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Looking for fellow UNH students to connect with or those who have a degree from UNH.  Would love to hear your experiences.  What do you like?  What do you dislike?  What could be improved?  Is the cost worth it?  Thanks!!!

BTW, I am a current student in the HygioPhys /PhD combined programs.  Feeling alone, and would love to find others wanting to learn more about Natural Hygiene!


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Hi Lucky Lu!

I'm also in the same HD/PhD combined program. I just started it so I can study it in parallel to an MD degree (so I don't lose track of the natural approach). I can't say much about the program since I'm only on the first course, but it's nice to know there's someone else doing it! The first book seems to be kind of boring but I'm sure the rest of the program is super interesting. Would love to keep in touch!

Haha...I also found the food combining book kinda boring.  I thought the questions were poorly written too.  I understand the major food combining rules, but the questions just seemed very abstract and at times focusing on minute details that really do not contribute to the major concepts in the book.  I am having a hard time motivating myself to move on to the next book (80 10 10) which I have already read a few years ago. 

I went to an osteopathic medical school, but left after deciding I didn't want to practice medicine.  I am now a college professor teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology.


I think it's great you are studying this material and allopathic medicine!!  More MDs need to know about this!!! 

Glad to be able to connect with you here!

Wow! As a college professor you can probably exert a lot of influence on your students toward a more fruity lifestyle. That's awesome. What do your colleagues say about it?

I do remind my students frequently of the innate healing powers of the human body.  I would have to say that, unfortunately, all of my colleagues agree with allopathy and standard dietary recommendations (e.g., meat and grains are necessary for health).  I am definitely considered a radical, but working to change minds by example :)



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