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I have been attempting to detoxify for about a week now. At first I was eating only fruits, including unsweetened and unsulphured dried fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts. In the middle of the week I decided to eliminate vegetables because they can be harsh on the digestive system. I thought nuts would be fine (I thought they would help eliminate bulk waste, though also harsh on digestion), but I was advised not to eat them because the overt fats could slow the weight loss I so eagerly hope to attain. So now I'm left wondering, is it okay to eat unsweetened and unsulphured Turkish apricots, mango, etc., if doing the fruit detox? What about freezing bananas to make banana "ice cream?" I'm pretty sure I've already completed the first phase of detoxification, so whatever I've been doing seems to be working. But my weight isn't budging, which could be a sign that either the nuts were a horrible idea, I'm still doing something wrong (eating dried fruit), or I need to be patient and let my body continue to relax. I know it's the latter because today is the first day that I haven't eaten nuts. But I want to make sure I don't continue to do this unskillfully.


Thanks, in advance, to all who offer their thoughts and advice.

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Erreco, I'm glad you're actively seeking assistance.  There's much successful experience lurking within these electronic halls :)

My first tidbit would be to release the concept of detox.  It's not something your need to actively accomplish; rather the body will detox itself as it sees fit.  Sometimes this may come in waves where you barely notice it, and sometimes it can be quite a demanding time.  Just know that there are no contraindication to living healthfully.  The better you do it, the happier your body (and thus you) will be, and the faster you'll have the opportunity to heal and attain your ideal weight.  Each body has its own priority list, so don't fret if weight isn't automatically the first thing to normalize.  It's possible you body will focus upon some internal healing it finds more important.

I personally would focus upon consuming as much water-rich fresh fruit as you care for, and as many tender greens as you desire.  Those dehydrated foods you mentioned aren't "bad," just not as optimal as you might like.  The body must actually give up some of its precious hydration to enable digestion of dehydrated foods.  In small amounts this isn't a big deal, but as a staple, it could retard your progress.  Familiarize yourself of an online caloric program, and aim for consuming at least 2500 cals daily. 

On the subject of hydration, I'd also put an emphasis on water intake, aiming for a gallon a day.  I personally like to begin every day with at least a quart down the hatch, and at least another after exercise.  Random gulps and what is added to any smoothies easily adds to a gallon. 

Nuts are a tricky thing, as it's tough to get hold of those that are properly processed and above all fresh.  I'd elect to leave them out for the time being as well.  If they agree with you, you can occasionally sample some avocado, which is easier on the digestion. 

Hope this helps, and I look forward to hearing about your successes, Erreco!


PS, see here for links to a wealth of bananaish info :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to type up such a thorough and helpful response. I will take your advice in stride. I have a difficult time remembering to drink water, however, so I am definitely not ingesting nearly as much as I should be. But, (sorry if this is weird to state but it's importantly relevant) my urine is clear -- so isn't this a sign that I'm getting enough water, whether it be through tap or fruit? I have been eating at least half of a large watermelon a day. 


How long have you been LFRV, Windlord? I congratulate you on the success you seem to have achieved based on your knowledge.


Thanks again for your help and encouragement! You are very kind.

Ha!  You'll find that bodily functions are a favorite topic of conversation here :)

1 gallon of H20 daily is my own informal goal.  Living in the desert might have something to do with it. 

That your urine is clear is a good sign that you're on the right path yourself.  Another is to ensure you're weeing 10-12 times daily.  That's a good frequency.  What makes you say that you're "definately not ingesting enough?"  Eating water-rich also helps, though it's not a substitute for plain water intake. 

Personally, I've spent the majority of the last 4 yrs LFRV, with my longest strong stretch a bit over 8 months last year.  Those times when I have not been, my health takes an undeniable hit. 

But when I act and eat in congruence with what my body (not just my taste buds) really wants, my health meter shoots up.  I learned some hard lessons during the past cooler seasons, that are now driving me to re-earn the health I deserve and know lies within.  

One thing I've discovered that might serve as encouragement to you, is that in the initial stages of shifting diets (say, 10 days), it's quite challenging mentally.  Tasty but suboptimal foods may woo you without mercy. 

But believe me, by simply staying the course, these trials diminish and eventually pass.  Soon enough, those faux foods may not even mentally register as edible.  

All success to you, Erreco :)

Thanks for letting me know that my openness isn't inappropriate in any way. *_- I stated that I'm not ingesting enough water because I have only been drinking approximately five standard sized coffee mugs full per day, more today, however. But again, apparently I'm getting enough water from my fruits of choice, in addition to that which I'm drinking. I have been urinating at least 10-12 times per day, though I haven't been counting, I'm sure this is pretty accurate. 


I sympathize with you in your struggle during the cooler seasons, I allow it to have a deeply negative affect on me, as well. Especially this last winter. I have never felt my health deteriorate the way it was, I am convinced that I was dying... and I'm not being melodramatic. I'm glad to know you are strong enough to take complete control over what you put into your body and cease the declining of your health.


I was just thinking about this last night, actually, how the foods that I'm craving seem so alien to me, and in turn, cause me to feel so alien to this world. But we are always most intrigued by that which is foreign/alien, right? So it only makes me want a plate of cheese fries even more! Especially now that I've started thinking about them... ohmygoodness...


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post. I appreciate your advice and help very much.

absolutely right!  alien food--scary, weird looking, usually dangerous;

yet strangely enticing ;)

Sic this guy on those cheesy, fried yearnings! :)



They are really intense right now (the cravings... for cheese fries). Ahhh! I think I've eaten around 2,500 calories today, jeez Louise!


Buy and read the 811 book by Dr. Graham if you have not done so. 

Dr. G explains the reasons that dried fruits are not really that good for us and or optimum health.  I keep some raisins in the pantry for emergencies, but do not eat them. 

Dr.  G highly recommends to avoid dried fruits due to various problems they might cause with teeth and digestive issues.  Page 155-156 USA version.

I would eat nuts sparingly.  They are actually harsh on the digestion of some members and the fats can slow you down, make you tired.

For optimum health I recommend to eat 100% low fat raw vegan fresh fruits and greens. 

As far as weight loss goes, try to relax about this for a while.  Good health is more important than weight loss.  LFRV is something you should do for life, not just for weight loss. 

Some members lose inches faster than pounds, so see how your clothes fit:)

Getting slim, but not losing weight!

If you have not read it yet, this might help you get started with the diet and 30BaD:

30BaD Banana Wagon Tour

Peace, PK


Thanks for the suggestion. As soon as I can afford it, I will purchase Dr. Graham's book. I've heard a lot about it so I'm very eager to get my hands on it.


I was aware of the harshness of nuts on the digestive system, but recall reading that they also help push out bulk waste while on a detox "diet." But yes, since I am living to attain optimal wellness, I'll stick to the more soothing foods and then indulge in eating nuts post-detox, and sparingly. *_-


Last summer I went raw and I weighed 20 lbs. less than I do now and I felt better than ever before. I wasn't 100% raw, and I was drinking wine heavily (eek). I also did the Master Cleanse beforehand -- and it/I lasted for four days. I feel so silly admitting this because I didn't stick with it even knowing how beneficent this lifestyle is. But I guess I understand its benefits better now that I've suffered the consequences of failing to stick with it.


Thank you very much, PK... it's nice to "meet" you and I appreciate your help/advice. I hope you continue to be successful in maintaining this lifestyle for yourself.



I should also mention that last summer when I "went raw," my diet wasn't exactly low-fat. I regularly made homemade zucchini hummus (made with tahini, which is high in fat) so I ate it on what was pretty much a daily basis. I also ate a lot of nuts, during classes, as a snack when out drinking, etc., and I still kept my weight down and I wasn't obsessing about it at all.


But I guess I understand its benefits better now that I've suffered the consequences of failing to stick with it.

Many of us have learned the hard way as well, but that is good in the long run.  Once you learn the ropes, you will be less likely to cheat on this diet. 

Peace, PK

Some points on how to unleash your inner Sigourney on any alien cravings:


1.  drink a monster serving of H20

2.  consume a nice portion of sweet, juicy fruit

3.  If it's anywhere close to bedtime, hit the hay.  No refrigerators there to tempt!

4.  Start moving vigorously in your favorite way, whether it be weight training, gymnastics, running, cycling, swimming, dancing etc.  Sure to distract, and you'll be much more inclined to refuel with some nice fruit afterwards.

5.  finally, in a key point, make a quiet space for yourself, and ponder deeply:  "What exactly is going on and/or what am I experiencing that would make me feel better by consuming this cheesy fry?" 

Know the answer to that, and all the above strategies will be even easier to implement and more effective.   

Thanks, Windlord... I will utilize these tips and I'm sure they will be advantageous. I'm off to eat something healthy now... I'm craving a salad. Yummmm... woah, I can't believe I'm actually craving a salad!!! This is awesome!


What tips can you give on eating only an hour or two before bed? I know that we are trained to believe it's not good for us... but with this lifestyle is it good or bad (especially if they are needed calories)?



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