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Hi all, my father, who has been on raw for 11 months now has been getting better for few months initially (he has Alzheimer's and Dementia). Then about 3 months ago the progress stopped and he started getting worse. We did not know what was happening but still persisted with raw food. Then, he started soiling himself and telling us he's dying with cancer.

We were pretty sure that he did not have cancer as we did a whole series of tests couple of months back and he came back with much better than average health, but we took him to the doctor just in case.

There we discovered that he has a massive infections all over his buttocks and genital area which we did not know about since he took care of his own toileting and hygiene. About the same time he broke his tooth so we took him to the dentist and discovered that he's got 2 teeth abscesses. The dentist wants to take the teeth out, but one of them is the front tooth and we would prefer to avoid it.

We are at a loss because his diet is pretty much faultless 80 10 10. It should not be happening but it is.

Does anybody know what we should do about it? To alleviate his symptoms we are spreading the cream that doctor prescribed on his bottom, but it only takes care of symptoms, not the cause.

I think that the tooth infections have probably a lot to do with his Dementia, so we have to act quickly, otherwise they will have to remove his teeth.

What is the quickest way to get rid of infections from the body? Help please.

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He seems to have infections throughout his body I am wondering if it might be some part of the cleansing process brought on by the change of diet. He did not have any of this stuff when we inherited him after Mum's death and his diet was terrible. With such a pure diet now, you would think that his body would have more immunity not less to infections.

It is not the time for discussion about what I meant by..... I need help fast from somebody who can help me with this, the situation is serious as my father is deteriorating right before my eyes. His mind is getting worse DAILY. Do you have any experience with this and can you offer help, not discussion, please?

Hey, that's false Al.

I would naturally assume it is detox but don't take my word for it.

My immediate reaction, Boshema, would be a water fast....

Hi Boshena,

You should ask Doug on vegsource.  Also if he's not in pain with his front tooth and the absess is draining okay, you should be able to leave it in.  My dentist said you can leave teeth in for years that have died, as long as the absess is draining and your not in pain.  Though the tooth will crumble away gradually, but not overnight.

One tooth is draining, the other not, but I have read somewhere that the big part in dementia is teeth problems and particularly infections which affect the brain. Apparently, lots of dementia happens because of poor teeth hygiene. Needless to say, I now am becoming obsessed with his dental hygiene. We use tooth soap and I have used charcoal for him as well and some time ago coconut oil pulling which I discontinued but will start again. Full time job for 2 people.

I was doing coconut pulling for some time with him, but then it got too messy as he would spit it out everywhere, but now we've had his teeth cleaned thoroughly so I will see if I can do it again at least for a while. Thanks

Oil pulling is a quack practice and it's not supported here on 30bad.

That is strange, because it definitely makes your teeth a lot cleaner and whiter. I have used it in the past, but then found activated charcoal even better than oil to keep teeth white.

I will continue to use it supported or not :-)

thanks rawbert for pointing this out.

Good morning, Boshena. I'm so sorry your father's health has been declining. As you already know, my grandma has dementia as well. She broke her hip a year ago and would get bed sores/infections, because staff wasn't turning her enough. Has he been bedridden lately? That may be what's causing the body sores. We just put Neosporin on the sores and alerted staff to turn her more often. So that's one way he could be getting them.

My grandma also started falling over a year ago (which caused the broken hip). Before the fracture, though, when she'd fall, it wasn't uncommon for her to break the skin, as your skin gets more fragile with age. If your father is still mobile, it's very possible his infections are from breaks in the skin that are going initially unnoticed, thus untreated and infected. He, like my grandma, might be ashamed of his falls and feel to embarrassed to report injuries to you, or he may not know how to communicate his injuries (i.e. saying he has cancer, not open wounds). If he is confined to a wheel chair, he may feel confined and try to get out, potentially causing breaks in the skin. There is this padded thing we use for my grandma that sits across her lap and straps to the sides of the wheelchair to keep her from wriggling out of it.

Hate to say this, but monitoring your dad's bowel movements and checking for cuts and scrapes are going to have to become two additional pieces in caring for your father's dementia.

As for dental issues, is he eating a lot of citrus fruit? Here's good video on that. Hope this helps. Hang in there.

My father is VERY mobile. In fact we have to look for him every couple of days as he wonders off. Thanks for info about skin braking, I will make sure we will examine him regularly.

As to bowels - I am becoming increasingly suspicious that there is an infection there as well, as although he eats the same, his poo has changed a lot over the last few weeks. His soiling of pants came on quite suddenly, and because we were away at the time I thought that it was stress that caused it, but now he has been in a familiar environment for couple of weeks but continues to the same, so I am looking for other causes. Before, his bowel movements were excellent and he definitely did not have any problems holding stuff in, not even longer periods of pain. He could also suppress his wind which he cannot now.

Thanks for the suggestions.

his diet is pretty much faultless 80 10 10


Can you say what the pretty much means?  That could be a factor for sure, especially for someone who is already suffering from health problems.  Can you list a daily program, his diet intake, calories, fat intake, water intake, exercise, sleep, sun?  In general a 1-3 day water fast does wonders in speeding the healing of acute illness and injury.  (RO or distilled or tested spring water from a spring)

Also have you had blood work done on vit. and mineral levels, especially vit. D and B12?



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