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So I know that many people starting this lifestyle gain weight in the beginning because of having starved themselves of carbohydrates and essential vitamins and nutrients. Some start to lose weight after a few months, a year or maybe after 2 years. What if you had starved/restricted calories for say 5 years prior to starting this lifestyle? Or 10 years? Would it take that half that time to finally lose the weight? 2 years? 1 year? 

Has anyone had a similar experience? I'd love to hear about it. Because Freelee and many others have said they're starved themselves and it takes 6 months to 1 1/2 years to finally lose the weight.

I must say I'm not stressing about my weight gain as much as I did when I gained weight by undereating on carbs. I feel quite relaxed. But in saying that, it is uncomfortable, and I don't feel confident wearing tight clothing or clothes showing my legs and arms. The weight I gain daily just makes me feel bloated and yuck. But I had been this way for about 2 years and starting this lifestyle has helped me a bit to accept my body more. 

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Wow you are a beautiful soul and thank you again.  You have given me hope and I can't thank you or express my gratitude to you enough, there are no words.  Thank you. 

Your words brought me to tears because it resonates so deep in me.  I try to remind myself I have to relax and let my body do what it need to fix itself from the damage and pain I inflicted on it.  And getting through this neither one of us will ever do that kind of harm to ourselves again.  We should be grateful for the weight because our weight and our acceptance of it is a sign that we truly love ourselves and that is the greatest gift there is.  And we have been saved from a constant cycle of hurting ourselves hating ourselves, causing harm to ourselves leading to a potentially unspeakable end.

My poor body was so damaged.  I looked ill to the point that my family and friends were in panic.  My parents cried when they saw me.  It saddens my heart to think of what I did but I learned and that is what matters and now I am on a journey of discovery and recovery and I could not be more grateful.

Thank your I am grateful to have crossed your path even in a small way.  The impact of your story and your words have effected another human in a greater way that you can understand.  So thank you for being here and fighting for yourself and as a result guiding and helping other people.  You are a miracle.  Thank you. 

I like stories like yours becuase they scream there is no quick fix even with the best of diets things take time. Its very hard to be patient.

Hey! I see it's been a year since this post. I would love to know how are you feeling now, and I really hope you are doing great. :)

Hey. Well actually I haven't lost weight yet ha. I'm heavier than I was this time last year. So I gained a little more weight after in posted this, then I went to Woodstock Fruit fest, then I ate some beans and rice a week after it, I had a bad reaction and couldn't eat for a good week. So well it was basically a fast,. Then I started eating lots of high fat foods after that because I was undereating for few months like 1600 a day probably trying to lose weight faster. So silly, it backfired of course. So yep gained a lot of weight after that unforced fast, and now just stayed same weight for about half a year. I don't weigh myself, just go by my clothing. So ye its damn hard sometimes, but still have that great mental clarity I can't deny and made great friends in the movement, just feeling grateful.  How about you what's your story? :)

I have been in the hclf vegan lifestyle for 6 months now. I had an acne breakout after the first month, and it took like 4 months to clear up, just when I decided to avoid some trigger foods (dates and oranges sadly, because I love both of them). My problems now are more digestive related, because I feel sometimes too bloated and it is not due to bad food combining. So oh well, just adapting and healing I guess.

It´s great to hear that you are making lots of Friends, because they will probably help you out. In my case, I don´t really have any vegan friends, but it is very comforting to be able to share thoughts this way, by the internet. My friends are accepting this, but now  I am no longer the girl with curly hair, or the one with whatever. I am The Vegan! I live in Spain and that is not usual yet. So yes, I have that label now. But I am getting used to it and I don´t mind! :)

I really really hope you start seeing those final results, and it is good to know we should never try to "cheat" undereating. gain or acne are pretty visible things, so you cannot go without people around you noticing the changes.

But I bet this time next year we will both be telling each other how great we are looking and how freaking awesome our lives are. Hehehehehehe.

Thank you very much for replaying so fast. And please feel free to contact me anytime you need a chat. Regards!

Ye hopefully this time next year we will be looking great. Hey I am going Spain fruit festival actually. Its first week of September :) 

I heard! I would love to go, but I am gonna be coming back from my holidays, and I have to go back to work. :) But please, I would really love to hear your experience if you find some time when you come back. Maybe next summer we can meet.

Where are you from btw?

Oh year maybe we can meet :) 

I'm from Auckland, new Zealand. But I live near London at the moment. Moved here last September. Plan to stay another year. Met some great 801010 friends.

How old are you? Oh and what's your name?? :) 

Thank you all. Some very helpful and reassuring answers. Fruit of Life I feel your pain. Just damaging the body for a few short years, abusing it, it is hard isn't it? You've all reminded me though that I have to accept this healing process, and if people don't want to accept me as I am now then they aren't true friends right ? :-) 

when you go through big transformations in life I find your friendships tend to change. I lost many friends gained some new ones during the journey then lost some of them as well. I think some people prefered the fat drunken unhealthy me. It gave them an edge I guess in the relationship maybe made htem feel better about themselves? I dunno. but as I got sober lost weight got healthy etc.. lot of folks wanted nothing to do with me. I notice I tend to intimidate many of them and many other people as well. Its just part of the journey gotta keep going with it assumeing you feel good and healthy!

well said jim    i have noticed the same things

I've been a high carb raw till 4 vegan for a little over a year now and for the first few months, I didn't gain any weight and then after about 6 months I gained around 25 lbs! I am now maintaining this weight. I also restricted before coming to this lifestyle, so I think it really depends on our own individual bodies. I can relate though because none of my clothes fit any more and I feel like a chunky monkey!



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