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I will be going to an island off Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, for about two weeks (July 27th - August 10th).  It's going to be near-impossible for me to be all, or even mostly, raw during that time, because there are no actual grocery stores nearby.  The only close-ish market has a lot of packaged junk, but I don't remember if it has any fruit (I was last there two years ago, and not raw vegan then).  I am planning on bringing a large box of dates with me, and stocking up on as many bananas and heads of romaine lettuce as possible when we stop at the grocery store on the way up.  However, I know this won't be enough, seeing as there is limited car/fridge space (though, thankfully, bananas and dates don't need refrigeration), and the other three people who will be driving up with me aren't raw or vegan.  I think there'll be another grocery run about halfway through our time there, but I am still worried I won't have enough food, especially since I am going to be very active (swimming, kayaking, and yoga every day, plus Centurion Method training three to five days a week, since I won't have a gym to lift/being a bad*** wildwoman is fun).  I've already resigned myself to eating rice for dinner every day, but potatoes make me ill, and I don't want to have to eat a LOT of rice. =/

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Haha, this is my boyfriend's fam, so they already know I am weird (not for being primarily HCRV, but for other stuff). =P  Also, they know how I eat, and don't criticize or make fun of me at all (which is so refreshing!!).

I will ask about the roof attachment!  I was also think about bringing dried fruit, but too much of that hurts my teeth. =/

Corn pasta? Maybe as a backup you can also bring some pasteurized bottled juice that doesn't have to be refrigerated.

I am already going to be eating more rice than I usually do, so I'd like to keep it as fruity as possible, especially since, with all that activity, it's likely I'll get dehydrated with more cooked food (even though I will be SLAMMIN' the water!).  The fruit juice is a great idea, though!  Thank you!


I just went through this battle tho sounds like yours might be tougher then mine. I leaned on rice and potatos and yeah oddly too many potatos make me ill too but i managed somehow. While i was at my destination frequent grocery store visits help but when everyone else wanted to go out to eat i didnt want to ruin it for them so I went with the flow and ordered what i could which generaly wasnt much or was another salad and baked potato instead of the usual more exciting stuff i'd rather eat *sigh*.

I swear they put some oil in white rice at chinese places i can taste it but it might just be natural oils in the rice? I dunno. At one place i had some white rice that clearly had butter i had a few bites and realized it and didnt eat anymore.

It wasnt easy for me I managed keeping plenty of bananas helps but it gets boring when you cant enjoy them your usual way (me its bananas and dates at least blended)

I put on 10lbs tho my body fat is still right where it was so i'm sort of baffled. I guess its just water weight I dunno it might just pour back off me now that i'm home and back to my routine. Some of my food choices had more sodium then i would have liked. I had sushi veggie rolls that of course had avocado in them no biggie but it was probably more fats then i typicaly go for.

I wish you luck and yeah I get really scared and nervious and panicy in these situations the whole "WHAT IF I WONT HAVE ENOUGH FOOD!!" cause i eat A LOT! and yeah a few times i was hungry *sigh* and a few times i paniced and i had a few interesting physiological issues. IE body got really hot for no reason then cooled back off no idea why scared me tho none the less.

do your best is my advice keep as many bananas and dates on hand as possible as a back up and yeah a big bag of brown rice too and yeah it might get boring but you'll get fed.

hey my brother from another mother, good to see you are back from your trip :)  I was eating potatoes every day.  For me, I didnt gain any weight but my body fat % went up on the scale (who knows if that thing is accurate lol) and I felt like I had a lot of extra water, probably from adding salt to my tators.

yeah i question the accuracy of the body fat % on my scale tho for me I just go by the lowest number i ever see it give me and assume that since its going down my body fat must be going down. I'll see the thing give me 13% or 22%!! its insane. I notice its always on the lower side after i get out of the shower and my feet are still wettish from the shower.

So yeah I'd figure if my weight was up and my body fat% came out higher that I guess i gained fat but since my body fat was lower and my weight was higher I can assume I didnt gain fat. And this morning the scale was down 3 more lbs so I'm going with too much salt but time will tell.

I didnt intentionaly eat salt But when your in a resturant ordering a baked potato and some white rice there is no telling wtf they could do to it. I got a backed potato once that was covered in salt on the skin another time they brought it out with butter all over it! I sent it back.

I also took days off from running more so then usual I cant help but wonder if this played a role like perhaps when my weight is lower its just becuase i've burned off my glycogen stores or more of them the days off might have given my body much needed time to rest and repair and rebuild. I really dunno just tossing out ideas.

We won't be going out, but I ALWAYS make sure to specify no oil, butter, or salt on rice or potatoes at any restaurant I go to.  Whenever I go out for sushi, I ask for no avocado in the rolls.

If you put on 10 lbs., but your body fat percentage is still the same, it's either muscle or water retention.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Thank you for the good wishes! =)  When I eat rice, I eat a combo of brown and white, simply because it's easier for me to digest.  I am ordering a 10-lb. box of dates tonight, and will be taking up the 10-lb. box I already have.  I'll also get as many bananas as possible, but, since I'll have so many dates, I am going to prioritize romaine lettuce, so I can get in my greens.

oh and keep your eyes open for things in your travels. For example i came accross a stand that had fresh peaches they where over priced but i new it'd add some much needed diversity to my food supply. So i bought a bucket of them and ate 5 or 6 for a snack it gave me much needed relief from the banana island i was on haha.

I also scored some really killer dates that really helped me smash in some extra calories and fast when i was on the go.

So I guess keeping a watchful eye for stuff you can eat and getting it even if you think you may not need it is a wise choice because if your struggling with food fatigue (bored with what your eating) or you find that you got no great options one of those types of things that you stumbled upon and thought you may not need might end up a much needed god send.

Yes!  I am hopeful to find fresh produce somewhere around the island.  I am hopeful I won't get bored!  Thank you!

I wasnt 100% happy with my particular outcome But I did find a stupid joy / pleasure in the sheer challenge of it. It was like a game to me to stay on the path despite crap circumstances sometimes. Dont let it get to you just try to find some fun int he thrill of the challenge haha.



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