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Brief point summary:

Initial goal: 1 year to become vegan; a vision of my own personal optimal health with no real idea on further moral values in the onset. I was that of a typical omnivore justification, lack of knowledge and lack of realisation).

Week 1: Plan; Give up meat and eggs. Reality; weaned off meat and had 3 fried fish and chip meals over the course of the week to conquer my mental false addiction of losing hard earned muscle! No eggs!

Week 2: Continued a determination an absolute ban on meat and eggs and introduced raw meals and high volume morning (till lunch time) fruit meals (bananas & dates ;) (over the period of the first few moths I found I was eating egg ingredients in other foods / lack of awareness & unconsciously – since then to my knowledge it has been no more).
Moral justification kicked in too. This was not a conscious effort but came naturally from the start of the lifestyle. This is where I decided to no longer be a part of or contribute to the indirect harm of any animal or creature! Period!


Week 2 – 9: Just relearning what I thought I knew, improving and spreading the word! In this period I was questioning, why? Why am I not eating eggs? Why am I not eating honey? Why am I going to give up dairy? Why am I no longer going to buy or receive sheep wool products? Meat was a no brainer for me (nutritionally inadequate and harmful! and leather was just attached to that I guess as a moral cofactor to these questions, researched and quite quickly I had my reason to justify why my body and lifestyle no longer those particulars.

Week 9: No more dairy! The day had finally come! I had filled my face with the dairy products I had come to love in the wake of an INTERMISSON and, 1 Sunday early afternoon through a longing of wanting to rid this addiction, there it was! I felt repulsed by the thought of consuming anymore! During this period I never consider myself that of a vegetarian, as my act and intention was that of a vegan! I dealt with it the best way I felt I knew I would succeed!


From this a Long term goal: Raw Vegan! A 10 year allowance to undo what I have done over the past 28 years, being an average “health” consumer (thinking I was an advanced average at that) and to perfect the true entity of a true vegan! Inside, outside, for others as a whole and the completion it will bring.
From then on then on I was predominantly a high carb low fat raw vegan (HCLFRV). I lived on up to %100 fruits, leaving only minimal on an average 1 cooked meal per day (coincidently pre Raw Till 4 concept by DR & FL). I had come to a theory that eating fruits in the morning with other raw meals throughout the day and a big high carb low fat (or even high carb / high fat sporadically when I chose) cooked meal for dinner was an ideal working regime! Energy wise and fulfilment over the week I found eating 100% raw and meeting 3,000 -3,500 calories from fruit alone, just wasn’t giving me the best feeling by the end of so many consecutive days… I felt “burnt out””. So there we go…

This has been my conclusion thus far in short and I am proud to call myself “vegan”. Even though I am not one for “self-labelling” I would never refer to a friend or even previously myself as an “omnivore”, this the irony is when others cannot or do not understand or blindly justify before they are so quick and strongly to judge and attack with no open mind and lack of acceptance.


So if you are reading this and are wondering if it will work for you? if you will lose you hard earned muscle? if you will fail? if you think you need certain animal products to be healthy? then, THINK AGAIN! I started there and am on that journey! I have achieved and answered those questions for myself and gained more solace to these questions than I foresaw. Without moving forward to make it happen, you will never achieve it! Search for your purpose and you will find it by moving forward and stepping over the first hurdle! Start the ball rolling, allow lack of perfection and do not fear failure because, YOU decide when you WIN or FAIL! No one else! Allow a transition of 12 months and any stumble will only excel your will and drive! GO VEGAN! ;)

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+1 @Raw Rebellion Thank you.

Congrats on your anniversary and hard work!!!!

Its been very nice to read a post like this, being reasonably new to this lifestyle (around 5 weeks) and shows how sticking with it gives great health and fitness!!

+1 @ Ales Griff

Thank you you it's truly brilliant to hear my words may help someone who has been where I started! :) 

It does achieve great things! and plenty more than just health & fitness than I originally aimed for. It's my best lifestyle achievement since I first started my health and fitness lifestyle 13 years ago! I have just come to realise that I lost track and vision along the way after my initial great health & lifestyle achievements &, enclosed myself to only progress on the way I initially learnt - when in reality life isn't like that.... It's like I am "reseting" but instead of starting over I am "editing" and putting it right.. If that makes sense? 

Keep conquering what you set out to achieve and before you know it, and out of no where, you will have conquered a lot more than you first though would.! 1 year "up"  ( not down ;) ) for me and a new life to experience along the way! :)

I initially allowed 1 year to achieve the foundation (+ as I mentioned the foundation was more than I envisioned it would be!) and have allowed a 10 year plan so that I am not worrying about not acheiving my own personal vision  - could this come in another year?? who knows! And what a great vision I have! ;) Mine is picturing me in the essence of health! :) Going off so far..... I couldn't imagine what else it will bring! :)

What's yours?

+1 @CKC 

Cheers, man!



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