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Any viral internet marketing people, experts out there who could link me to a real and ethical way to make vegan money?  


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Ralph Smart, as mentioned earlier.    The 7 day Vegan challenge.

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new you tube policy? -

(freelee gets a mention in the comments)


This is a great, but small channel.

Vegan Health

Vegan Wealth

Vegan Happiness


Free ebook by Vegan Doreen Virtue : Don't let anything dull your sparkle 

Done in the right way, one of the purest forms of livelihood is Busking.  Living music is an honourable tradition, harms no animals, no trees, nothing but the occasional grumpy shop owners ears.   Buskers have had a bad rap though and a lot of misconception that busking is begging.  Inherently, begging is actually better than say working in McDonalds.  Begging is illegal, but really I wonder about that after meeting a few street yogis etc.

Anyway, I digress.  Today, is the FIRST EVER International Busking Day!   #Go Vegan Jobs Woo hoo!


For those interested in #VeganLivelihood, Busking is a great deal of fun.  Guitar, a sweet sound can be made from a tin whistle, singing, drumming etc. 

Most shoppers love it and support the entertainment value.  Occasionally you get the trolls, "get a job" or whatever, but ignoring this, nodding, saying thank you works best.


Just being mindful of other buskers, and noisy amps, not too long outside one shop etc. Occasionally police do not know that busking is legal and so a polite conversation with them  directing them usually to the advice on their own police website may help. A pre printed out leaflet just to show that you have done your research first also helps.  Just because a shop keeper has complained does not mean they necessarily have the right to move you on.   Always jovial and flexible, respectful approach works best.

A day can earn from $60 upwards.  It comes under self employment regulations and should be declared as earnings. Differing countries may have different rules.   There may be byelaws to check out too and make sure that you do not obstruct the pathway.

So, in order to protect the cultural rights of the Busking tradition a busker called Johnny Walker invented " The Church of the Holy Kazoo"

This link explains that:


Very cool! :D

:D It is!

18,500,000 views 124,000 subscribers


For beginner buskers, it is The Spirit Of Busking that counts - don't worry about mistakes, perfection or any of that crap

Yeah! See the views this you tuber gets, 600,000 with only 350 subscribers...


I don't know any options or i would be doing it myself, but:

You're always morally obligated to avoid taxes as much as you can, if you for example manage to make a decent living from internet money (and i know there are several people here doing that, also, freelee, harley are you listening?) you might want to look into starting a company on the cayman islands which will earn the money and pay yourself a low wage and when you go to hawai or whatever you let the company pay for it and declare it a business trip, let the company take care of your costs for most things. It's a 100% legal it saves you 1000's (depending on what you earn) and most importantly you don't support the tyrannical actions of government.

Also you could look into becoming a perpetual traveller, to avoid paying income tax at all.

I have animals to look after and bills to get paid before I can ever travel again @Taka.

I think you are in partnership with youtube and so would not be able to do this?

The tax issue is a good one.  Money subsidising the meat and dairy industry, paying for illegal wars etc.

I would prefer an Ethical Alternative Government Tax system to pay into, you know, as there are loads of societal issues I would be happy to financially contribute to. 

Here, the tax threshold is £10,000 ish I think, before you have to start paying any tax.    Right now, anything is more than nothing.

I have tried two internet marketing schemes.  The first was under £10 for a manual on how to make money.  However, it was a scam.  It did teach me about quora and a few other sites, but then told me I needed to pretend to be a personal trainer or whatever, As its example was implied to look out for teenage girls questions asking about losing weight and then sell them some diet slimming pills!  All under a fake profile, fake pictures.  Obviously, not doing that!  Did get a refund. Live and Learn.

The second thing I have most recently tried is something called ICanGet2.  The reason this looked like the best marketing programme was that it is run by Michael Glaspie who is the only internet marketer with a wiki page and it looks fairly reasonable.  It sells an app for $14.95 a month which I don't fully understand called the silent salesman. I also do not have the tech understanding to see if this is a genuinely useful product in its own right.  Another option they say is to learn how to build it for businesses too and can charge up to $700 for that. 

But its the 2x14 matrix scheme means that there was a potential for earning $32,000 per month once it is full.  The payout system was a bit complicated - I think once past 5 people joining, this covers the monthly payment but it was interesting because it all worked as a team and money accumulated via spill over and from those above as well as underneath.

I attended a training seminar via the back office online website.  But it really put me off.  I can not stand the sales talk.  Its s***. Trying to see past all that, the bottom line was I felt I was not going to do anything with it, so cancelled (30 day trial).  

Btw:  If anyone reading this, does go to it, understands it better than me, thinks its a great idea, then please come back and get me!!! lol 

There is a company in Uk called Sensee and this is a legitimate company.  You work from your home office and are treated as if you are in a call centre . Training online, full support, line manager, etc, Skype meetings.  Money is around £8 per hour plus you get 28 day paid holidays.

Argos, RAC, insurance, thankfully no charities.  Not too bad.  Ethical commute , and I think 60% of the 700 employees say that their choice to work there was to be with their animals at home! Nice.



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