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Hey All,

I haven't been on very much lately - hope all is well!

So I have a dillema: mice in the house.

At first it wasn't that big of a deal and my partner and i decided we would be friends with them. But. then they started eating into our stuff and eating holes through our ceiling... this is when it became a problem.

When I lived in Australia I had the same problem (except worse) with big giant rats who would eat ALL MY FRUIT among other things... running around my room while i slept. I ended up moving out before we ever fixed the problem. 

As a vegan, i really don't want to kill these little guys, but I'm just not sure what to do. Any ideas?


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I saw one in my bedroom over the weekend! There has definitely been one or two frequently visiting our kitchen where my flatmates leave their spilled oats and dirty dishes. :-/

I used to keep lots of mice as pets so even before vegan I was always against killing them.

My mum taught me that if you douse cotton wool wads in peppermint extract, and place them in the nooks and crannies of your floors and between your furniture and the wall (near any potential entrances), this deters them. The smell is supposed to be just too powerful so they will turn around and try your neighbours instead. It's quite humane in theory, except that I think elsewhere they face traps anyway. I live above two restaurants and figure they have to call in exterminators at least periodically... 

I am doing this now and my flatmates agree that it's working although it's only been three days. You can buy it quite cheaply in health food stores, I believe. Has anyone else tried this and had results?

Mice will be easier to trap than rats, rats are very clever and one they have a track, they really hesitate to deviate from it, so you have to put any trap right in the way of it's path and it has to have something yummy. I've been told that chocolate is good for rats. I've read that wheat germ mixed in peanut butter is great for mice.

If you do trap the mice, I'll second what the others said, check the traps often. I was trapping in the barn and many of them died if I didn't get to them right away. It's tough because once they start multiplying it really takes off and can be quite destructive.

Best thing to do is make sure you don't have any clutter, stuff holes with steel wool and keep your food in bins, etc. You're probably better off since your fruity since we don't store food very long! LOL! If you have any foodstuff you store for a while and they like it, they will chew through. When I started seeing more mouse sign in the barn, I bought plastic trash cans to put feed in and the little rascals chewed right through the lids! I put duct tape over the hole and then put a bunch of hot sauce on the tape.... They didn't chew through that, LOL!

Hopefully with some "engineering controls" and things to make life more difficult for them (trapping, plugged holes, no food to be easily found)  they will soon stop being such a nuisance.

An idea that is expensive but effective is a plug in device that emits noice. It is at a level that we can't hear but tells the mice that it is dangerous and they move on. It takes a few days and they get more active before they leave, like eating sawdust and not trying to sneak around walls and furniture.



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