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So I know that many people starting this lifestyle gain weight in the beginning because of having starved themselves of carbohydrates and essential vitamins and nutrients. Some start to lose weight after a few months, a year or maybe after 2 years. What if you had starved/restricted calories for say 5 years prior to starting this lifestyle? Or 10 years? Would it take that half that time to finally lose the weight? 2 years? 1 year? 

Has anyone had a similar experience? I'd love to hear about it. Because Freelee and many others have said they're starved themselves and it takes 6 months to 1 1/2 years to finally lose the weight.

I must say I'm not stressing about my weight gain as much as I did when I gained weight by undereating on carbs. I feel quite relaxed. But in saying that, it is uncomfortable, and I don't feel confident wearing tight clothing or clothes showing my legs and arms. The weight I gain daily just makes me feel bloated and yuck. But I had been this way for about 2 years and starting this lifestyle has helped me a bit to accept my body more. 

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im new to this lifestyle and am concerned with gaining weight because i am comfertable with my body weight right now and am trying to loose a few extra pounds, i'm worried that 2500 calories a day will make me put a bit of weight on and i feel best eating less, at around 2000. However everyones different and i think it also depends a bit on exercise levels!:) , maybe have a look at being more active?

gaining on 2500 calories a day generally means that your metabolism has more than likely been damaged from your previous diet/lifestyle.  

I didnt loose weight using this way of eating but managed to loose 130lbs or so on another weight loss diet pretty quick and at a healthy speed. I did that in about 7 or 8 months through exercise and diet.

I started this diet with probably another 10 or 20lbs to loose I guess. Maybe more. I lost 10lbs fast and was eating 4-5000 calories a day no problem. Then out of no where I put on 10lbs and have only managed to loose 5 of that so far.

I guess my answer would be to eat all you want and exercise and it very well could come off pretty quick. BUT those last however many pounds could be a grueling battle as your body works out the extra skin builds more muscle and stubbornly drops more fat.

I now feel worse for people who have 10 or 20lbs to loose then people who have 150lbs to loose. Sorry but in my expierience dropping those 120-130lbs was a cake walk compared to that last 10 or 20lbs. I wonder tho if you where never that obese and only had 10 or 20lbs to loose if it would be much easier. I dunno.

Jim, I've read many of your posts before and know that you dropped weight on Atkins- which indicates that you are probably experiencing metabolic damage.  I recommend sticking to the 30BAD guidelines for a few years to heal your metabolism and shed the last of your excess weight.

very possible. I also thought once I hit X weight i'd be fine. when i hit that weight I relized geeze i still got 10-20lbs of flab yet to go. I think not just diet plays a role but when your that obese its a game changer. I've seen a lot of folks return to an ok looking physique when they got 20lbs to loose or something. But people with more then 50lbs to drop I think its a slower road to recovery.

I've never really understood all the various nuances as to why it workds out more favorably for one person over the next in one area or another but not another. IE one person could have horrible loose skin issues while another same height built age etc.. looses same amt of weight and has no loose skin issues.

In hindsite I think the last time my metabolism was healthy was probably when i was 5 or something! haha.

I only had like 15 lbs to lose and it came off right away.  Weight gain can mean many positive things, more bone structure, more muscles, more water, or if you just ate more nutrients to let your body do its thing.  Eat all you care of the good stuff, exercise, sleep, water, b12, and enjoy yourself.  Focus on health not weight.  Everything will work itself out and pay tremendous dividends.  Focus on loving yourself and then project it onto others. 

It really depends on how long you were restricting and how much effort you put into this way of eating to allow your metabolism to recover.  Yo-yoing (going back and forth between cal restricting and not) will slow your progress immensely.  In my experience, it can take about 1-3 years to start shedding body fat after your have destroyed your metabolism with cal restricting, and the extra weight will come off very slowly.  Your body is going to require more nutrients to heal and reset your hormones, which can leave you in a stalemate with your weight for quite some time (at least 6 months)- but this is a sign that your body is healing.  I know that it can be frustrating to have the extra weight on, but consider it a sign that your body is healing and getting healthier.  We recommend 2500 calories as a minimum for women because it is a number that ensures you will be meeting your nutrient requirements and giving your body enough energy to move forward with healing.   

Also keep in mind too with the How long will it take question. And believe me i'm an impatient person i wanna know how long too! But I dieted and exercised for a good while to loose a ton of weight and did and then I thought now what? and people asked why are you still exercising how come your still on a diet your so thin or your too thin etc.. At that point I had to keep exercising and keep dieting or eating healthy becuase its what you should do and because its good for me.

Looseing weight can be very motivating so can the dream of becoming more healthy etc.. But once you achieve most if not all of that then what? Why bother? Its tough to keep going with it all just because you should. But its also easy too becuase with any luck you can look at all the hard work your put into it and go Ii'm not undoing all that for a few minutes of pleasure with a tastycake no thanks!

So sometimes the time it takes is good for us. If it where so easy we'd probably eat whatver not care then eat like this a few days drop it all off and then go back to hucken down garbage.

There was a book i read where A guy ran out of gas and had to get a gas can and walk to the nearest gas station then back to the car etc.. His point to the reader was sometimes the walk will do you some good.

I want to thank Katie for posting this and I want to thank Victoria Innes for the information and insights she has shared in her replies.  I am currently going through a very hard time emotionally because of the weight gain I have experienced.  My case was quite extreme and even though I only had about two years of serious damage to my body my damage was quite extreme and before I got help my body literally was shutting down on me.  I made severe mistakes and did a lot of harm in just a little over two years but I guess if I think of it I was never really healthy before I started so the mistreatment of my body really was life long before that only the extreme stuff was for a short period.

My dissatisfaction with my appearance is not really about my vanity at this point but like Katie this is so uncomfortable.  And since I am climbing out of such a deep whole from the damage I inflicted I feel so sluggish and heavy and awful.

This woman actually brought me to tears the other day because of her reaction of shear shock when seeing me.  I tried not to let it get to me but it hurt and in reality the sad thing is yes I am a lot bigger in a short period of time but I am by no means obese, I am not sure if you could even consider me "chubby" really. (I gained rapidly which was also disturbing, I literally would be in one size at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week I could no longer fit into what I wore earlier in the week.  It was scary and upsetting but I persisted I want health).

All I know is my weight isn't healthy at this point and I want the extra unneeded weight off and I want to be fit and slender.  This yes has some to do with I want to look good but the most important thing is I want my body to feel good, to have energy to reflect how I feel inside.  And I want my body to be strong and fit so I can do the things my heart craves.  And it can protect me if needed.  And what I mean by protect me is I want enough strength to run if I need to run to safety.  I want to be able to jump, climb, and have the strength in my character and my body to fight someone off if ever I am being attacked.  I want a healthy body that helps serve me in the life I want to live and not hold me back.

I know it will take time and I have to give it that.  But I am also afraid.  It is hard to have faith when you are in a  position you don't want to be in and you have fear that maybe your case is different and the weight wont come off for you. Maybe your body can't heal.  There are doubts and fears that sometimes feel like they are going to take over.  I just keep pushing through and refuse to cut calories and damage my body.

I am afraid of how far the weight gain will go to be honest because the gain for me started happening just a few short months ago.  I gained hard and fast.  I stopped weighing myself because I realized seeing numbers was causing me more stress then good so I didn't want to end up doing stupid so I stopped stepping on the scale.  I don't know how much I gained but I know this is by no means where I want to be.

Yes I hate the way I look but in reality if anyone a friend a family member a potential love interest doesn't value and appreciate me because I don't have a perfect body and I am not at a perfect weight and right now I look a mess then that person isn't the right person for me and isn't worth my time anyway. 

So I guess life has a way of showing you who truly cares for you and who wants to bring you down in life.  And in a way I guess I have to look at this time as both a life lesson and reminder of how I should never do that kind of damage to my body again and also as sort of a benefit in that it will help me evaluate who really is and is not a positive influence in my life. 

So sorry about this long post but I want to thank the two of you.  Even posing questions sometimes helps another person because it inspires beautiful insights and information that so many can benefit from.  Thank you again and I wish you well.

You said a lot! and it sounds like you got your head screwed on straight to me. I one day woke up and felt this fat no longer belonged to me and i wanted it off and BAD. I wanted it off for all the reasons you mentioned and then some. To me it all the sudden felt like i was carrying around lbs of sticky gew that where no longer mine to carry.

Health and weight loss go so hand and hand. If your healthy you probably wont have the weight. If you have the weight your health isnt what it could be etc.. That being said your mind and your stomach also go very hand and hand. Not just I'm hungry i wanna eat or control urge to cheat etc.. constantly those 2 parts of your body are working hard to keep you fed and can fatten you too if your not careful. But science tells us theres even more going on there then just that what goes in can affect the mind and make matters worse or better.

I had to focus on the here and now each day get up make the right choices all over again. If i didnt want to exercise chances are that was a day that i needed to exercise more then any other day and i'd force myself to go do it.

I always say if you wanna loose weight you gotta work 3-5times as hard as you think you need too. Its so terribly hard for people too loose weight. I know some are blessed with great metablisms or adversions to unhealthy foods some people are not emotional eaters etc.. but some of us gotta work plain and simple its just how it is.

For me I try and simplify it. If someone told you to eat fruits and veggies and go for a 30 min walk each day and you will be slim and trim and dont worry about how fast or slow or this is so hard or i want cake etc.. dont let any of that get in your way. Just keep it simple focus on the diet and the 30 min walk day in an day out ill its a habit like going potty each day its just something you do. days will go by then weeks and months next you know you'll look back and look at how far you've come and go that wasnt so hard and you'll be happy and slim and healthy etc..

Hang in there tho. Just make the right choices is all.

Thanks for your insights jim and I love your insights about your own situation and your feeling of your weight just not being yours to carry anymore. Beautifully said.

I think however my situation is different.  I started off extremely underweight and ill.  I went from basically needing to tie a rope around my waste to keep my size 0 clothes from falling off of me because they were so big (but I refused to shop in the childrens section since I am a woman) to now finding this lifestyle to heal and repair my body and I find following this lifestyle is causing me to gain weight hard and fast.  Like I said to the point where I can go up one to two sizes within a week.  It is scary and uncomfortable but it is all in the process of healing.

But thank you for your words and your story.  Sorry if my story was unclear and ambiguous.

Fruit of LIfe, I can relate so much to your post.  Prior to starting this lifestyle back in March 2012, I had hit rock bottom with my health and was suffering severe anorexia symptoms.  My BMI at the time was 16 and I got there by "fasting", eating as little as possible (raw foods mostly), exercising, and taking appetite supressants.  That year I had been in and out of the hospital for digestive and hormonal issues (no periods).  Prior to that I had taken laxatives, binged and purged, exercised excessively, taken fat burners, birth control, prescription drugs, sugar free drink, coffee, and I ate a very selective diet (low carb and low cals of course).  In total, that behavior went on for 4 years.  Before that all happened, I was in and out of the doctor with gastrointestinal pain, depression, and hormonal issues that could not be determined while following the SAD diet.  I was never overweight, but I was also never healthy.  I've taken so many OTC and prescription drugs and have had a number of vaccines and shots.  When I came to this diet I gained 55lbs (120-175, 5'11") in a matter of 2 months or so, but during that time I started to feel better.  My digestive issue that plagued me for years cleared up in about a month.  The rest of my health problems took much longer, and my weight didn't start to budge until after being on this lifestyle for over a year.  Now it has been 16 months and I feel so much like myself again-I'm able to consistently exercise, sleep, have normal menstrual cycles, eat without pain, clearer skin, etc.  I'm still not where I'd like to be with my weight, but I'm finally happy with where I'm at.  It takes A LOT of time to heal from the damage we've been doing to ourselves our entire lives.  I'm about 16 months in now, and I honestly can't believe how much progress I've made in that short of time.  Keep moving forward, you are making such beautiful progress.  The hardest thing for me has been peoples comments, especially from my partner, but it just forces you to really develop a relationship with yourself that has most likely been missing the whole time- I know it has for me and its something I'm still working on to this day.  The worst thing you can do is judge yourself because in reality you are doing the best thing you have ever done for yourself by following this lifestyle.  Just think where we will be 5 years from now!! (hopefully at the fruit festival) xoxox V



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