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Hey everyone,

So over the past year, even though only 2 months at the start I was not vegan, I have gained 20kgs despite eating very healthy and very little. I'm now on a gluten free, raw, low fodmap, anti inflammatory, vegan diet, eating only 1000 calories a day and exercising every day and still gaining 1kg a week. I have had all my general tests done and the only thing out is low estrogen and progesterone.

The doctor thought it was inflammation but if it was I would be losing by now not gaining.

Does anyone know of anything it could possibly be?!?

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Unfortunately I do also go off what's in the mirror, how my clothes fit, and what the dexer scan says... I'm just freaking out cause I'm a recovered anorexic and it's like I'm living my worst nightmare :( I've never been fat before :(

Maybe you have Hypothyroidism and/ or Hashimoto? I guess you have checked your TSH and T4 already, but have you been tested for hashimoto (anti TPO and/or anti TGB antibodies. Because that could explain the weight gain. 

So here is the proof that calorie restriction doesn´t work. Your body is in survival mode converting all your calories into fat for future reserves. To reverse this you need to get sufficient amount of carbohydrate calories (around 2500 and more) It would take time however and don´t expect to heal your metabolism in 2 weeks. 

Rather focus on building up your fitness level and having great time outdoors. 

Hello lovely lady,Even though i am a novice to Rawtil4 (But doing very well on it) i have dealt with hormone related illness's all my life.To put it bluntly,My body literally attacks itself.

As you most likely know,many PCOS sufferers have higher insulin levels than normal. This can cause difficulty losing weight, as insulin’s primary role is controlling blood sugar -- it can also cause fat storage. 

Even though i have had overweight issues relating to hormone imbalances, my sister in law also has PCOS and she was a size 8 all her life and in the last two years she has bloomed to a size 18 already without changing her eating style.Weight can just change like that when your hormones are unbalanced.She also calorie restricts even further now which is resulting in her getting bigger.Bless her.My point is you can have PCOS as a slim women but as quick as you can say RABBIT weight can just pile on.

Are you on any medication?

Even though i have never calorie restricted I found that i had to retrain my body to consume huge amounts of fruits and veggies so it must feel like an impossible task for you to do.You can do it though in time,you just have to keep trying.I do feel for you as you have history in eating disorders and restriction so this will be a huge task to accomplished.

I suffer from many inflammatory issues too like Endometriosis and Adenomyosis,Fibromyalgia as well as myalgic encephalomyelitis - M.E plus PCOS too.Even though ive had a lifetime of chronic pain and i better than my counterparts who suffer the same conditions.

What foods do you avoid regarding inflammatory foods (fruits and veggies)?

Many women with PCOS are reluctant to eat fruit or avoid fruit as it can cause(At the beginning,bcus their bodies are completely unbalanced) a spike in blood sugar levels and therefore insulin. However, fruit still plays an important role in providing the nutrients you need to combat PCOS.

At first you could try eating fruit that has a lower GI and have a handful of seeds or nuts with your fruit as protein helps to regulate the sugar spike resulting from fruit. Fruit with a low GI value include cherries, plums, grapefruit, blackberries, boysenberries, Logan berries, strawberries, mandarins, raspberries and tangerines and apples etc. Try eating/snacking throughout the whole day slowly but definitely eat more fruit hun.

Blueberries are very very effective to lower elevated blood sugar levels. One study even speculated that they might be as effective as Metformin. In this study, people were given a smoothie with the equivalent of 2 servings of blueberry fruits twice a day for 6 weeks, which resulted in significantly improved insulin sensitivity. It is mainly the anthocyanins, the substances that give the berries their rich blue colour, that are responsible for this. You could eat blueberries for breakfast or snack on them throughout the day?

I hate to say this,1000 calories is way too low.Your chronic fatigue is most likely linked to the calorie restriction babe and definately linked to your hormone imbalances..1000 cals is not enough fuel to keep your body ticking over.You need to fuel your body as much as possible.

Do you use a cronometer? 

How about making more liquid foods on top of what your eating?That will help you more (calorie wise) and will help you get closer to eating more solid food?As i stressed before,it must be really difficult for you to eat a huge amount of calories coming from a ED.

Having low estrogen is a issue,especially as you're a young.You will basically be getting menopausal symptoms.That already puts you behind the rest 'normal' wise.Same with the low progesterone. 

Have you look at trying to increase your estrogen naturally?Flax seed is very good for that as well as legumes.

You have alot of issues which will stack up against you at the beginning.But,The body is an amazing miracle in action. Every second, millions of reactions are taking place to maintain a perfect balance

Keep Strong..


Thank you so much for this indepth reply! It's so comforting to know that other people are also experiencing what I am!

I've started natural progesterone cream to increase that and my estrogen, and my doctor has also given me diuretics to move out the inflammation that stays there when my progesterone isn't high enough... I've lost 6kgs in 3 days so I think a lot of it is water retention... he assured me that I can lose weight now that I'm taking progesterone and because it's anti inflammatory I will continue to lose weight... I think it was a case of it had to get worse before it got better.

I'll see how I go over the next 2 months and let you know :)

Thanks so much again, and all the best! xxx

Yeah, you are definitely not eating enough. Your body is storing food as fat because you are in starvation mode. Up the food intake a lot. You will probably gain weight at first (your body storing the food because it's not sure when the next starvation period will be) and then you will slim out over time. The tests might be fine right now, but if you continue 1000 cals a day, you will most likely develop deficiencies.
You are on the burnout path, (I have past experience) over exercising and under eating will mess you up long term. Just chill out, eat more, and get more into fitness after you have balanced out.
Thank you for reaching out
Take progressive action
Also, in your bio you talk about anorexia and starvation around age 16. It maytake a while to heal and for your body balance out weight wise, but the future is so much brighter on the other side of calorie restriction.

You aren't eating enough, and, from what I read below, you are eating some tough combos to digest.

Please consider doing a mono diet for a few weeks to help your digestion heal. Banana Island is always a good one because bananas are cheap & easy to find, but you must up your calories even if it feels counterintuitive. 

Your body is likely in starvation mode with only 1000 calories and holding on to everything you're giving it. Even mono meals with some variety like a breakfast of dates, then maybe bananas for lunch, mangoes for dinner will likely be of help, but do pay attention to how many calories you're eating. AT LEAST 2000 per day minimum, but usually we recommend eating even more.

XO Sultana

Exactly!  If you can eat mangoes for example or any high calorie fruit then just eating those for a few weeks can get your digestion settled enough where you can start adding in one more item to see how you do with that.  3 mangoes, 5 times a day gets you to 3000 calories.

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