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Today was a really good day as I actually took the advice that so many of you have given me in succeeding on this lifestyle. I properly food combined, ate a large mono-meal of cantaloupe, and used crono-meter to make track my calories and nutrients. To be honest, I was avoiding taking these steps because I feared that my anorexic mindset would kick in and I would start restricting. It actually had the opposite effect--I loved seeing the proof that I was nourishing my body with nutrients.

I feel proud that I had enough courage to trust someone other than myself, which is why I think it's important to remember that this lifestyle is NOT just about you. It's so easy to get caught up in the health benefits of veganism that you forget about both the ethical and environmental effects that it has. That's why I'm making it a goal that every day I will do something to support vegan causes (even if it's just reading an article or watching a movie).

Who's with me?

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Yay!  Good for you, grrrrl. =)

Well said.  That is great and I am happy for you.  Oh the wonderful mono cantaloupe meal, I do love eating mono melon meals.

Haha well technically it's not a mono if you eat more than one type of melon right? If any of you have a Trader Joe's near you, they have tuscan cantaloupe and it's even sweeter and juicer than regular cantaloupe :)

Oh when I have a mono melon meal I oly eat one kind of melon :-)  I love watermelon mono meals too and honeydew.  I want to try other melons when I get a chance.  Oh thanks for the tip on those tuscan cantaloupe I will have to check them out. 



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