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So is there any solid scientific evidence showing that vaccinating children is to be avoided? I'm not looking for circumstantial evidence, and not for scientific work that has been debunked like the famous 1998 andrew wakefield study. I'm also not looking for ethical arguments against vaccinations. I'm looking for valid evidence.

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Pleasure! It's such a frustrating topic. There are children being murdered and harmed all over the world by this huge disgusting lie, and yet they have this narrative that is so entrenched, you have these moronic "skeptics" pages, where they aren't really skeptical of anything except people who are actually skeptical! There is ZERO skepticism against the makers of these commercial profitable products, who buy government mandates to secure market share in blatant anti capitalist activity that is done in the name of the common good - all a total lie. Meanwhile the damage goes on, childrens lives are ruined by this absolutely disgusting con. It's hard not to get frustrated or upset - even if carbed up! haha. Vaccines in my own family absolutely ruined my life and the life of others in my family not least the one who was severely damaged beyond anything imaginable. The ramifications have lasted decades and continue to spiral. One little stupid f**king needle and a pathetic weasel in a white gown saying "it's for the best". Hard not to get pretty angry. I personally would like to see every single doctor who has adminsitered this poison put in prison for violation of their oath, as well as every member of the pharmaceutical industry who has worked on these things. I don't believe in the death penalty, but prison for life with 24/7 cctv for the kids to see what happened to people who were part of perpetuating the "dark ages" on Earth where superstition mascaraed as science for the purposes of propagating a sick lunatic eugenics agenda.

hehe, that wasn't a rant :) lol hey man, that's a real nice dream, I'm dreaming it with you :) And I don't dimiss it - Reality is the stuff of dreams.

Ok, but please don't say, "There is ZERO skepticism against the makers of these commercial profitable products"  because I am full of it:)  I have three kiddos and we don't vaccinate.  Our pediatrician, having not seen us in three years, since they all had chicken pox, (I had to get him to prove they had chicken pox so my son could play sports during an outbreak) wrote a letter to me trying to get us to start scheduling "well checks" and that it's important for them to be checked for developmental problems blah blah.  Talk to the hand.

I just love people like you so much it's almost impossible to contain the immense feelings of gratitude and appreciation and love that I feel in my heart. Thank you for being who you are! Champions.

Excellent stuff!  Many thanks!

Cool bro. If you are genuinely worried about your children contracting any of these diseases I can refer you to an excellent homeopath friend of mine who has been working in Switzerland on homeopathic vaccines. Before you dismiss this, the BMJ (British Medical Journal), has confirmed that multiple rigorous repeated double blind placebo controlled studies have proven the worth of homeopathy beyond reasonable doubt and it is recognised by any *actual* scientists, despite the fact they can't explain it, even if they don't like it or want to believe it, as something that does actually work. I myself have personally seen homeopathy work literal miracles where conventional medicine completely failed. I don't believe it's a substitute for diet and good fundamental health basics BUT I have seen it work dramatically literally miraculously well for some things, and not well for others which diet and removal of the cause worked better.

The results of the studies from homeopathic vaccines have been extremely promising and interesting. Personally I decided not to bother, I just believe in natural immunity and I don't believe consciousness ends when we die so I'm not THAT afraid, though I do everything possible to ensure my kids health - diet, sleep, sunshine etc. Oh, and NOT living in Australia where the lunatic social services arm of violence and stealing of children for pedophiles can target my beliefs and use that to justify taking my children away.

The fact is, despite all the posturing and mealy mouthed insistence that vaccines are proven and they saved us and whatever other drivel they repeat without any actual solid transparent viable evidence, there has never been a gold standard study on any vaccine not for safety or for efficacy. I've had doctors admit this to me and say "Yes well you can't test a vaccine because it would be immoral to deprive one group of vaccination in the study" and I said "Well that assumes vaccines work, and there's no evidence they do" and she said "That's the dilemma we face". Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

There was a study out or Germany a few years ago that showed that unvaccinated children were far healthier, had less allergies and got less sick, less severely less often than their vaccinated counterparts. If they naturally contract a generally harmless disease like varcella or measles they get lifelong natural immunity, whereas vaccines prevent this very thing, leading to what I believe is the very real liklihood of actual herd immunity breakdown not the conspiracy theory they push, but a real outbreak among weakened vaccinated people with no immunity that could indeed potentially cause a great number of deaths and disabilities which will with no evidence (quite the contrary) be blamed on "anti-vaxers", which will be used to justify draconian laws allowing governments to herald the end of informed medical consent laws, something I believe they have wanted for a long time. The fact is the much derided though in my experience highly effective homeopathic science has in reality more hard evidence for it's effectiveness as a medical treatment than vaccines do.

The way scientific language in studies can be manipulated and twisted to suit any particular agenda, not to mention the fact they routinely do things like not include deaths that occurred in a given study because of, for example say they had a death during a flu shot trial they will say well it was the flu that caused the death not the vaccine, so they completely exclude those people from the study as though they never existed. Things like this go on all the time. Reading the start of The China Study is a good basic insight into scientific language and how things can be twisted, and examination of the fraud that goes on can go very very deep before one can begin to understand just how this thing could have gotten so ridiculously out of control.

I wish you the best, and I hope you make the logical decision, which in my humble opinion is very obviously not to vaccinate. Even if they worked - a bit - even if they didn't compromise your immunity and leave you vulnerable to that very disease later (which can be much more dangerous, such as measles and chicken pox), the risks involved with taking vaccines far out weight the risks of not taking them. Lastly, there's just the most basic common sense thing in the world - if the governments of the world and the globalist corporations want you to have it so bad then it can't possibly be good for you.

I met a mother of two just recently living in Australia who is being bullied and coerced by social services to vaccinate her 6 month old baby, they already forced her to get a flu vaccine while pregnant - once a big no no in the medical establishment, for good reason, now actually promoted - and to vaccinate to the eyeballs her poor 5 year old kid. I mean it's just disgusting. These people should be in jail but what can she do, she doesn't know enough, she's a young mum and getting pushed around. When those people show up to your door the automatically assumed threat is that they can take your children away from you into the pedophile agency known as social services.

If the mafia shows up to your door - two burly guys in dark suits and they say "We just wants to knows if everything is okay here, you know, we er, wouldn't want anything 'untoward' to happen to yours childrens..." What's the implied threat? It's pretty clear. Anyone at the receiving end of that knows what the real message is. Yet they do it under the guise of care for the children social justice and other vomit-worthy nonsense. There *is no* voluntary interaction with these people. They are absolute tyrants using soft words backed up by brutal violence - police with guns, helicopters, and forced medication. They are sociopaths - the absolute scum of society - with the entire force of government behind them and you are NOT permitted to defend yourself in any fashion. If you ask a simple question you are greeted with hostility that belies an even deeper far more horrific hostility and rage. Look at the thread I posted about Meryl Dorey of Australian Vaccination Network (avn.org.au) they were making open death threats to her and sending bestiality and child porn and snuff films into her physical mail box because she was speaking out about vaccines. One guy openly admitted he had made threats to her in a public forum with his real name and the cops refused to even question the guy. Do you think that's people who lovingly care about the well being of society and disease rates?

Does anyone think we do not live in a totally fascist state now? Fascism is when the corporations ARE the government. If not for Meryl Dorey there would be no conscientious objection option in Australian law, and she had to really push for that, and now she is paying and has been paying the price for some time. Are Australians rushing to support her financially and morally and publicly for her almost single-handed championing of human rights in Australia?

 ^^ That was a rant! ;-)

We never needed vaccines before they started being pushed on us by big pharma. Stay away from the corporations and close to Nature.

Teen dies after getting flu shot November 25,2013


How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor is also a good read. It's a parenting book about infant and kid illnesses, but, there is an excellent section on what you are looking for, Bart M. The pediatrician who wrote the book gives "solid science" (what you are asking to see) regarding the fall of disease rates before vaccines became de rigueur. I'm a skeptic on pretty much everything (including on homeopathy) and I chose to not vaccinate my family. I would personally avoid giving children vaccines - there is ample evidence (check the CDC for actual statistics) to show that it's a numbers game. That 2 percent of 1/5 of 1/4 of people who happen to get such-and-such disease will have a complication... see the math? When that "complication" rate is outweighed by the actual "adverse reaction" rate as listed ON the vaccine pamphlet... I definitely start reading before saying yes to needles.

Thanks, Lolita!

Well, if we could be honest there's no way anti-vaccination is anywhere near as iron-clad as a plant-based diet. Not even in the same ball park



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