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the vegan dogs thread was inadvertently deleted.
it will be reconstructed here over a few days from original sources.

unfortunately these sources are not completely uptodate. a few of the latest posts have been left off because they were unrecoverable. these included a beautiful post by via and another one by ednshell about a 30 fast her dog did to recover fully from an ailment.

you'll see some posts by old friends who used to be on 30bad such as michele.

it was not possible to reconstruct the thread on 30bad because it would have required large posts with multiple entries, triggering an attack by ning's spambot which would swoop me up into exile. yes it has already happened. additionally, the posts would not come out too clearly using the 30bad mechanism because of the limited html capabilities we have as posters.

therefore the thread has been located off-site:


some other threads of similar interest with useful content are:

Is Feeding Your Pets a Vegan Diet Ethical?

Vegan Pets!!!!! What is happening!!!!!!!

What to feed a dog?


and of course the

Veg Pets - Dogs and Cats

What to feed your vegan animal friend

also see vegan pets.

in friendship,

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Just wanted every one to know that I am transitioning my two dogs from meat based diet to vegan diet, commercial vegan kibbles. It has been 4 or 5 days only, but so far so good. I'm excited because I have felt so bad about contributing to the slaughter of our fellow earthlings to feed my pets. Now my body, mind ,and Spirit can be a little more at peace. Cross your fingers for me that this works.



thx for your post.


it is important to realize that there is very strong nutritional grounds for your choice too. there is more than just the survey, the study and the official statement by the nutrition committee as presented in the link of the original post. the clear understanding these days is that we need to be 'nutrient specific, not feedstuffs specific'.


you can also look here for more supporting evidence:

veg pets


what's good for your ethics is good for your dogs too!


in friendship,


Thanks Pradtf,

My 5 yr. old Whippet is loving his new food, but my 13 yr. old border collie is now refusing to eat it. I'm bummed by Molly the border collie's refusal. She likes oatmeal though.



dogs have individual gourmet tastes just like people so you just need to find the right thing. :D

sometimes addition of things like nutritional yeast or squished pumpkin works well. alternately, you can try soaking the kibbles (some really like it that way, though some don't).


don't know what sort of kibbles you are using, but ours liked evolution for years but then loved ami in a flash! they never like the nature's way or natural life veg kibbles (i felt these were of lower quality - ami is the best we've tried, imho).


if molly likes oatmeal, you can try the hoana oatmeal recipe which you'll find in the veg pet links (i think). we prefer hoana simply because we put the ingredients in ourselves.


in friendship,


Thank you Pradtf, I'll look into those different foods and good idea about the pumpkin.
I've been soaking my older dog's kibble and that was the answer. She eats it right up now. The transition has gone well. After a month and a half my two dogs are happy and well on their new vegan diet. Thank you all for your support.
do you have any of the old food left? alot of times they recommend mixing it half and half and increasing the amount of the veg food until its all veg. or mix the vegan kibble with something she really likes. my dog really likes stuff like cooked potatoes (though sweet potatoes are preferable for them) , ground flax, nutritional yeast, olive oil, coconut pulp, tahini, etc.  my dog also really likes avos but there seems to be mixed opinion regarding whether they are safe or toxic for dogs.

Hi Prad and thanks for renewing this topic, have been thinking about the thread.

I am transitioning my two dogs (5 and 6 y/o) to vegan but am not comfortable with the idea of giving them much in the way of cooked, so I am doing it mostly raw and am wondering if other folks have done/are doing this raw, as well.

with appreciation and all blessings,


hi rad!


i don't have experience with raw veg, but ednshell definitely does and bigG has several years (4 dogs now too!) worth so you can talk to them about it. you can find some of ednshell's dog's diet here:


(as well as some other interesting things)


in friendship,


Thank you Prad, will check that out.I've done lots of animal rescue over the years and have had lots of dogs. At one point they were all vegan and I think that some did not do so well on it however, it may have been because it was all cooked and also, it's complicated. With rescues, history is usually unknown, and genetics and vaccine background (and sometimes that of the parents) can be helpful information although sadly, not always what can be acted upon in a helpful way.....and so' invisible' elements can create such negative effects.

Lots of unconditional love and a low stress life are two of the most important ingredients in any diet for them. Also us. Since stress is often a precipitating factor for many declines.

Here's to love!

Reading your thread a couple of months ago reminded me that I wanted to make this change for these canine family members as I feel that my raw knowledge will make this a great option for them and yes, of course, the emotional and psychological dissonance of feeding meat is very stressful! So thanks again.

all blessings,


radiance--the vegetarian dogs: towards a world without exploitation by veronica rebow is decent too, in terms of recipes and what to supplement with (nutritional yeast, vit e, etc) in order to make nutritionally sufficient homemade meals.  It doesnt have a lot of raw though, so that might not be what you are looking for... im still puzzled about feeding dogs raw vegan though. i would love enlightenment here...my dog likes some fruit but only sometimes (although melon and dates she would eat a ton of if she could..except we cant get them here) but other stuff like raw veg, she wont eat it and if she happens to, doesnt digest it, it just goes right through.  we have this prob with cooked food too unless it is well-blended (unfort she prefers crunchy or bready stuff or over blended food, or at least stuff with texture).... i think her digestion is just not super though i havent found enzyme tabs that were very helpful either. for now she is on ami (along with bits and pieces of other stuff), which she likes and has kept her at a healthy weight, but i dont think its as optimal as her diet could be, but not sure what/how to make it better.   ami has been the only food we have fed that i have been really happy with...but sometimes i wonder if it gives her tummy discomfort on occasion too. i dont know, its hard to tell. she certainly likes it better than vdog, evolution, or any other food we've tried over the past few years.  i dont know if we can actually GET it when we go back to ireland though.

Hi Kaybee and thanks.

decades ago I did feed a group of my dogs vegan cooked, gave vegepet as a supplement , used nutritional yeast etc. I am Hoping to keep it as simple as possible, in part because if someone isn't thriving it would be easier to tweak things and see what's the dealio. One of my dogs is now getting either smoshed bananas or two poached eggs on the bottom of the bowl (transitioning away from the eggs) and if bananas, ground pumpkin seeds or some peanut butter (can't find that raw though so they will get tahini etc as well), some Health Force products, either Green Mush or vitamineral green mix powders, a few shakes of the icelandic kelp granules, a B complex, Vitamin D, some food grade diatomaceous earth and greens and maybe carrots or such that have been Vita-mixed with water, poured over the top and then all mixed up with a fork. If I don't blend the greens and any other veg, they will not digest it, those foods will be separate entities in their stools! I do give them celery and cucumbers to just chew for (high water content) crunchies and usually decorate the top of their food with small amounts of crunchies and in the morning I share apples with them and offer to share other fruit as well. They have yet to reject anything: it may be against their principles!



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