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Hi All who are watching this thread. Here is the update:

My Dad is now 2 1/2 months on raw food.  We went through some pretty major cleansing I think, he still has a lot of mucous clearing, but - he does not sleep as much as he used to. He did sleep pretty much the whole day before, only getting up for food when I got him up (about 4 times waking him up before he would finally drag himself out of bed in mid afternoon. Now he gets himself up about 10 -11, and stays up till after dinner at night.

He went through the period where it got worse, where he pretty much did not even know where his room was and how many children he had. I thought - Oh, dear, I finished off my father, and was really scared. That lasted about 2 weeks, but then he started improving and now he says himself - " I was a total zombie, but now I am only half a zombie".

I used to have to take him down to the bathroom and supervise him brushing his teeth and them had to make sure that he would get into his pyjamas, but now I can give him instructions "Go downstairs, brush your teeth first and then change into your pyjamas" and he will do it!

He still gets it wrong sometimes, I send him downstairs with instructions to vacuum his room and he will steam mop it instead, but that is a far cry from previous situation of him forgetting half way down the stairs what he was going downstairs for.

He is beginning to take initiative like getting dressed before he comes up and shaving. I took him to the doctor and he gave him an OK to start going to the gym and also the doctor thought that Dad is of sound enough mind to sign his own will! He was also OK with me taking him off all the medication, so I am very relieved that I must be doing something right.

My father inquired couple of days ago if I think that he might improve enough so that he might get to drive again :-) With cataracts in both eyes it probably might not be a good idea though LOL.

So, raw food definitely works for Dementia!

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Your post just caught my eye - this is truly amazing - well done! I have had lots of experience working with the elderly in homes and with dementia and Alzheimer's, it's a horrible way to end up!

I wish my grandparents would ditch the doctors and turn to a better lifestyle! My Nanna just got thru her second bout of cancer and is now having a terrible time with regular blackouts and mini stroke.. I have tried so hard to convince my mum to teach her raw ways but Nanna won't listen, keeps eating her pasta, crusty white bread rolls and cold cuts, and puts all her faith in the doctors.. I love her but I am so mad at her too.. :-( I have to keep reminding myself this is how she was brought up from the old country - How could the things they have been doing for 75 years (and their parents before them and so on) be wrong??

Keep up the good work! At least someone is getting it done! J x

Yes, I know how frustrating it can be. My Mum died because she put her trust in doctors. It took them only 2 years to kill her off. Before then she had her aches and pains, but she was not even sick. Within two years she had diabeties, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, memory problems and she just went downhill really fast.

Such a great response from the diet is great to hear.

He's very lucky to have someone to persevere with his condition and take care of him. I wish him well for the future. 

This is such a fantastic, inspiring story, thank you for sharing. How did you convince your dad to try this? I have been trying to convince my mum to ditch meat, but she won't even do that because she believes everything the doctors/media/meat&dairy industry tell her.. she's not alone I know. 

good luck to you and your dad, I wish him all the best :)

When we started, my Dad was pretty much a vegetable. He could not brush his teeth, although still could go to the bathroom by himself. With little mind that he had he tried to kill himself by refusing to eat and even tried to suffocate himself by placing a plastic bag over his head.

He only started to eat because I put him on green smoothies straight away, and he loved them. I sat with him while he drank them and he did it to please me. Within 3 days he was depression free and it was smooth sailing from then on. I think he was starved before because Mum could not make him eat much. Now he eats us out of the house :-)

This really makes my heart smile so BIG! My Nana had dementia and we lost her last year due to a blood clot. she was 91 but it was not her time. The doctors missed the clot. But I know my mom has been showing signs for at least 10 years! My parents are the hardest people to convince of anything. even with hard core facts and truths. I can hear her now... "ya know Zannah, I've lived a pretty **** good life and I like my life and I cook really healthy meals. It just runs in the family". I know I'll be taking care of her one day soon. I live right down the road so it should be pretty **** convenient. I tell her that.

Boshena, thanks for sharing. Your father is lucky to have someone who cares as you do. I hope you continue to find your father recuperating. 

I'm new to the site and just stumbled upon your post... that's amazing! So happy to hear the wonderful results you've had with your father. Best wishes in health and happiness to you and your family... <3

Unbelievable.. that's wonderful..

Good for you, what a fantastic daughter he has, that you're doing all this for him.

So thrilled for you.


one other thought - Alzheimer's has been linked to heavy metal toxicity.  My whole immediate family (me and hub used to have dental metal and kids have autism symptoms) are chelating (detoxing) with alpha lipoic acid.  (a natural amino acid)  We use the brand, Everything Spectrum and my sons is recovering from Autism.  It's crazy.  All the best.

Yes, he is detoxing with Zeolite. I already answered somebody a question about it. The difference in 3 days of taking it was monumental. Now he is improving daily.

Glad he's doing so much better..  If you feel you reach a stopping spot, you could give ALA a try.   (only reason is I've heard Zeolite, for some people, is pretty mild..  We tried it w/ my son and it didn't have too much effect, too.  Just as another thing to throw out.  Also, here's a support forum for chelation: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/adult-metal-chelation/

If you have any questions, it's a good group.  

I'm so amazed @ the progress he's made.  So great - It gives me hope for my family!




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