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Well everystory has to have a begining. I got my cholesterol test results back today and they were not good. I have been on a vegetarian diet leaning towards vegan for about a year and I don't know why it is high!

Today my cholesterol is 227! Can someone please help me understand what is going on and how long it will take to come down on this die?

I really thought it would have been somwhere in the good range atleast.


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During Jan I would eat maybe 1 meal per week with meat. I would go a whole week without eating any meat. I am a noob looking for a healthy diet to replace my American Standard Diet. I am challenging myself to stay vegan during Feb.

thats a lot 1 meal of meat per week. 

go vegan!!! you will have NOO cholestrol. My dad went vegan and his cholesterol is great :D

It's difficult to tell because we don't know what you eat?

If you eat a... Low Fat, Whole food, mostly Raw, Vegan diet I'm sure your Cholesterol will start to look better.

Honestly, most people know it they are really eating healthy or just fooling themselves... If you are eating Dairy and Eggs "vegetarian diet leaning towards vegan" then you are not eating healthy.

Read: Reversing Heart Disease by Dean Ornish.


Vegetarian is meat once a day and but no eggs. I eat so much less meat than what I used to I thought it would come down some. I just ordered 80 10 10 maybe Reversing Heart Disease will be my next book.  Maybe I do need a little reality dose because I THOUGHT I was eating better.



It is commendable that you are improving your eating habits, Chris.  I know how challenging it can be to overcome years of dietary programming to something better.

Here's that reality dose you ordered :)



I've also found it helpful to cultivate an ethical mindset toward animals beyond my own health benefits.  The best source I've found is this free movie found at www.earthlings.com.


I'd love to hear your feedback after viewing these two vids.  That cholesterol number is a red flag for your cardiovascular system, and should be addressed post-haste.  If genuine healing is your goal, Chris, we're happy to work with you to make it happen.




Thanks Windlord

My eyes were opened by Forks Over Knives, so I started cutting down on meat to once a week and only one meal that day. During Janruary I would go a week no meat.  I watched the video from the homepage about 80 10 10 (my book is in the mail) and I think my biggest hurdle is eating 1 lb of leafy vegetables per day. That is alot and I do not own a Vita Mix. I have a regular blender. I have been challenging myself to be total vegan in Febuary. So far I am a fruititarian. I have eaten a raw yam and the next night I ate 1 lb of carrots. I am grasping for stars until I get my book.

Glad to see you are here, taking the first steps towards better health.  Many people become Vegan first for health reasons and over time stay Vegan for Ethical reasons.
The reality is 80/10/10 - HCRV is a Lifestyle not just a diet, it’s also not an easy thing to jump into.
It can be overwhelming at first, but do what you need to do to make it work for you… everybody is different.
Good luck!

Those are positive steps.  The book should be most illuminating for you.

Also, take your time and progress through these various links, which will have answers to questions you haven't even though of yet.


A good baseline for calorie consumption is 10grams of carbs per kilogram of bodyweight.  This is regardless of current activity level.  Many times you'll find that fueling your body amply and well will lead to greater desire for movement, and will also make sub-optimal food choices less appealing.

I'd recommend laying off the raw yams and carrots for the time being.  They can serve as an occasional treat, but you'll find better results with easier-to-digest juicy fruits.  The exception would be if you're unable to consume enough cals on the fruit, in which case, it's far better to get in the carbs even if cooked.  Yams are a fine choice for this goal.

Regarding greens, one pound is a worthy goal.  You're correct that a high-power blender is handy, but I've made plenty of green smoothies in a less-expensive model.  Not silky smooth by any means, but still better than chewing.  My fave mix-in fruit is grapes and with perhaps some extra water for easy blending, you'll be fine with such a machine until the time is right for a VMix.

Keep up the good work, Chris :)

Hi Iron Clad

I'm in Dallas. I am a noob. I came to this site to get support for weight loss and improved health. So I guess once I get my 80 10 10 book I can expand my diet and questions. I am eating about 10 to 15 bananas a day and trying to squeeze in a vegetable but I don't know how much. I do not burn 3k calories a day so I cut back from 30 a day. What does your dinner look like?

There is no limit on vegetables. Just eat the veggies you like. Leafy green vegetables are particularly nutritious.



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