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HI everybody,


The man reason why I went raw in the first place (not LFRV, 18 months ago) was because of my health. I unexpectedly needed surgery on my back and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, which came as a real shock to me.


I fell off of the high fat raw wagon because it was so complicated and didn't sit well with me. I came to LFRV about 6 weeks ago as I have been told that my back problems may be caused by Marfan's Syndrome, a genetic abnormality causing a weakness of the connective tissue throughout my body. I'm currently undergoing tests, but I've been taking glucosamine as it stregthens the connective tissues, and I was wondering if there was any foods/combinations that I could be eating to alleviate the symptoms or rebuild the connective tissues?


Symptoms I'm currently experiencing include:


- Back pain/stiffness

- Wrist pain, tingling and weakness

- Joint pain


Any input would be muchly appreciated.




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