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Have you ever had a vegan nightmare? Let me share my story to clarify.

Firstly, I'm a total LFRV n00b, hopeless beginner, so to speak. I went vegan... a week ago after watching Earthlings. And this week I've repeatedly had these weird dreams where I end up eating dairy and feel horrible about it. And then I wake up, I feel amazing about not having done any harm to anyone! I'm still not a true vegan (shampoo with honey, soap with goatsmilk, beeswax in my lipbalm, some random leather and wool in my closet, you know), but I don't see how disposing of (a.k.a. wasting) these items would help anyone or the planet. I will try to use those items with respect and the understanding that I won't be buying them anymore.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What are the foods/items that I might not know of that are not vegan?

Thanks in advance!

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Congratulations on going vegan. I haven't had weird dreams about food, but I've had similar experiences when I gave up smoking. I used to have a dream where I was smoking or buying cigarettes and I would wake up devastated that I failed. Perhaps cravings trigger dreams when the body is getting these toxins out of the body.


Keep reinforcing why you've made this decision, read The China Study and get active in protecting our fellow beings. Do what you can, every action helps.


As for the other stuff (honey, beeswax etc) I understand what you mean about not wasting, but remember your setting an example for people around you.


All fruit and veg is 100% Vegan, I'd stick with that. :D When you buy cosmetics, clothing etc don't just check that it's vegan, check that it (and none of it's ingredients) haven't been tested on animals and have been ethically produced. PETA and other sites have lists of ethical and cruelty free companies.

Thank you! Of course I've stopped wearing animal stuff in public. Fruit and veg are great, cause you can't go wrong! All the boxed stuff 'containes traces of milk', which I didn't pay attention to until recently. And in my case dreams aren't triggered by cravings: I don't dream of 'binging' or 'failing', I just eat a certain food without thinking and than realise it's not vegan. xx

Yes. i definitely did. Not so much the meat/cheese eating but the animals being slaughtered etc...

It's quite common from what I hear...

We are more open to feel what everybody else is hiding from their conscience, what we

are doing wrong or did wrong...


And sure, don't throw away what you already bought but maybe avoid

wearing the leather/wool in public :)


bye and congratulations on the switch :)


Thank you so much! No more animal-unfriendly garments in public, that's for sure!
Gelatin and white sugar I knew of, thank you. Also carmine (made from beatles). And a lot of vitamins contain a gelatin coating... Grrrrrrr

Oh, that's horrible. I hope that is the worst nightmare you ever get.

Thank you so much fro sharing, and sweet dreams xx


I have these anxiety dreams from time to time, probably because I work at a traditional Italian restaurant so I'm surrounded by gross food all the time. I think it's normal to have those dreams if you are worried about doing the right thing. Someone who wasn't committed wouldn't care :) hahah it's a great feeling to wake up right. Cheack for stuff like glycerin and lanolyn I think one of those is bad. Buy Skinny Bitch. Its an insanely good book and they have a glossary of chemicals/products to tell you exactly what the jibberish names on the bottle really mean.

Glycerine? Wow, that's a discovery for me. Skinny bitch is a tempting read, I wish i had access to it.

Grazie mille, bella xx

Oh man! So glad you wrote this. I thought I may have been going insane in respects to weird dreams. I just had a really bad one a few days ago. I dreamt that a really cute cat was on a conveyor belt and got grounded up into "ground cat" beef ALIVE. And not only that, but I saw the aftermath... I felt so bad after waking up. I then told my partner who then told me that McDonald's chick's get grounded up alive to make McNuggets. Supposedly that was in the movie Supersize Me. I don't remember that part, but then I proceeded to google this and I saw a clip on how male chicks ARE grounded up alive because they are deemed "useless" in factory farms. I wanted to cry! :(

I had another one this very morning. Shrimp this time...

Ann I have just found out that my prescribed meds contain a shitload of animal ingredients... Gosh I hate this world!

Well, I love this world, obviously, but why dowe rely so heavily on animals? Every simgl;e animal ingredient has a plant-based, or vegan, alternative. I understand why people love cheese, steak, seafood, eggs - it tastes good, but ground up feathers in shampoo? Boiled bones in candy? Beetles in applesauce? Stuff derived from horse's urine? I mean, yuck. Even a regular meat eater wouldn't be thrilled about that.



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