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Hi All who are watching this thread. Here is the update:

My Dad is now 2 1/2 months on raw food.  We went through some pretty major cleansing I think, he still has a lot of mucous clearing, but - he does not sleep as much as he used to. He did sleep pretty much the whole day before, only getting up for food when I got him up (about 4 times waking him up before he would finally drag himself out of bed in mid afternoon. Now he gets himself up about 10 -11, and stays up till after dinner at night.

He went through the period where it got worse, where he pretty much did not even know where his room was and how many children he had. I thought - Oh, dear, I finished off my father, and was really scared. That lasted about 2 weeks, but then he started improving and now he says himself - " I was a total zombie, but now I am only half a zombie".

I used to have to take him down to the bathroom and supervise him brushing his teeth and them had to make sure that he would get into his pyjamas, but now I can give him instructions "Go downstairs, brush your teeth first and then change into your pyjamas" and he will do it!

He still gets it wrong sometimes, I send him downstairs with instructions to vacuum his room and he will steam mop it instead, but that is a far cry from previous situation of him forgetting half way down the stairs what he was going downstairs for.

He is beginning to take initiative like getting dressed before he comes up and shaving. I took him to the doctor and he gave him an OK to start going to the gym and also the doctor thought that Dad is of sound enough mind to sign his own will! He was also OK with me taking him off all the medication, so I am very relieved that I must be doing something right.

My father inquired couple of days ago if I think that he might improve enough so that he might get to drive again :-) With cataracts in both eyes it probably might not be a good idea though LOL.

So, raw food definitely works for Dementia!

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Thanks for that, I will have a closer look into this.

I just want to say thank you for being such a GREAT stand for diet and lifestyle.  I am so moved... by who you both are in this experience, and the super fantastic results.

Please keep sharing this powerful message...WOW

Yay for the improvement!! This is definitely news worth sharing!

That is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

Amazing.  Please keep us informed. 

Awesome news Boshena!  He will be getting better with leaps and bounds.  :o)

This is awesome.  Lovely.  His improvements give me great joy and it inspires me to stay strong in my resolve to be a Raw Foodist.  Can I blog about this?

Go for it! This needs to be known as a lot of pain can be spared for a lot of people.

make sure you rule out mercury toxicity here as well. Alzhiemer symptoms closely resemble mercury toxicity symptoms. Mercury accumulates over time hence the older you are the more mercury your body accumulates, especially if you have amalgams. The two places with the highest concentration of mercury are the brain and the kidneys. It affects the whole body but Alziemers is generally the brain being toxic. Check out this link for some good research information:


Yes, I am giving him a lot of Chlorella in the smoothies since it helps with Mercury toxicity, hopefully that will have some effect. I will also book him for some coffee anemas to speed up the detox process. I just don't want to overload the body, I think he needs few months to get the majority of junk flushed out. I am trying to get the kidneys into shape, and then I will worry about more stuff.

yeah it does take time, it's a good idea to keep an eye one the kidneys, my own kidneys are quite stressed right now as I am clearing out the mercury with iodine and chlorella. Bear in mind that the iodine will help the kidneys too. My kidneys are detoxing (you can see this from pimple like sores that develop on the kidneys). I do sleep a lot now but it's clearing my head up and my memory.

Agreed, driving is not a good idea til he's more consistently better.  But why not take him for a referral for cataract surgery anyway?  He may "feel" he thinks more clearly if his sight is more clear - it helps focus.  It's a marvellous op, only 5 mins, local anaesthetic.  I had mine done in my mid-40s, best sight I've had in my life now :)

Congrats on your wonderful work!



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