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Hello beautiful people :)

I was reading an article about a man named David Warwak a few weeks ago and it really worried me. He was a vegan art teacher in Illinois who got fired for giving the children some honest information about his beliefs and incorporating themes of animal compassion into some of his art projects.

I am currently studying elementary education at the University of the Virgin Islands, and as I get more involved in animal rights advocacy I am starting to feel that I would not want to work at a regular school. I want to teach children to live healthfully, have compassion for all animals, and most importantly to THINK.  By doing this at a regular school I would most likely get fired. And I know I would not be able to keep my mouth shut when the children are given milk and chicken nuggets everyday.  Are there any teachers here who have to deal with things like this? And are there any vegan schools out there? I am thinking that I want to work at or start a vegan school when I get my degree!


Sending lots of love and sunshine your way,


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I would love that Caitlin! Any intention of moving to North West US?

Yeah you two should open your own private compassionate vegan school together! Why not? :) I'd send my kids there! (when I have kids in the future) I was going to homeschool, but this would be perfect! Have the school K-12!

That's a really great idea! I'd send my kids there if i were to have any.

I was in a very similar situation, I graduated with an elementary ed degree and once I started student teaching I saw so much that I wanted to change.  I found that the best way to approach this was to be a model for the kids.  They saw me everyday with my fruits and veggies and asked me a ton of questions about what I was eating.  They would always tell me that they loved eating healthy and I could see it was influencing them.  It's a sneaky way to teach them :)  Unfortunately for me, the lack of time to eat or take care of myself while teaching interfered with my lifestyle, so now I'm studying to get into grad school for nutrition.  You could teach nutrition if that's something you're interested in :)

There is a very small kinda hippie school here in Portland, OR that does not serve any animal products to my knowledge (maybe honey?) Called New Day. It is based on Humanist philosophy and has an epic permaculture garden.

Hi Caitlin,

In a few weeks I will be starting college, with the goal of becoming a school teacher.

I had some concerns similar to yours; however, I've been doing some research and a lot of THINKING lately -- and I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to forge ahead fearlessly:)

At first I was thinking in terms of "infiltrating" the System.  But now I understand that by the time I receive my degree, in four years, the "system" will be much more tolerant and supportive of Veganism. Ecological sustainability is just beginning to trend - people like us are the pioneers!

I don't really believe in the current educational system, as I know it is actually the State Brainwashing/Indoctrination Institute. "Unschooling," home schooling and alternative/holistic educational centers are where it's at! (I've just begun delving into the work of John Taylor Gatto.) If we choose to not teach in a public school, I am sure we will find many other worthy opportunities for employment:) Even if we do teach in a "regular" school, I strongly believe we will be able to have a positive influence on young minds, teaching them to think for themselves - to question everything, to not rely on mass media for information, etc. I will tell them things like, "History is written by the victors," and ask them to think about things like the "germ theory" versus the "terrain theory," etc. (That reminds me of another potential challenge, as I absolutely refuse to get any shots/vaccinations.)

For me personally, going back to school at the age of 53 is quite a daunting enterprise. (I wonder if I will or will not keep my mouth shut when my own teachers are saying things I know to be untrue LOL:) Fortunately, I have been Vegetarian/Vegan since the age of 16; therefore, I experience superb health and know how to keep myself feeling great for many decades to come!

It's a bit scary that I'll be putting myself into debt, in order to get my teaching degree. I figure I will be working for at least fifteen years - from age 57 until I'm 72, when I hope to "retire" fairly comfortably with a nice pension and social security. Well, that's the plan - we'll have to see what REALLY happens, right?!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there must be MANY of us experiencing this kind of thing right now - you are not alone.

Namaste (from Dawn L. aka "vegalive")

See, here is exactly what I am talking about:

NYC Elementary School Adopts All-Vegetarian Menu


***OH YEAH!!!

At my school they have an environmental club with some vegetarians and the school is pretty accepting.  Today we actually just had a veggie day with no meat and a vegan bake sale.  I go to a private school, so they are a bit more lenient when it comes to sharing values and religion.  I really don't know if there is a vegan school, if there is I would love to go. 

Wow! Getting fired for being vegan?! Check out Steiner schools, their philosophy is much more accepting of individuality and a really beautiful approach to learning.



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