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That pretty much says it all folks. Has anyone been in this situation before? Anyone in south la looking for a nanny? ;)

But let's get real.. What does one do when the parents say "make sure she drinks her milk in the morning" or "I try to have tuna for her because she loves eating for lunch so often!" Etc etc. right now as I type this the little girl is eating chicken nuggets. (I always try and offer/ actually make something healthier/meatless and I have noticed it make a HUGE difference just in the couple months I've been a nanny. But you try and tell a tired 2 year old your not gonna make her chicken nuggets without her screaming (while her dad works upstairs and can hear everything)). I can also tell just since working here there is more fruit and healthier habits in the house but.... Idk. Part of my wage is being allowed to eat anything in the house I want. What am I supposed to do? Eat up their 5 banana weekly stash for a snack?

I make suggestions when I can but I don't want to offend them (you know that look omnivores give you when they think you're thinking you're better then then?). It's a great family and I even offered to make vegan meals (paid for by the family) and they said they'd consider it. :/ I even sent the dad a couple of freelee's vids on eggs/milk. There is only so much I can do before I'm being rude and pushy.

I don't want to/can't lose my job and do not want to work in the hospitality industry again (ie steakhouse, burger joint, any restaurant anywhere!). There are a couple vegan restaurants but nothing that is busy enough (and I live near the #1 vegan restaurant in LA according to yelp. Vinh Loi, anyone in LA should check it out, super bomb!!!) I don't have any other experience in any other industry (not that it would be a real problem because I'm a fast learner) but you know, can't get a job without references in that industry or without knowing someone. On that note any and all entry level jobs pay damn near minimum wage and I NEED more than that to live right now.

Suggestions? How do I deal with making chicken nuggets? Should I keep suggesting? What do I do?? Help, advice, words of encouragement, anything.

Also, what do you guys put on rice? As like a topping, I've decided to throw away my soy sauceS ;)

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Or anyone have any job related conflicts? Like any vegan butchers or something? How do you deal with it?

Honestly you need to respect the veiws of the family. This is not your child or your place to refuse to feed her what she is used to.

i agree. its not worth them getting mad at you. if they want to feed her nuggets then nuggets it is. but keep trying to get her to eat fruit too. any bit helps!

I'm in the same boat... vegan nanny, omni family. Honestly, I just do it. I hate it, but I do it. I too am always worried about my job security so I don't push it at all. I don't touch any of it (pour it directly out of the bag and onto the plate, etc). I make "icky" faces whenever I deal with it and they see me eat how I eat. I make a difference where I can (if we're out and about and I need to get her a snack, we pick up fruit instead of meat, ice cream, etc). 

But yeah, it sucks. I just graduated from college (for health coaching) so I'll be done with nanny-ing soon (at least as much as I do). However, health coaching presents its own dilemmas lol. Most people (in NC, you're lucky to live in a semi-liberal area) refuse to eat vegan so I'm stuck just recommending more fruits and veggies. God forbid if I get a job as a health coach with an insurance company that has set recommendations that you have to follow >_/p>

I'll say... don't even bother giving them advice.

I have to deal with my whole family, specially my sister raising my nephew as an omnivore (it feels even worse).

I babysit some days/weekends and I don't give the kids meat or dairies. Parents always give me the option of fruits, yogurts, and for dinner noodles with grounded meat and I don't give the kids the meat. 
I make the difference by eating the way I eat. People that see me eating at my job (10 bananas, a whole pineapple, mangoes, ...) ask me what do I get for protein and I show them 2 huge crowns of broccoli. :P

Azreale, I always respect the views of the family and I only make suggestions when they seem socially appropriate. And I never refuse to feed the kids something they want but I offer a healthier choice first, like I mention pb&j before chicken nuggets. Hahaha I'm not like a crazy pusher. I'm just curious how/if anyone did anything else in a similar situation? Or stories that other people have. I came from a very heavily meat/cheese background, so much so that I was actually literally allergic to fresh fruits and veggies. My throat would close up and I remember the mindset/opinion I had about vegans/vegetarians (didn't even know there was a difference!). I never try and push it unnecessarily. Just trying to get opinions of how others do/would deal with that kind of situation.

Emily, that's basically what I do. I usually try not to make icky faces because of my "fear"/insecurities about the job being lost "because of that crazy vegan nanny". Idk I guess I'm having like moral issues. I feel like coming from my background the reason more people aren't vegan/vegetarian/vastly cut down on meat is because of a lack of education. It's like I know a little bit of information and it's unfortunate that we live in a society where sharing that is considered rude! It's like I feel like I cannot tell them because of the social implications yet I must because....... If they only knew!!!

Yeah, I think just seeing you eat is exposure enough for anybody who would actually make that change. Like, if somebody is at all close to being vegan, just being around you will be enough of a spark to educate themselves more. This will only be like, 2% of the people you're around. I'm still really struggling with this but it seems that the more you try to educate, the more it turns people off. It sucks lol.

I know it!! That's why I'm being sooooooooo super cautious about mentioning or saying anything. I didn't even tell them for a long time, until they started asking my why I bring and eat so many bananas every day.
But really is not right that we live in a society where saying, hey your killing yourself and hurting the planet when you eat all that is so super taboo. If we saw someone walk into the middle of the street with lots of cars, it's not socially inappropriate to say "hey if you do that you're gonna really hurt yourself and lots of others"! Ahhh the ridiculousness of the world we leave in.
Linda, hahaha that's awesome. Okay cool way of handling it. I know what you mean it is harder with family. I guess that never even crossed my mind before because my family lives so far. My mother, her bf, sister and brother were at a bar and they called me up to put me on speaker to have everyone laugh while I explained what I had for food that day! I guess we should be grateful that we have fruit/veg as an option. Probably not something as an option for those people who were laughing at the bar!
Oh I know. I used to be one of those people. Right smack in the center of the crowd of zombie meat eaters. I remember what I thought about those weird people. I'm just morally at some kind of stand off. I can deal with it I used to work at a steak house and other restaurants where I had to tell the customer about "the delicious steak for special tonight" with a big smile. I'd get in trouble if I didn't sell enough. I CAN deal with it. I just don't want to. It makes me sad to feed this beautiful, intelligent, innocent creature something KNOW is detrimental for her health, and many other creature's demise. I can deal with it, just I feel like I'm doing something wrong by doing so. Although, the whole family seems to have made some changes for the better from my examples.

I've struggled with the same thing... I've been trying to view it as an opportunity to improve myself in the sense of letting go what others do. If that makes sense? Knowing that I have no control over their actions and thus, their actions should not have any control over my mind and happiness. I'm still faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from success but it helps to focus on that. I think it'll be easier the longer that I'm vegan too. My one year is coming up in about a month :-)



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