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Hey everyone,

So over the past year, even though only 2 months at the start I was not vegan, I have gained 20kgs despite eating very healthy and very little. I'm now on a gluten free, raw, low fodmap, anti inflammatory, vegan diet, eating only 1000 calories a day and exercising every day and still gaining 1kg a week. I have had all my general tests done and the only thing out is low estrogen and progesterone.

The doctor thought it was inflammation but if it was I would be losing by now not gaining.

Does anyone know of anything it could possibly be?!?

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What are you eating?  Typical day.  Also, your calories, if that's really how much your eating, are at starvation levels.

So to not upset my stomach this is what/how much I eat:

Breakfast: 2 glasses of pure orange juice

Lunch: 2 tomatoes, washed sun dried tomatoes (to remove the oil), 2 glasses of water.

Dinner: 1 salad containing: kale, spinach, alfalfa, cucumber, carrot, lemon, chilli, a few washed salt reduced olives, eggplant, tomato. A handful of grapes.

That's all I can eat without hurting my stomach.

Hi Olivia,

Why don't you try to drink a bit more of that orange juice in the morning? It's important to get your calories from fruits!

Your body is reacting to starvation, that's clear... I wish I had a complete answer, but I think in your case you should increase your food intake little by little. I also had my hormones crazy for a while, and I gained weight (a lot!), but they should go back to normal after eating clean but always ENOUGH calories (2500+)

Hon that is very hard to digest stuff right there and low calorie too, not to mention poor food combining.  If you can eat oranges then you can eat more calories easy!  Are there other high calorie fruits you can eat? 

My body digests all this food without a problem, that's why I'm eating this way.. I can't digest bananas, potatoes, dates etc.

Yeah I'm trying to drink as much orange juice as I can.. but even on a big day I'd be lucky to hit 1500 cals.

I just can't eat volume :(

You may not have any overt symptoms from eating those but that does not mean they are digesting well or not taxing your body.  Your ability to eat more volume will increase dramatically if you steer clear of those low cal and hard to digest foods and use proper food combining.

Chili pepper products (why? [scroll down to section 2.2]) http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_photos_not_suppo...

Nora Lenz explains things nicely here: ( http://rawschool.com/best-raw-foods/ )

Cruciferous Vegetables

Brussels sprouts
Bok choy (greens)
Collard greens

All are disqualified as optimal or even appropriate due to high cellulose content. Our bodies have limited ability to access the nutrients encased in the cellulose structure, so most of what we eat of them must only be eliminated from the body, which unnecessarily taxes our eliminative processes. These vegetables also contain irritating and indigestible oxalic acid and are bland or unpleasant to eat in their raw state. The exception in this category is young or baby spinach, which has what most people describe as a pleasant flavor and is relatively easy to digest in moderate quantities since its oxalic acid content is low at this point in its growth.

a quote from The 80/10/10 Diet book from page 27:

"It is true that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are loaded with nutrients, including soluble fiber.  But they also contain cellulose and other difficult to digest or even indigestible fibers.  By indigestible fibers, I mean that our digestive system cannot break down these materials and must therefore eliminate them.  And unlike soluble fibers, these indigestible fibers are rigid and may scratch and scrape our delicate digestive lining as they pass through...These vegetables are best digested in their youngest and most tender state.  For best results, they must be thoroughly chewed or mechanically predigested via the use of the blender or shredding device...To be sure, we are capable of swallowing vegetation that contains cellulose and other rough, insoluble fibers, but such foods put a great load on our organs of digestion and elimination."


I know you probably don't want to hear this, but by eating so little calories your body is going to hold on to every bit of food you do eat and turn it into fat if possible. I notice that when I eat less I don't have as good digestion and feel kinda stuffed up if you know what I mean. When I eat more(like 2,500 cals or more) I have better digestion and typically wake up a bit lighter the next day...while I wake up heavier when I eat less.

It makes since though...more food in=more food out which =flatter tummy and more weightloss. With less food in it seems to=less food out...which in turn would mean less weightloss(if any at all)

At least that's my experience. I do raw till 4 though, so I can easily hit 2,500 cals. 

Also you can do more harm than good if you don't give your body a rest. I know this sounds completely counter intuitive but it sounds like you need to rest more&eat more, then maybe your body will focus on weightloss.

Most toddlers ages 2-3 are recommended to eat 1,000 calories a day, I would have to say that's starving yourself :(

My problem is, that I have to eat only certain fruits and vegetables to not have an inflammatory response (hopefully for not too long), and I can't reach any higher without significantly disrupting and hurting my digestion. If I eat more I literally sit in pain and agony all day with a pregnant looking belly :(

It's never been an issue before until my hormones went out, but surely I cannot gain 1kg a week from just hormone imbalance?!?

What exactly are you able to eat?  Have you read Esperanza' inspiring story?  The one and only food she was able to tolerate for over 6 months was grapes. That is all she ate for over 6 months!  Her body healed on that and then she could add more easy to digest fruits.  Check out her story on her website linked form her page.  And her blog posts are very inspiring too!

Esperanza Vite - The Raw Monkey

I agree with my associates above.  1000 cals or your described "very little" consumption for the past year for an adult is indeed starvation, and your body will hold onto every scrap it can.

So you're attempting low fodmap (had to look that one up) too, and raw?  that means restricting fruits???

When requesting assistance please include the following information so other members of 30BaD can assist you more efficiently...

* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan or 100% raw til4?
* When did you last have cooked food?
* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear 10+ times daily?
* How much exercise do you get?
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?
* How much sunshine do you get?
* What is your past health history?

*How many calories do you get daily?

*Are you sure your fruit is ripe?

*Are you using proper food combing?

*How are your stress levels?

*Is your food organic?

*What percentage of your calories come from tender leafy greens?

*Please describe in detail 3 full example days of eating for us.

These are the principles of health we recommend because they work:

Daily Recipe for Long Term Success

Raw Till 4 Plan: 

The 'Raw Till 4' diet 7 day food and exercise planner

RT4 Instructions By Freelee TheBananaGirl

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Yeah, my doctor (who only treats naturally) has put me on gluten free, anti-inflammatory, low fodmap & vegan because I react to everything else. I have read all of those articles, I have read both eBook's, I know how I'm meant to eat, but because of a genetic predisposition I physically cannot which is so upsetting. But because I cannot hardly eat, I have no idea why I am still gaining weight? I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar?

* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan or 100% raw til4? - 1 year
* When did you last have cooked food? - 3 weeks ago
* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear 10+ times daily? - 3 litres, yes.
* How much exercise do you get? -  3 hours walking a day
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night? 9pm - 6am
* How much sunshine do you get? 15 hours a week
* What is your past health history? Low iron (fixed), bad thyroid (fixed), low estrogen (not fixed), low progesterone (not fixed), ovarian cycts, thyroid cysts, chronic fatigue, anorexia, bulimia.

*How many calories do you get daily? 1000

*Are you sure your fruit is ripe? Yes, definitely!

*Are you using proper food combing? Yes! No fruits with vegetables.

*How are your stress levels? Very good, very happy.

*Is your food organic? Yes, if it is not, I wash it with a natural wash.

*What percentage of your calories come from tender leafy greens? 1/3 daily

*Please describe in detail 3 full example days of eating for us.:

Breakfast: 2 glasses of pure orange juice

Lunch: 2 tomatoes, washed sun dried tomatoes (to remove the oil), 2 glasses of water.

Dinner: 1 salad containing: kale, spinach, alfalfa, cucumber, carrot, lemon, chilli, a few washed salt reduced olives, eggplant, tomato. A handful of grapes.

do not worry about weight, that is stupid. Worry about what you see in the mirror lass. You maybe gaining water weight, muscle mass, food weight or whatever. I do not weigh myself & if I did I'd go nuts like yall cause I'll go from 130 early in the morning to 135 after a large meal. Worry about fat percentage & use your own eyes & a mirror to judge. 



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