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Hey kids, I am Wilhelmina and I am trying to go rawtil4.

I have observed the rawtil4 lifestyle from afar for some months now, and really want to commit to it, but I am not sure that I can. I am currenly at college and am not in control of what foods are presented to me.

I also can't feasibly eat 10 bananas for breakfast. It makes me upset that I think I finally have the motivation to commit, but have nowhere to funnel that motivation.

I want to get active and eat rawtil4, but college is making that very difficult.

My college doesn't serve breakfast. I can go buy a banana at the school store, but everything is horribly overpriced and buying 2 bananas every day is unsustainable for me. 

There is limited fruit at lunch. Typically sliced oranges and grapefruits. Maybe apples, pears or bananas depending on the day. But I cannot rely on those being there. I feel very unstable, and coming out of a disordered lifestyle, everytime i 'fail' by eating something non-vegan. I feel awful and get off track of rawtil4 for a while. It greatly upsets me as I feel I might be able to do this if I had some support. Both from others and from the college's dining services.

Im in the middle of a cornfield here, no license, no money, and no nearby grocery stores. Heh. I wonder if I can do this.

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 try talking to the kitchen. Fruits and veg are waaaaay less expensive than animal products. See if you can work something out where you would get lots of fresh fruit and veg  "in return" for not eating any animal and processed stuff.

I agree. Talk to the kitchen staff at the college or get some help from friends and family. Say that you can't get any healthy food at school and see if family or friends can help.

If there is a strong enough will, there is a way! Plant foods are very cheap compared to animal products. Only reason schools can have loads of cheese and meat is because it's subsidized like crazy.



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