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I'm not sure how I came across this video today, but groove on, what a ripper, "Interview w/ Laura M. Eisenhower - Mind Control, UFOs, ETs, New World Order, Illuminati", Laura sums up so succinctly the global/universal situation we now face in an empowering way.. What I liked most about it was her message that the the way out is within, Love and Health, activating our higher Charkras to go beyond the controls and brainwashing that use our lower energy centers that dominate and create this global Political/Corporate situation.

I just thought I'd share because the healthy lifestyle we all live here really encapsulates our ability to rise above the mediocrity and raise our consciousness to vibrate with Love.. This way we help the old system crumble quicker and the New Humanity rise more effortlessly.. What do you feel about this video?

Most of what she is saying I already know and have researched quite a bit, it makes sense, but ever more so now that I'm Raw :) But there are many Rabbit Holes in her message that I will look into further. It also relates towards how and why I'm living in a remote and safe place, and my feelings to manifest a Raw fruitarian community.. Love n Love :)

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unfortunately she is another victim of the disinformation/misinformation/fear promoting propaganda campaign regarding evil et's. 

still, a lot of the things she talks about have truth to them like the shadow gov and elite, and some of the powerful technology that humans posses.

i do not trust this woman.

have you ever watched this?


there i have a feeling of truth, and you?

Ahhh Home,,,,, Have you read Family of the Light Daniela?  :)

Is it a book? 

Why did you said Home? Because of Lemuria?

Or are the pleiadies your home?


Yep! The book is By Barbara Handclow ... And yea The Pleaidies is part home for me ;( missing home.. and you? Lemuria too, paradise, love, conscious living and creating, no war...

Oh and as serendipity would have it I just got a link sent to me today:

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower - The justBernard Show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gic/2012/01/23/the-justbernard-show . So should be interesting to hear what she has to say in the here and now :)


i cannot yet remember everything, but what i know about me is Lemuria and Dolphin. I wish to have clarity about who i am. But thinking about lemuria makes me cry and i have the feeling of missing something.

Oh yea Lemuria and Dolphin, like Sun and Love :) Read FOL you will know.. Lemuria rising again, tears healing, peace and paradise.. Keep deep breathing

Thank you, i do so, i keep deep breathing :)  will read the book... :o)))

Why are they so naive about obama? Psychopaths are excellent at evoking emotions. Wow, they have not studied psychopaths at all have they?! Kind of weird how he gives that whole disclaimer after their obama thing, wonder if they're trying to cover themselves. They speak a lot of good stuff, but I think they are just like every other truth speaker out there in this movement, they seem unable to fully sift through all the lies and disinfo for one reason or another, this is why you have to be very careful. I've not found a single person that I 100% feel good about that they fully know what they are talking about, but a lot of them can have a pretty high percentage of what they are saying to be true or at least accurate. The thing about the chakras I've heard before and makes sense and I like that she brought it up- it goes along with the organic portal theory, which I find important to understand for one's own safety and sanity, especially this bunch with the madness we face regularly and so many are driven crazy trying to understand the SAD eater who refuse to change when faced with evidence and results. I've heard various things about the greys, not really sure what is the truth, either they're a future version of us thats been genetically manipulated to an extreme degree and have come back to save themselves from extinction, or they are from zeta reticula and were genetically manipulated by the reptillians and are in a similar boat to the aforementioned scenario, or they are just some biological robots that were made who knows where and are just drones for the reptillians- this last part is basically the same in all 3 scenarios. Not sure which specifically is correct, they're all pretty similar. 

Anyway, some interesting info, nothing new... wish I felt better about it, but I've been disappointed by EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things/people. I always find some little thing that really strikes me as odd, sometimes its minor, sometimes its huge. I think there is a small portion of these people that are actually actively malignant, and most are just still trying to figure it out and getting caught up in different things that aren't true, some are naive, and some just don't have the resources to piece it all together. I don't think anyone knows what's really 100% going on, and no, not even those who are "in control" and perpetrating a lot of it. 

I think you summed it up pretty well by saying "I don't think anyone knows what's really 100% going on, and no, not even those who are "in control" and perpetrating a lot of it." It's a riddle that cannot been solved, understood or expressed in totality in our 3D reality, and to express it in a way that breaks through the infinite perceptions and barriers we all carry.

But many of us understand and realise the reality of what is occurring from our Multidimensional aspects of being, and unfortunately we cannot express this through words and writing,,, yet! Take what resonates and leave the rest, Laura like most insider whistle blowers are under enormous pressure and constantly being threatened in many visible and invisible ways, all are battle scarred, yet they keep carrying the light, and they are doing an infinite amount more work to uncover/reveal and bring down the dark shackles that control, where as most people are content sheeple, watching TV, entertaining and poisoning themselves.. Without these souls we would all be in a much more horrible situation right now so..

As for Obama, for sure he acts like a warlord, but then no president in power ATM could not. Our PrimeMinister Kevin Rudd a few years ago was to my mind one of the best we had, he got booted out in the middle of term overnight basically when he was attempting to put a massive halt to corrupt/destructive mining in Australia, and in came the most insidious reptillian woman to replace him.. So who know's what's behind it all, but all we can do is keep our light shining, breathing light and love, sharing our truth and care, and not allowing eachother and Gaia to be fodder for manipulation by sharing what we know to be truth.

If it is true, that the physical world is a manifestation of the psyche, then the evil e.t. ´s are a maifestation of our fears.

Love is the most important...

The point is to stop fearing, let nothing fear you!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQNydZLz3WM  5.55 and 9.00

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVkSTbcMARU&feature=related 3.18


Good video's I have seen parts of theses before, they makes sense :) Love or Fear, simple.. :)



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