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Unbearable Hayfever despite staying 100 % LFRV! Please help....

Hi everyone,

where can I begin? This whole week I lost my voice and in the beginning had also a sore throat (hurt to swallow even though I drank sooo much water and ate like I usually do, except I would've loved to have eaten ore greens!), sniffles, sinus-infection (coughing, throat clearing, and occasionally coughing up phlegm).

I handled those problems with drops of eucalyptus- and pinetree-oils, which helped the sore throat tremendously, but has opened up my sinuses significantly, and I have been blowing my nose

I just donated blood for the first time and am undescribably happy with how "super" the doctor said my levels are and that I'm appropriate to donate blood (even if only for full blood and not plasma / better than nothing!). I also managed to hide my sniffles. But now I realise I definitely have just hayfever now, although every now and then my voice becomes scratchy, but usually goes away with water drinking. My ears are stuffed too, but my main problem is hayfever. I'm always having to blow my nose and rub my eyes.

I've also had constipation too, despite how much I eat and drink!

I still use shampoo, conditioner, face cream, and deoderant (all vegan), but I want to soon free myself from them. I almost did that for this summer holiday, which I'm still on, but was a dumb coward and ended up postponing it due to my loving yet SAD best friend. I talked with her about how great lots of people are doing poo-free, but she was grossed out at the idea and spoke only negatively about that.

^^I mention that because I read an old thread that say parfums can cause hayfever.

Regardless, I am 100 % 811-lfrv for 2 months (officially tomorrow) with no slip-ups or bad cravings whatsoever, drinking often 3-4 liters of water, eating over 3500 calories daily, no overts, no oils, no salt, or anything nasty like that. Only mono-meals of fruits and greens.

Do you know of any good vegan remedies against hayfever??? I would take something that I could use externally, but when orally ONLY when it neither messes up 811 nor goes against 811.

I am grateflu for any help!

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey Athena!

Sorry you've been feeling unwell - hopefully I can help :)

Firstly, I would definitely reccomend that you go ahead with cutting out any products, shampoo, creams etc. that you are usuing. I did so a couple of weeks after going raw and it made such a differemce to my health.

Secondly, often people have the sypmtoms of hayfever at this time of year because there is a lot of crop spraying going on. Have you been in an area where conventional crops are growing at all? This can even happen if you live in a town and the sprays blow in on the wind.

Thirdly, try having lots of greens and citrus to relieve your symptoms - citrus works as a natural antihistamine and can also help rid the body of toxins. I did a recipe last week for a salad dressing with orange of herbs and I find this recipe great for perking me up again if I've had to go somewhere with lots of pollution, or pollen, or anything like that. So you could always give that a try :)

Sounds like you're doing great with the diet in general though - congratulations on 2 months!!! :)

Hope this helps, and I really hope you feel better soon :)

Esperanza xxx

Thank you for your detailed tips Esperanza.

On the cosmetic products, what sort of problems were you experiencing before you weaned yourself from the products, if you don't mind me asking?

I think I'm not far from an area where conventional crops are grown. I also must add that I don't eat organic because that's not financially possible for me. I do do my best though and I feel (other than my current hayfever) very healthy.

With the exception of tangerines, I become skin problems (sore around the lips) with citrus fruits, but I want to try to reintroduce them to my diet a bit later, as that seems to be what some people here do.

I would normally not drink juices, but in this case would orange juice be okay? If so what else would I need to make sure of (other than it's pure orange juice and nothing else)? I ask because I have seen orange juice on Freelee's meal plan a couple of times.

I don't want to hurt your feelings or seem in any way condescending towards your other tip. But I'm a mono-eater and don't make recipes. That's because it works best for me, but I hope I don't hurt your feelings because I'm happy when it helps you and that you appear to have fun doing it. :)

Thank you for your kind words and your congratulations on my lifestyle. :)

I'm so lucky that there are people like you in the world. :)


Well when I used to use shampoo for example, after washing my hair I would be really short of breath, my eyes would go all itchy and stingy, and I often got rashes on my body. Then throughout the day I would still feel short of breath and tired. As soon as I stopped using shampoo these symptoms went away!

It's possible that not eating organic is affecting you. So I would reccomend that you peel any fruits that you can, like apples, pears etc. as that makes a big difference. And if you could buy greens organic that would probably help too - I understand though that you have to compromise sometimes with this diet.

if citrus makes your mouth sore then definitely stay off it for now - mangoes are also high in vitamin c and can work similarly to oranges, so maybe try having these instead.

I don't personally drink any juices as I think it's better to keep all the goodness of the fruit in there - so when I have oranges I make them as a smoothie, just blending them up like other fruits. They taste great this way :)

Of course you haven't hurt my feeling Athena! What's great about this forum is that we can all help each other, but also do what works best for us personally. I also find monomeals to be the best form of eating and most of my meals are mono. But as I'm on a tight budget sometimes making recipes is necessary if I don't have enough of each ingredient to mono on - and it's fun to have a change sometimes too, as long as it's well-combined and everything! So no feelings hurt :)

Take care, Esperanza xxx

Hi Athena,

give "black cumin capsules" a try and they worked for me very well. 

good luck

Hi Nor.S.

Thank you for your tip as well.

Where do you buy/order them? How muh do they cost?

I live here in germany, so i bought them there. Just google it and you will find a shop which sells it. There are not expensive. I paid for a month dose(90 capsules) about 15$.

P.s.: My hayfever is total gone.

Hey, I'm also a German AND live in Germany. :-p I'll send you a PM.

Athena thank you so much for posting this up. I too have terrible hayfever despite eating 80%hcrv. I am transitioning (back) to 100%HCRV and am on the lookout for info like this. I'll give the oranges a go, and I'll have a look for black cumin capsules.. I hope I can get them here in the UK. x

hey did you guys manage to cure your hayfever on this lifestyle? I have oral allergy and basically have to avoid...every fruit/veggie out there....lost for hope



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