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I have an 18cm Fatty tumor in my repretroperitoneum.

I am certain that you will tell me that I am detoxing,,,,, and to eat fruit...
BUT I am super disappointed and lost....

Please read below...

I have been vegan about 20 years and high raw at times 100% raw about 6 years...

801010 for months then back to some cooked when I am in Canada in the winter
NO grains...

I have an 18 cm Fatty tumor in my repretroperitoneum.

My Surgeon calls it a Low grade Tumor and wants to do radiation..

My lower back is now is constant pain because it is pressing into my spine..

Doctor wants to remove it.. along with my ovary and parts of my small and large intestine...
AS well as some muscle from my lower back.....
It seems to be in contact with these parts of me.

Along with a HUGE T shape scar on my belly...
The Tumor as they call it need to be removed in ONE piece!

I recently saw a women who practices TCM as I was told she can help me..
I am doing Blood letting and acupuncture

I was told I am unbalanced... too much raw food caused a damp cold environment that help cause this tumor to form...

Two people told me this!!

ONE did not even know I was into raw food... I said nothing...she is a spiritual intuitive...
She said something is missing from my diet, she knew I was raw and said I need to add cooked food...

Another person told me to look into Ayurvedic diets because something is missing in my raw diet.....

Im at the point that I have no idea WTF to eat.

I just KNOW I want to rid myself of this growth without being cut open!!

I understand stress is also a factor!!'

Have you ever heard of this?

Less than 90% of the population ever get these tumors in this area and when they do, its 80% cancerous....
I am not worried about cancer...

But worried about many other variables....

Can you suggest who I may seek to help me?

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Oh boy, I'm so sorry you have to experience this, Victoria.

To have lived so well yet still get such a diagnosis must be a real shock.  Please know that we're here for you, and will walk alongside you in your journey to healing (faith vision!)

I hope the info here can serve as a first stepping stone:


Oh sweetheart, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, sending you metta... 

I would opt for water fasting or fruit island with one fruit, the best quality I could find and lots and lots of rest and sleep.  I would not do surgery, radiation as you said hell no, TCM I don't do either, have done it, have read lots and don't buy into it, lots of problems there, same with ayurvedic.

I would contact/call True North Health medically supervised fasting center:


The Docs will call you if they don't answer and talk to you about your situation for free.  They are great!

Iodine and vitamin C have both been used with great results among other things, Windlord's links should take you to some info. on that. 

In this day in age especially we don't know all that we have been exposed to, radiation, lead, pesticides, etc. so  no doubt you have added years to the lack of development of this tumor with all your clean living, it is just something that happens. Very interesting talk by Dr. McDougall on what happened with Steve Jobs: http://www.30bananasaday.com/video/why-did-steve-jobs-die

As Windlord said, we are here for you. 



So they say that you were lacking something, thus the tumor came to exist? Which means, it's not cause you added raw foods, it's cause you cut out something, right?

Honestly, whatever path you choose to deal with this, that be faith healing or surgery, you have my support.

I don't feel comfortable suggesting anything cause I'm not a medical doctor nor do I have experience with afflictions other than obesity and high cholesterol (those 2 are the only things i'd help people with). 

If you need to vent out or talk to someone, please feel free to drop me a line =) 


The answer to all your questions are in Gabriel Cousin's book "conscious eating"

All the best!

Are you quite sure Rakesh?



100 percent

Which part? I'm curious because from some of your other writing it seems like you are still sort of looking around trying to figure out what is right, or what path is best. There is nothing at all wrong with that, I just find it curious to be at such a point and yet be able to recommend someone's path 100% unless you are implying that they have particular advice for that tumor, etc.

Is it advice that falls into the guidelines here? If so, why not share it with us? If not, what makes it better than some other modality in your opinion?

In my brief reading of some of his materials, and perhaps they are out of date, he seems to advocate a high fat raw vegan diet which is sort of, well a different angle than we recommend here. Higher fat, calorie restriction, etc. The things that tend to send people off the rails, at least in the general experience here. That's why I am so curious to what he may have in the way of advice that may be specifically very good for this situation.

I don't assume that simply because I might disagree with someone on some points that everything they have to say is wrong. But 100% recommend Gabriel Cousins, I would disagree with as a blanket statement.

During all this years of hig raw, which have been your variety and ratios? Please, share your food and the frecuency you eat them, every day, every week, one month a year,and so.

Lately I have found that without enough variety one could be lacking essential amino acids, but I guess you would have been having cravings or other issues in the later 6 years.

I wish you all the best with this issue.

1, seek yourself. This is not you speaking but FEAR. Fear and freaking out will not help. In fact it will do right the oposite. How do you want to cure yourself if you are in such chaotic vibration? You want to cure yourself, right?

2, There is nothing wrong with you nor with your body. Your body will never act against you. Some people think so but it is simple misunderstanfing. Now, I am not saying having tumor is ok but that you brought it upon yourself. All of us have many options (chances) to do so. We do not live in idealic world. Since you have power to get sick you can also cure yourself.

3, There are really only 2 illnesses in this world - toxicity and mulnutrition. We all have both sometimes. The degree of them and how we deal with them determines our results.

4, I encurage you to question everything, use common sence and think with your heart.

5, I will be happy to help you if you want so.

Dear Victoria, I am very sorry to hear about your condition. 

Maybe this would help - have you heard of Louise L. Hay? She had cancer and she cured herself by fasting, eating vegetables and fruits but above all by healing her inner pain. 

The health issues that we experience are not only due to our lack of activity or poor nutrition but sometimes the cause could be some issues that we have had with our familiy or partner. This is the way our inner beeing tries to communicate with us and tell us that we have some work to do.

If you have opportunity try to get the book "You Can Heal Your Life" .  

I am sending you lots of positive energy :)



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