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Hi everyone, 

I think i remember durianrider mention in one of his older videos that calorie restriction stuffs up your thyroid/ people who under eat consistently are more prone to having an under active thyroid.

Does anyone have any information on this? or any articles from any or the vegan doctors? 

The reason i am asking is that my mum (who is plant based vegan) is complaining about weight gain.  I have told her so many times that her weight gain is due to metabolic damage however she doesn't seem to listen to me.  She has started to cut out carbs from her diet again (even though she has read the starch solution) and she under eats every single day.  i would guess she does not even reach 2,000 cals a day, as in a typical day she will eat breakfast:800g banana with about 3-4 cups rolled oats; lunch: small tomato and cucumber salad; dinner; mixed vegetables and beans, she has cut out carbs completely from dinner claiming that it constipates her. She also exercises a min of 1 hr everyday.

Anyway, now she has said that a while back (prior to being vegan) the doctor said she had an under active thyroid and she now thinks this is under active thyroid problem is the cause of her weight gain.  I am hoping to find articles that state under eating causes thyroid problems so that she will stop calorie restricting.

Sorry for the ramble and thanks for your help!

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While I'm not familiar with thyroid problems, at least enough to actually give advise that isn't guesses, I know oats seem to make me gain weight, as in they're worth literally 3-4x their caloric value in relation to potatoes, bananas, oranges, etc (lower-fat). I'm not sure why, but that hasn't changed, so much so I've considered eating oatmeal for dinner just to keep the weight on.
Outside of thyroid, which I can't really help with, I'd just say make sure she isn't adding fake-garbage or oil into her salad or vegetables, and try to replace oatmeal with more fruit. Other than that, space out the calories more at least, if not increase them, that's well over 1000 for breakfast, then the rest of the day she virtually fasts, unless she's eating pounds of her lunch/dinner meals.

Due to oatmeal, on that low of a calorie diet, her fat is likely a bit high already, and her protein is likely high because of it plus the beans. Both of those being high seem to cause weight gain or weight management easier in my experience, although they both also make me feel worse, and thus I generally avoid them even though I want to gain weight to some degree.

Ideally I'd try to get her to go bananas, buy one or two cases, and eat as many as she can. My mother is on board with doing it soon enough, once we can go buy more cases from whole-foods in Houston (our town has terrible tasteless bananas) as we only have one case left.
I'm pretty sure (for most) no matter how motivated you are to eat exclusively bananas you won't gain weight, even if you're stuffing yourself till you have to nap before moving again.

Well, two things:
1/ soya can accelerate autoinmune thyroiditis.
2/ a diet poor in iodine can cause hypothyroidism, ( just not the autoinmune variety)
3/ calorie restriction causes " sick euthyroid syndrome", in which your thyroid hormones are completely messed up, producing less TSH and low to normal t4 that can not effectively convert into the more active form t3
4/ if you are on levothyroxine for a thyroid issue, tons of foods ( plant foods and others) interfere with the absorption of this hormone in your gut, so better have the drug last thing at night on an empty stomach.
5/ some cruciferous veg " zap" iodine.
6/ women are ten times more likely to get autoinmune thyroiditis ( Hashimoto's) than men and also much higher chance of getting Grave's disease( causing over and under active gland)

So your mu should have things checked for all the above reasons.

Veganism per se, or raw vegan per se, or Rt4 per se are not a cause of hypothyroidism, although I'd take a huge pinch of salt on those " going raw cured my autoinmune whatever" posts, simply because a lot of those " autoinmune" issues people talk about are actually not autoinmune. Veganism is however safe and the best diet ever for cardiovascular health.

All the best to your mum, sweet to see you care so much for her and as the daughter of a radical carnivore I envy you!
( forgot to say,I'm an " internal" medicine doc and sufferer of Hashimoto's, so a bit of an expert!)
Thanks for your help/advice. I will try to pass it on to her and hopefully she listens!
Good luck with your mum as well :)
Thanks for the info Marie76, very informative. I will pass it on to her and hopefully she takes it on board. Yes i am very grateful to have a mum who is also vegan :)



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