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Hey All,

I haven't been on very much lately - hope all is well!

So I have a dillema: mice in the house.

At first it wasn't that big of a deal and my partner and i decided we would be friends with them. But. then they started eating into our stuff and eating holes through our ceiling... this is when it became a problem.

When I lived in Australia I had the same problem (except worse) with big giant rats who would eat ALL MY FRUIT among other things... running around my room while i slept. I ended up moving out before we ever fixed the problem. 

As a vegan, i really don't want to kill these little guys, but I'm just not sure what to do. Any ideas?


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Build a sort of "enter but no exit" trap, once they get stuck in it, take it outside far away and let them out. Shouldn't be too hard, make sure it has a floor to it so you can pick it up, maybe a glass door or a door that is triggered to shut when they enter, maybe by wire or something that is easily triggered by their size. Good luck.

There are humane traps like what StyleStacker described. Get the big ones.   Just go to a hardware store.   But, you also need to seal all the entrances that they have been using.   If they are nesting inside, then you need to find the nests and block them off as well.   Don't worry, if you block off an occupied nest, you will hear them trying to eat/scratch out.   In that case, I unseal and position a humane trap to cover the entrance.  You may need to put the food into big plastic boxes with lids till problem solved.

Hey, long time, no read, Bad Ash!

Keep me awake with their pattering paws--no big deal

Chew my clothes--a little annoying

Eat my fruit--IT'S WAR!!!

JK ;)

Two thoughts:

put something they really like, outside.  Less temptation for them to enter your abode.

Get a humane trap or two, then release the captured inmate in a remote location.

You can even make your own:

put a strong flat surface on the floor, a couple feet square

prop up a large bowl with a slight stick or ruler.

Attach yum yum to stick. suburbs Rat goes after food, knocks over stick, captures itself under the bowl, then you ship him to the suberbs 

Get a cat!


Dear Ashley ♥

In Australia, some people use snake poo to deter mice and rats.

People even sell their snake poo specifically to be used as mice and rat deterrent.

If you know someone with a snake, maybe you can ask them for a donation.

You can put the poo somewhere discreet, and hopefully your furry guests will decide it is time to vamoose!

Love and Peaches,

from Anne XX♥

Very cool Anne thanks for the info.! :)

I know this is terrible. Coming from someone who almost wrecked her car because she saw a crow tangled in a plastic bag the other day & couldn't figure out how to get back to it, and wondered about that poor bird all day...

But mice carry so many diseases that once they are in my house, I'll do whatever it takes to get rid of them. Of course I have children, too, so the Mama Bear instincts kick in pretty fast.

I second the comment - whatever you do, unless you seal up their entrances, it's all futile.

At some discount shops, you can buy really cheap plastic storage crates with lids. You could store your fruit in these overnight? Drill some small holes to allow air flow?

We have trapped mice and they die very easily under stress. :(

We cannot find where they get in the house, we think we got them all but then a few months later they show up again.  We take them 3 miles away as we have been told to do and we have to do it the very next day after we catch them or they tend to die.  

I think we will try the snake poo idea.

Oh its really difficult aye. We have the same problem. We tried the humane traps also and some of them died so we didn't do that again. Next we will try to block of anywhere they could get in.

teach em a lesson !

Hey Ashley,

I had a mouse problem in my apt for a while, and I solved it by getting a bunch of steel wool, and sticking it in every hole I could find around the apt:  around plumbing, under our radiators, ect...  They are unwilling to chew through that stuff, and they disappeared overnight.  I'm not sure if that's gonna be effective for you.  I mean, if they're chewing holes in your ceiling, then, steel wool may not be an effective solution, but I figured I'd share what worked for me.



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