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It's been about two months since I eliminated all meat from my diet. I started incorporating smoothies into my breakfast (well, they became my breakfast) every day since then. My smoothies usually consist of 3 bananas (only 3 because my mom doesn't think it's healthy for me) and two cups of fruit of any kind (usually raspberries, mango, blueberries). I checked out the 80/10/10 book by Dr. Douglas Graham from the library and have been educating myself about this kind of lifestyle. Though I don't think I'm ready to go raw, I do want to make steps towards becoming an 811 hclf vegan. 

Today I added another banana to my smoothie, making that 4 bananas in total (keep in mind this is all the bananas I eat in a day - only 4). My mom saw me do this and told me I was crazy and out of my mind, and that I didn't know what I was doing; that eating so many bananas every day was unhealthy and dangerous.

I also received a comment from my sister, on facebook, warning me of eating too many fruits for breakfast. Here is what she wrote:

"Kasia, be careful about eating too much fruit when you make your smoothies. Your smoothies should be majority veggies, lightly sweetened by some fruit. Fruits do contain vitamins, but so do veggies. Fruits also contain fructose and are usually a manageable-sized serving of sugar when we eat one fruit. Several fruits at once give you an insulin spike. Abusing your body's ability to handle sugar (by giving it extreme influxes of sugar every day) can increase your risk for developing adult-onset diabetes. I'm able to understand stuff like this better from the classes I've taken recently. Knowing the science behind this kind of stuff is really important when you're making decisions about nutrition and diet."

I have tried to explain to my entire family why I am entering this lifestyle, and have provided unbiased and un-opinionated research that support my reasons, and yet they stick with their own "facts" that they have been comfortable with for years. 

This lack of support from the people who I am closest to has been affecting my emotional well-being very negatively, and I often feel like no one around me understands why I'm entering this lifestyle. 

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Hi, I don't think it matters what age you are, families have strong opinions on this lifestyle, and amazingly fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet, but the very thing that everyone tells you to restrict!
I am 43 and my 2 daughters are doing this with me, they are 19 and 21. We were at my parents place last week and my daughter was eating a whole cantaloupe. My dad just couldn't get over it and commented repeatedly on it, then he couldn't help himself and said 'I think you should stop with all this nonsense and get back to eating properly, it would do you AND your mum good'
Good??? My daughter almost killed herself from depression, and this lifestyle has saved her.
My other daughter was so huge she was killing herself with obesity, and I had to have my thyroid out, and I had so many issues with food, I was becoming allergic to everything I ate and I was in agony all the time. I was convinced I was going to die.
Don't let your family bully you hun. If you can afford it, when you go out of the house, go to the fruit shop and by some bananas to eat while you're out of the house.
Good luck

I appreciate your comment. Thank you for the support; it's much needed! :)

Hi Kasia,

Stay strong and don't care what other people say, even your family if this is what you truly believe in. things like that are always hard to manage, I know that as well. Shine bright and be happy about who are. Thats it. =) All the best.

It's tough not to give a shit, but I'm trying my hardest. Thanks for the supportive and kind words!

lots of ppl comment on my life style maybe you should explain things to your parents calorific annd nutritional wise like take their average breakfast and put it in through cronometer and yours and compare them. also maybe get the china study to help explain the benefits of low fat low protein, watch forks over knives in the lounge room whilst everyone is around 

don't let your family control you now or you'll regret it later :)

That's actually a really good idea! My mom would probably be shocked at how much fat she consumes...Thanks!

I found that giving "facts and figures" to defend my lifestyle is useless most of the time.  I'd recommend reading "the pleasure trap".  It has an excellent chapter about how to deal with friends and family when on an "alternative" diet.  Very helpful.

Thank you for the suggestion!

You should tell your sister that adult-onset (type 2 diabetes) is more accurately associated with obesity and insulin-resistance, caused by excessive intra-myocellular lipids (fat within skeletal muscle-cells).

Though I do want to prove her wrong, at this point I think it's pointless to try to convince my sister about my lifestyle being right and healthy for me. I know best; it's my body and I've been educating myself everyday!

Thank you!

Hello! I'm new to this lifestyle too! My family is supportive so far. They just don't understand why i am eating SO MUCH FRUIT! I just keep telling them I have to "get my calories in." Other then that no one has said much. Except my mother who thinks I'm going to suck her bank account dry with all of the fruit. But she is supportive. I think it would be best to sit your mom down and explain to her that fruit is good sugar and no fat (making it HCLF.) I am surrounded by my family who consumes meat AND dairy and I am kind of on my own with this because I feel no one will understand, especially my friends haha! That's why I joined this forum to connect with all of these people and get information!
I'll be one of your supporters! There is no room for negativity when it comes to health and the environment! Xoxo!



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