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OMG - I was just reading a thread with lots of Raw Green Goddess's posts, and OMG - she's GONE!!!

I checked the members, and SHE'S GONE!!!

The spirit and soul of 30BaD has checked out. I love her so much - she's been so hugely inspirational to my journey. Does anyone have private access to her so that we can let her know she is loved and missed??? This is so sad, so tragic, such a loss to the community - not only because she's no longer posting, but because we've lost all of her replies and wisdom. This happened before with Michele, and she came back... Please, let's find RGG and see what happened and what we can do... The community needs her!!!

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Neet always struck me as an amazing person and a powehouse of a woman. I think she made an impact on many lives. I'll miss her vitality, support and positivity.
free and i have spent more time face to face with neet than anyone on our forum, so we feel we can come from a place of personal experience and certainty.

and thats what we like about neet, she felt like she need a breather and is taking some time off the forum. you gotta keep in the flow and learn when to have a break and when to keep going. no point walking around in the dark, tripping over logs etc, just chill for a bit and wait for sunrise to arrive.

when neet said she has been 'doing raw for years' but then did some methamphetamine and alcohol this year and some cooked food etc, i felt that its only fair for people to know that, considering this is a forum about helping people SUCCEED on a LOW FAT 100% RAW VEGAN lifestyle. granted not everyone is right now and thats fine but we want people whom are supporting what we are saying rather than saying 'ive been doing this for years and im so pure that i know my body etc' but really behind the scenes they are doing illicit drugs, alcohol and cooked food. and like i say before, thats not shameful but its not something freelea and i stand for. we both did a lab load of drugs back in the day. so we know what the deal is and how people can go from saul to paul with the right support.

when neet is ready to thrive on the lifestyle we recommend, im sure neet will feel inspired to jump back on the forum.

my continual advice to neet is that working around all those harsh cosmetic DEFINITELY aint going to support her health journey. and the purer we become the less we can hang around that stuff. heck i gag everytime i walk thru a department store first floor.

going back to cooked food, drugs, chili, lemon juice etc and working in a less than ideal environment...we simply aint gonna feel like we are thriving as much as we deserve too. unfortunately in this society we are conditioned to blame the fruit rather than take personal responsibility and create lasting change in our life.

this time i feel neet is formulating some positive stratedgies to help her thrive.
only when we are truly honest with our health practises, can we really develop enough momentum for lasting change..

neet was open about her drug, animal products and cooked food consumption. but not everyone reads all the threads so some peeps are only getting half the story and dont really get a fair pic of what is going on.

some people lurking on this forum have diagnosed with terminal health conditions. they dont have the time, experience or vitality to dechiper fact from fiction. i like for them to have less confusion of what to do. when someone disses ripe fruit, 811, veganism, drug free lifestyle etc i will delete that post. if they continue to do it, i will delete their account and they are always welcome back when they want to learn how to thrive.

clarity is empowering. let the truth beknown, even if it hurts us or overwhelms us. so remember peeps, lets endeavour to keep this forum free of distractions, so those with real health challenges can ease their confusion and step up to health and fitness creation.
i dont understand hani. can you explain more? thanks.
drugs is only illegal cause the government said so :)
Ohhhh noooooo! I want her to come back, please RGG, come back!!! You are such an inspiration, i loved your posts! Especially your training logs! You are my motivation for riding my bike "kick ass" as you said. I m gonna miss you so much!!! I tried to find you on facebook, I couldn´t. If you are reading this thread, maybe you can add me at facebook? Tanja Dolaschinski. Please come back RGG!
I am deeply saddenned by this. I dont think her reasons, whether its related to her intake of cooked foods or substances, or green juices, should be major reason for her to leave, but do also understand as harley says, that she wants to leave of her own volition to take a break. I would hope that this group would be supportive of people enough that they can have their slip-ups, openly or privately, and still come here to get some advice, support or just plain love. Its not about advocating behaviours, as much as recognising that we are all human here, and for various reasons, whether is financial, social, physical or emotional, sometimes people find themselves struggling. Providing people take the opportunity to proactively learn from their mistakes, when they are able to, they can learn from their mistakes, and ultimately become stronger, and more successful for it in the long run. Forums like these can enable people to get the support they need.

As for green juicing, whilst I do not believe it is optimal in the long run, I do believe that we have to consider individual health circumstances. I actively recommend green juices to people recovering from IBD (like neet is) because their digestive capacity is not up to scratch, and their mineral levels are often all over the place. The nutrients provided by green juices will accellerate and not diminish health and healing in the long run, in my opinion. This is particularly the case since methamphetamine is so damaging to the body that it severely disturbs vitamin and mineral levels. I do also recommend steaming green vegetables for IBD if they do not have a juicer, and sometimes even if they do. The ultimate aim of course, should be not to use green juices or steamed foods, but to stick with whole foods. However we have to take people at the situation they arrive at raw foods, and move on from there towards our ultimate goal.

Even Doug offers similar strategies for working with private clients. Im not sure that he recommends green juices, but he offers tailored strategies to moving towards the ultimate goal of a low fat raw vegan whole foods diet. This does at times include non-hygienic strategies like supplementation. He even admits that there are sometimes exceptional circumstances where people with certain health conditions need to consume small amounts of certain lightly cooked foods.

I know that many regular and intelligent posters on here openly also use steamed root vegetables when they cannot get a good enough supply of raw carbohydrates, because they do not want to consume high protein high fat raw foods, just so they can 'stay raw'. This is out of a recognition that regular consumption of high protein high fat foods isnt healthy, where as although a low fat raw vegan diet is the optimal diet, a low fat cooked vegan diet is still pretty damned healthy, and in my opinion, is much healthier than a high fat high protein raw vegan diet.

Other people cannot handle this emotionally and feel like if there isnt enough raw carbs around, they would prefer to use higher fat raw foods, or high protein grains, so that they can 'stay raw'. People have to make the decision about what they feel is best for themselves at different times taking into account financial, emotional and physical factors.

I also know that Harley stated that he believes that its only when we are open with ourselves and others that we can actively move forwards and succeed. Therefore he didnt think it was a good idea for her to be saying she is doing one thing, yet is doing another behind closed doors. I do agree with him to some extent, and fully understand his rationale. I do also believe that people have a right to privacy if they want to. I don't think people have to share every problem they have with other people, on here, on other forums, or in life in general. Humans are social creatures, and yet are also capable of self-reflection so they are also private creatures too. People have the right to share their development with others to the degree they wish to, based on what they feel is appropriate, desirable, useful or necessary at the time. And they should be able to do that without fear of judgement, expectation, exclusion or recrimination from others. I'm not saying that I believe he or free did that, as I havent and don't intend to read the original posts, but I'm saying that I dont believe it should be a factor in someone needing to leave this, or any society. Because then those negative motivations could become internalised.

I do feel sad that neet isnt here, but I hope that when she is ready, she will come back to us, either to get the support she needs, or to contribute to the forum in the positive way that she does.

Take care

Adam x
Wow, Harley!

Excellent posts!!! I appreciate your intelligence and your clarity of purpose. And all the time and passion/energy you are giving to support others, over and over. I am so impressed that I am donating today. I agree with everything you just wrote. . . it is best to continue to encourage the optimal. We all deserve to know the truth and to be able to give ourselves the very best. You are out there promoting the highest standards and being totally honest. It's fantastic!!!

Thank you so much! You have been a TREMENDOUS inspiration over these last years and I am happy to get to say it here. ☺

Are you the same "Jules" from vegsource? Hope so.
We are going to close this discussion in an attempt to the keep the focus on health, which is the purpose of this website.

If you would like to contact Janita I believe Hannah or Michele have her email address, if you would like to discuss this further i am happy to ....freelea@live.com.au or Harley - veganbobster@gmail.com

Thankyou for your understanding.
Love 30BaD Team



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