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Well everystory has to have a begining. I got my cholesterol test results back today and they were not good. I have been on a vegetarian diet leaning towards vegan for about a year and I don't know why it is high!

Today my cholesterol is 227! Can someone please help me understand what is going on and how long it will take to come down on this die?

I really thought it would have been somwhere in the good range atleast.


30Bad Texas

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10 - 15 bananas is a good start! Keep in mind this is only 1000-1500 cals per day tho, so I hope you're not eating just that!
I saw that you are having trouble getting your veggies in. I had trouble with this too, until I started making raw soups & cucumber pastas!
I have some recipes that I really enjoy on my blog: http://thegaychickwiththeblog.blogspot.com/
One thing I do is blend greens into everything - green soups, green smoothies....even green salad and pasta dressings! I blend greens with water as the base of my salad & Pasta dressings, then add the other ingredients to flavor the dressing. It's an awesome way to eat lotsa greens!
I saw that you don't have a vitamix. While a normal blender isn't going to be quite as awesome or efficient, a normal blender still works - up until this Christmas, I didn't have a vitamix either...and I've been raw for over 2yrs now! :p

Peace, & good luck (:

Eat foods with cholesterol = cholesterol goes up. Eat foods without cholesterol = cholesterol goes down. Skip the animal products and you will be good.

eat the fruit

not the animals or its milk or eggs     its simple

follow the pk's say here and your own a speedy path to unsurpassable health *and fun*

go for it man !


thank you I do need to exercise

Well, no, you don't have to exersize. It's your life, your decisions.

Is your question, do you need to exercise to lower your cholesterol? No, not necessarily. You just need to eat foods that don't contain cholesterol - ie, no animal products.
(I have a friend who did a blogpost about the science behind a LFRV lifestyle/diet. In this post she discusses cholesterol, it might be interesting to you: http://therawbuzz.com/science/science-behind-a-low-fat-raw-vegan-diet/ )

Or, is your question - do you need to exersize for optimal health? To feel physically better than you did when you were a kid? To grow old without any of the common diseases and ailments everybody else experiences? The answer to THAT would be yes.


It's important to note that you ought not to throw around the term "vegetarian" like that. It's an identity, not a diet. A vegetarian does not consume flesh, period. You've not been on anything like a vegetarian-suitable diet, let alone vegan. 

A vegetarian leaning toward veganism would be someone who eats a plant based diet, but still with the occasional ready-meal that includes whey powder as the last ingredient, or someone whose eats plant based but will still eat a vegetarian option when they go out, and things like that.

I understand that non-vegans (and health-vegans) wouldn't know/be interested in this, however it's important because the cheapening of the word is used to belittle our cause and create confusion over what veg*nism is  about.

i have learned that getting up early in the morning is key because i want to hit my 3300 calorie target by 6:30pm and when i am up early it is so easy to do.

additionally it encourages early nights for amazing hormone balancing wonderful sleep this whole game is a lifestyle choices .by making the choice of   early rise =early sleep =amazing feeling of heath        get the sleep man to rebuild your whole system


Welcome 30 BaD Texas,

How long it will take to bring your cholesterol down depends a lot on your individual health, diet, and or circumstances.  If you have weight to lose and or have cholesterol deposits that are being cleaned up from your cardiovascular system, you may still have false positive highs for a while even if completely raw vegan.  

For most people to get cholesterol within normal limits means completely cutting out the animal and dairy products.  

However, even some cooked vegans who focus a lot on grains could still have high cholesterol.  Cholesterol plays many roles in the body with one of them acting as a bouncer for badly behaving particles in our bloodstream.  In some individuals sensitive to grains and gluten, they may still have high cholesterol as the body copes with removing those harmful particles and proteins.  

I highly recommend you go raw vegan now and if you are not able to go completely raw yet, then you can google the Dr. McDougal diet plan on the internet.  However, there are still many improvements that can be made on the McDougal diet, and I highly highly highly recommend that you give our monkey diet a try.  

Banana Peel or Nutshell

Eat a monkey diet where most of your carbs and calories are coming from whole ripe fruits supplemented with about ½-2 pounds of lettuce greens a day and a handful of nuts.  Eat enough with about 2500 calories for females and at least 3000 calories for males, more if you exercise, work, care for a family, breastfeed, study, or run errands.  Drink 2-4 quarts of water a day and pee clear, sleep 8-12 hours a night as you need, and exercise about 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week with one day off for rest and repairs. 

For more science behind how to this diet optimally for long term success:

Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! - 30 Bananas a Day!

Good luck and Peace, PK

you've come to the right place man. there's great advice and support here. we all just want to see each other being healthy and happy! smile because things only get better from here.

judging from your comments i think you need to be much more honest with yourself about what a healthy diet entails and honest with yourself about what you need to do in order to reach your health goals. do you really think that consuming foods that contain cholesterol is going to allow your body to lower its cholesterol levels?

take PK's advice and you'll be on your way.

This is the truth about cholesterol....try to go vegan and STAY vegan for at least 6 months, your cholesterol levels should improve. If it doesn't, or you don't bring it down to optimal levels, that would be an indication that your body have an overproduction of cholesterol. If that would be your case statins, which are not ideal, should be administered. REMEMBER...cholesterol is essential but NOT in elevated quantities. 

Another thing is that total cholesterol is just a number but in order to have a better understanding of your overall health as far as cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, and LDL should be included and taken in consideration.


This talk is one of the very best from the cattle rancher who won't eat meat, he covers dairy too:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68WSPU7w7EE&feature=player_embed...



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