commenting. =)




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The fact 'rawyoganurse' went from 180lbs to 120lbs and said 'on 811 I feel AMAZING!!!' sounds odd that she would come out against.

She is obviously spending too much time indoors judging by how anemic she looks. Hopefully she gets her lifestyle balance soon.  Sounds like another troll looking for attention. I mean why would you leave up videos shouting from the roof tops how good this lifestyle is and then do blogs writing about how bad it is? lol! Sounds like Susan Schenk who still sells one book saying how good the vegan lifestyle is for your health and then she sells another book saying how BAD a vegan lifestyle is for your health!! lol!

I call it 'double dipping'. 

She now claims to be living on 'a handful of chicken and lots of lettuce'. Sounds like a girl with a raging ED.

This video is full of praise for 811.

Wow after watching this one and another one of her videos I like her actually, well atleast the "her" that you can see in her video updates about 811 etc. The lifestyle seemed to be working so well for her like she said so it's just confusing that she would start writing the opposite.

I never believe the people who don't succeed at 80/10/10.  What I mean by that is I don't know the exact details of what they did before, what they did during.  Until I know exactly, I question the validity of blame on 811rv.  It is a SPECIES specific program.


Also realize that there are several parts to this program.  Exercise, food, water, sleep, and of course detox.  This is why not only do you need to do the full program to be successful, but you also need a good stay at a water fast retreat.  The crap we have eaten that is toxic to our bodies doesn't just disappear over night nor by magic, nor by simply following 811rv.  It gets stored.  I did a 92 day juice feast just recently because I couldn't go to a retreat at this time.  The amount of toxic waste that came out of my body and mind was unbelieveable!  It made me a 100% believer in eating clean the rest of my life.

nice...and so freakin true...people almost always overestimate the calories they take in once the go vegan or raw...myself included I felt i was chowing down 3000 calories and it was closer to 2000

nice Mikey

hey Kris from NYC here....just joined this amazing community and after reading her blog what struck me was her need to sort of mix things up and change for the sake of change. I used to be just like that....also people talk a lot but do we really know she ate enough?? got actual sunshine? drank water etc. Let her eat all the glorious meat and animal protein her heart desires ...I assume we will be hearing how this Paleo BS was totally a mistake lol and how she is now seeking something else??!!! Jeez

     I'm sorry to admit i tried the same experiment quite some time ago.  I'm back here!

Its gotta be hard for someone like Jacky to be in a totally non supportive environment with regards to her meat eating husband, son, colleagues, status quo pressures etc.

If I wasnt such an animal lover and full of self conviction I would have never lasted as a vegan based on all the dogma and meat and dairy status quo bs propaganda I was flooded with for the first 5 years.

When ever someone says 'carbs make you fat!' I slap em on the gut or point to the next obese person walking by and say '10 000$ that person is NOT a high carb raw vegan/vegan for over 5 years!! 10 000$ MAN!!! LOL!'


Jacky aka rawyoganurse is obviously a compulsive liar based on the following statements she makes in this video.

Then she writes "801010 almost killed me!!"


thats funny Harley...this is a pretty recent video and she sounds and looks great except the lack of sleep

comment she made....everything sounds positive but I feel she just was not eating enough and not getting any sleep....people are quick to jump ship when they are totally stressed with children school work etc. She will be back with us!! :)

If this girl has gone through in her life what she claims, I can understand why she's always changing her mind.  Nothing has been consistant in her formative years and that is obviously staying with her to this day.  She's still young, obviously confused and looking to fill a void that is very hard to fill.

We all have s**t to deal with from our childhood, taking it with us into adulthood, and we all go through different stages in our lives.  I'm still dealing with my childhood to this day, and I'm 44 (45 in 3 weeks).  I hope she finds what she's searching for and gets the help she so obviously needs.

Peace. x


I just wish she would stop criticising the lifestyle that got her healthy (by her own admission) and also leave innocent animals alone in the process!




I wish everyone would try to get a better grasp on simple concepts like:

  • Sample Size
  • Variables
  • Causation
  • Accuracy of Data

We are still living in the dark ages.

If I eat dog feces for the next 5 days and somehow manage to set a new marathon PR, that doesn't prove that dog crap is the ideal fuel source. If I come down with a serious illness right now, that doesn't prove that "eating lots of bananas made me sick!!!". If I have existing health problems, what I do today can't be the 100% cause. etc.



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