30 Bananas a Day!

This is yet another acne topic, I know there is a lot, but still I couldn't find a good answer how to get rid of this really annoying thing.

I have been following 80/10/10 (99% raw) for almost 1.5 years. Still I am struggling with acne, but now I know what is the issue and how to solve it.

First of all when I started 811, my skin on my whole body improved a lot in general. It is not dry or oily anymore. But since I am eating mostly raw the acne issue got worse. I was patient for a long time because people said that was just detox, but after a year I was a bit suspicious. I tried to sleep more, drink more, eat more, exercise more,  pick my face no more etc. all the useless advice, but nothing helped at all. I believe if someone has acne for a long time then these common believes of cause of acne just don't apply. Or people don't know what an acne is. So I was pissed off.

But, there was one good advice: banana island. I went on a two week banana island almost 3 months ago and surprise, after a couple days I noticed that no new acne was developing. At the end of the second week, I was acne free. So, at last I realized the cause of acne is food sensitivity or allergy. At least in my case, but it must be the most common cause. In fact I suspected that I might be allergic to oranges. I had been drinking 1L orange juice every single day for a year. I stopped and acne disappeared.

So, I decided to carefully bring the fruits and vegetables back to my meals. I started with pineapples. I ate two one day and the next morning BAMMM! Two big fat acne on the side of my nose just below my eyes to make it super visible for everyone. I dumped the third pineapple and fell back to bananas. Two weeks had to pass till the acne mostly disappeared. So I started to add vegetables, dates, durian, papaya. They worked nicely. Once I made a topping for my salad using lemon, and received some smaller acne-like spots. So I dropped lemons too. I was celebrating a two week period of clear face when I bought apples and ate two. Carefully, just two. Next morning, BAMMM. Three gigantic acne grew on my face and till evening 3 other smaller appeared (they are still visible). Oh my God, I had been eating apples in my entire life, maybe this is why I rarely had clear face. Who the hell would think that apples cause acne?

So far what I know that oranges (probably all citruses), pineapples, apples surely case acne for me. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and had to follow a poor diet (mostly bananas) to find out all the allergenic fruits. And once you find one, the penalty is a two week acne face. Not cool, but at some time I will have a fruit portfolio that doesn't cause skin issues to me. I am now jealous to people how can eat all kinds of fruits without any problem.

As a conclusion, if you have acne, I suggest this approach. Or maybe take a fruit allergy test.

Good luck.

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I usually didn't have acne before going 811, except once a month I might get one. I never wear makeup or use facial products, except maybe a handful of times in my life. I'm almost a month in and I'm getting a new pimple on my face accompanied with itching everyday for about a week. I need to try this and hopefully, it will work. hanks for your entry, it was enlightening.

Thank you Peter! This might help me as well! I will start with banana island and then carefully put in one fruit/vegetable at time!
Interesting! Thanks a lot!

Hey Peter!

I have had a lot of trouble with my acne since going raw as well.  For me it was just getting my body clean.  I did a 40 day juice fast with some really strong detoxifying herbs, and started tanning in tanning beds until it was warm.  This worked for me.  My acne got worse when I started eating raw bc I started stirring up acids that my kidneys couldn't get out so my skin "the second kidney" started taking over.  And remember once a channel of elimination is open is it going to stay open if another channel (kidneys) gets overwhelmed.  The banana island probs worked for you just like the juice cleanse worked for me as it gave our bodies a rest so it could go into 100% detox or cleaning house" mode. Remember citrus is a very powerful scrubber, so it probably scrubs all the acids up, but if your kidneys and adrenals are still fatigued, the road to health is a long one epically with out herbs. Bottom line is you just have to get your body clean and it should tolerate all foods (trust me I know)!! You should check out Dr. Morse ND channel on youtube...aslo health101.org and read his articles on b-12 and iodine bc you might be deficient. I hope this helps!!

Hello Kailey, what you write about kidneys is interesting, I wasn't thinking about that. Do you think that my kidneys are still fatigue? After a year of raw diet and well and over 8 years of vegan diet? It was about 11 years ago I last eat meat, egg and milk. I think all of my cells have been replaced with new ones feeding on vegan food. Hmm, I don't this is detox. I can turn on and off acne by eating an orange. Unfortunately I like them, and I couldn't resist and ate one this week hoping I was wrong, hehe. Now I have 4 bumps on my face. I may have weak kidneys, now that I am thinking on it, indeed, I know two people in my family with kidney issues.

hey guys, I hope it helps you, this acne thingy is really an annoying issue. If food sensitivity is the problem in your case as well, then it could be an easy resolution. Although it is not cool at all that you have to avoid certain fruits. Pineapples and oranges are my favorites, and I cannot eat them.

Ah an other thing. In the course of the year when I was drinking orange juice every single day, the lymph nodes near my ears were constantly swollen. I had no idea why that was happening, but it recovered soon after I stopped drinking orange juice. Now they are perfectly normal as they were on a cooked vegan diet.

any updates?? i just ate a pples and got huge cysts on my jawline....could be ironic..coincidence...but i havent hasd cysts in a longgggg time..and i know citurs for sure gives me problems

Wow, that really baffles me. When was the last time that you had anything cooked? A fruit allergy is quite rare.



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