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OMG - I was just reading a thread with lots of Raw Green Goddess's posts, and OMG - she's GONE!!!

I checked the members, and SHE'S GONE!!!

The spirit and soul of 30BaD has checked out. I love her so much - she's been so hugely inspirational to my journey. Does anyone have private access to her so that we can let her know she is loved and missed??? This is so sad, so tragic, such a loss to the community - not only because she's no longer posting, but because we've lost all of her replies and wisdom. This happened before with Michele, and she came back... Please, let's find RGG and see what happened and what we can do... The community needs her!!!

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Impossible! Not the highly advanced, spiritually wise RGG! No way. She would not do this to us. But then again, whyat is up? Bring her back!
Yes, I am in touch with RGG. I won't give out her email address but she can be found on facebook. Her first name is Janita, you can find her under my friends.

She left out of respect for Free and DR because her views of juicing were different etc. No bad feelings, she just did it out of respect.

In another thread she stated her intention to leave, and we asked her to stay, but she's all about the respect. I, too, am very sorry to see her leave, but happy to be in touch with her. She's a truly special person.
I agree, but this is explicitly a Natural Hygiene forum. No steaming, no juicing, no herbs etc. She's obviously totally respecting the wishes of the owners, which says a lot about her.
I don't know, maybe she is just one of those really honest people who speak their mind.
I'm actually quite shocked myself.
The facts :
Green juice was not the reason Neet left Bliss. Like Harley does with every person he meets (especially those giving newbies advice) he questioned Neets eating habits & Neet got quite upset & replied that her health was failing once again since coming back to 100% & that she has started incorporting cooked food. She then said she felt judged & she decided to leave on her own accord. He can explain more Im sure.
What in the world? That makes no sense. RGG has her opinions. So do I. We do not have to all agree... Where did RGG go (raw website forums)? What does she expect to be better wherever else? To delete all her posts is not, well, cool. She should just state her case and stick to her guns. I also believe wheatgrass juice is a worthy addition to 811. I do not believe that Dr. Doug is incapable of error. We are all here to advance and grow and share.
I don't think she moved to any other forums. I don't think she's expecting something to be better elsewhere. It is not that she was scared to stick to her guns or anything like that, she simply did it out of respect for the moderators of this forum. It is pretty clear that this forum is not very tolerant of diversions such as herbs, steaming, juicing etc.

Actually, Doug himself is not against supplementation when it is required. I don't see how juicing cannot be considered supplementation. It is the most natural form of supplementation there is.
Incidentally, don't YOU ever do a stunt like that. Your renegade ideas are so valuable. Gotta have open-mindedness for there to be growth. You have that... Some of you great women here really mean a lot to me. And the guys too of course. But yes we are changing the world... Man, RGG needs to get over it. I cannot believe Harley or Freelea would be that concerned about RGGs personal views. There is no set, unchangeable, unchallengeable set of rules and beliefs here, are there?
"It is pretty clear that this forum is not very tolerant of diversions such as herbs, steaming, juicing etc."

actually, I'd say the opposite. from what I've seen, I think this forum as a whole is very tolerant of whatever people need to do in order to transition, with a very clear perspective of what the end goal is, which is to be free of any of those transitional tools. I loved RGG's free spirit and willingness to do what she felt worked best for her, and her ability to support those who were doing otherwise.

and I think Free and DR are awesome, but even though they started this forum, they aren't exactly a major presence here, but RGG posted DAILY - as I put in the OP, she was like the soul and the spirit of 30BaD, and nothing made me happier than to log on and see "RawGreenGoddess" under all the thread titles in the right-hand column, knowing that she was online and chatting with us.

I admire her desire to respectfully disagree, but so wish that she could have stayed, and I so hope that she will COME BACK!!!
she was like the soul and the spirit of 30BaD, and nothing made me happier than to log on and see "RawGreenGoddess"

Same here. One of the main reasons I came here was due to her spirited posts.
when you say not just basil coriander etc. do you mean Doug uses medicinal herbs?

Take care

Adam x
cool, thanks for clarifying.

Take care

Adam x



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