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So is there any solid scientific evidence showing that vaccinating children is to be avoided? I'm not looking for circumstantial evidence, and not for scientific work that has been debunked like the famous 1998 andrew wakefield study. I'm also not looking for ethical arguments against vaccinations. I'm looking for valid evidence.

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Yeah! What's up with that! I mean that's really scary man. We know the newspapers are no longer news sources but business owned by corporations that are really run by just one or two corps at the top but still, it's shocking to actually see it happening - news papers articles literally disappearing down Orwells memory hole - so bizarre. I've seen it at least half a dozen times, major news articles covering information that contradicted the pharmaceutical narrative literally turning up as a 404 6 months or a year later. Very infuriating, because they didn't just get moved, they are GONE. These days I save copies of really important ones as a web archive and as a PDF as well, and there is also internet archive which is an open source non profit so hopefully reasonably reliable to keep a record of these things. As a matter of fact I might go try and find that Toronto Sun article I mentioned later if I get some time!

Remember, most of the population is walking around completely "unprotected" from vaccines - after a few years they wear off, and nobody goes and gets repeat shots. So what does that tell you? It's all a total TOTAL 100% complete and utter scam. I can only say what I believe to be true and correct from my research, but you aren't going to take my word for it, and will have to do substantial research for yourself. Start with that vid I posted, go to Tenpennys page, check that out, buy a book, read it. etc. (these suggestions as a start!) Form your own opinion from people who are not making billions conning.

Tell a lie big enough, keeping repeating it, eventually people will believe it.

I do not know much about this topic, but my mother is a doctor of natural medicine and often sees people that have had adverse affects after getting vaccines. People normally go to her when the doctors are all out of answers, for many different ailments.  Its more about helping the body heal itself with natural supplements and dietary changes rather than prescription meds. My main argument would be that it is not natural why pump your body with crap you don't need? Vaccinations do not prevent you from catching the things they are protecting you from. The amount of people I have seen puke right after a flu shot as a kid.. why do that to yourself? I also think its is extremely harmful thing to do to children their bodies are just developing then you start pumping them with crap.

A population that is uniformly reduced in IQ and especially "EQ" across the board is a much more politically malleable population. Also there's two ways to be super intelligent. You can either up your IQ by 40 - 50 points, then you're kind of semi-super-human or you can dumb down everyone else by 40 - 50 points, and suddenly you've basically achieved the same goal.

Dr. Tenpennys site is being refurbed, but she has great lectures on youtube, here's the first one that came up to get you started.


Thanks for these links!

No worries - bottom line man, I sense your skepticism. But you need to direct your skepticism at the person who is trying to sell you something, and that isn't me or anyone else on this forum or any anti-vax forum for that matter. We have this assumed state of being skeptical towards anything that is not mainstream, or licensed by authority. In reality, that is absolutely backwards. We need to be skeptical of authority, and highly skeptical of these pharmaceutical companies. In other words, your question should not be "is there a reason to be skeptical of vaccines" it should be "is there a reason NOT to be skeptical of vaccines". In other words, THEY'RE the ones with the onus of proof on their shoulders, not the ones who are saying "go natural", in essence. Hope that makes sense, but give it some real thought.

Thanks Windlord.  Looking forward to following some of the leads in this thread.

Hey man, I really applaud you for caring enough to look and ask and follow through. That's how it started for me. Just don't stop until you know 100% for sure. Don't go half way. Go all the way, so you *KNOW*.  The dark side uses sophism and emotional blackmail to con people into doing something unbelievably evil to their children they love. Never fall for that. Be critical. Be skeptical. Find out the fact. Best of luck to you with it. Leave no question un-asked!!

Well said, Mike.  



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