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Hey guys :) I'm new  30BD. Im 17 and I need some people advice for when your parents or other family member claim that "your eating unhealthy" as a high carb low fat vegan (which I am) Thanks!

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To clarify I AM eating healthy foods( fruits veggies starches ext.)  and i am a high carb low fat vegan. My wording was a little strange 

if you want to go through the probably worthless effort of trying to educate them (which usually doesn't work (educating your parents i mean, cause they probably like to remain ignorant rather then accepting that they have been wrong their entire life, especially when it's their kid telling them that.))

i would just tell them to shut up or just ignore them.. the only unhealthy thing my mother thinks of what i eat is that i eat to monotone, not much variation, basically everyday the same, possibly that is true, i don't know.

move out - their stench will infect you while you sleep

I'm currently in the same exact situation. What I do is, I just try to explain to them that, HCLF makes me feel better, I have more energy for school and exercising etc. And I no longer need to take a whole bunch of meds for my stomach problems. Eventually they will see the change in your health and approve your lifestyle. I respect that they still wish to eat junk food and they respect my decision to eat bananas everyday. 

I'm in the same situation. My parents kept at it for months telling me that it was unhealthy and they even thought that I was eating too little (whilst I was smashing in 10 bananas or 250g dry weight pasta). But eventually they saw the improvement in my health, my energy levels and happiness! If they say anything then just make sure that you are well educated on the topic and explain why it's healthy :) Also you can always try recommending documentaries! My parents quieted down everytime I showed in scientific studies. I hope they understand soon!

Looks like a lot of us are going through the same struggle right now. What I would suggest is that if they're willing to do so, they should read the 80 10 10 book so they can get a better understanding of your lifestyle. Also, maybe you can get them to watch Forks Over Knives and other movies/videos on the plant-based lifestyle.

A great way for them to see that you are hitting all your nutritional targets (you know.. the obvious "where do you get your protein from?", vitamins, etc.) and consuming enough calories is by plugging in everything you eat in one day on Cronometer.com and show them your log at the end of the day. I find this to be really helpful because that way they will understand that you are eating the right food and fulfilling your nutritional needs.

Lastly, instead of arguing with them, let them know that you would really appreciate their support because you have done all the research and fully understand that you are doing the best thing for your health and the environment. They will be able to witness the benefits as you improve your overall health on this lifestyle.

I know that it can be frustrating to try to convince our parents that this lifestyle is absolutely healthy, but sometimes we have to put ourselves in their shoes. Just think that if you didn't even know what a high carb low fat vegan diet was and consumed a SAD, you probably would think it was crazy and unhealthy. The sad reality is that anything other than the SAD that most of us grew up on sounds very bizarre to non-raw vegans, so they have to be educated on this lifestyle.

Best of luck and stay positive :)



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