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Hi all. First off I want to thank everyone in this community for being so helpful and informative. I'll try to be as detailed and concise as needed

After a couple weeks of on and off transitioning, I started a committed HCRV lifestyle around five weeks weeks ago. The first two weeks or so were really great--I made a few errors but overall had great energy and strength. Fast forward, and I've felt weak and dizzy for the past 3 weeks. At first I thought the cause was not enough sleep and the stress of my job, but since being on vacation this past week which I've done nothing but rest, sleep, and eat with mild exercise (biking back and forth to grocery store with my trailer) my fatigue seems to have only become worse.

One huge detail is I had mostly diarrhea since the nascent of this diet, which lasted about 4 weeks or so. I hoped this would pass as and it was my body adjusting. I only now am seeing that change, but I still get diarrhea once every couple days.

These past few days I have been eating organic boiled potatoes (with a little dill) for a meal to see if it changes my fatigue--which it doesn't, but gives me some comfort.

I've been eating mostly organic bananas, watermelon, organic dates, organic romaine, and cantaloupe. Less frequent things include organic oranges, papaya, organic spinach, organic celery, organic tomatoes, honeydew. I always eat monomeals unless it comes to mixing bananas and dates. I drink about 4 liters of distilled water per day, with my first being when I wake up. I always aim for at least 3000 calories on cronometer, but since learning my watermelons are probably lower in calories than I first believed, I've probably only averaged around 2800 or so.

This morning, after about 10 or 11 hours of sleep, I had 4lbs of oranges for breakfast, then I had about 10 large bananas, then a bunch of spinach. In the afternoon I had 10 more large bananas and 15 dates. I just finished eating a bunch of celery. I kind of forced myself to eat throughout the day and my dizziness seems to be getting worse. As I write this I feel pretty nauseous. 

One strange detail is I've recently developed some warts on the spaces between my fingers. This probably means nothing, I dunno. I did once reluctantly eat some moldy bananas (the mold was recessed black spots) and I'm wondering if it is related.

I know it could be detox, being undercarbed, or too much stress, and that probably none of you know exactly what's going on--but I just had to reach out, because I want to stick to 80/10/10 and I know it's not the food's fault. The worst part is knowing I have to go back to work, which might kill me if I can't find my strength by then (monday). At this moment I definitely feel sick, almost like I may puke. I might get my blood tested. I'm also going to start meditating for the first time in my life.

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Did you increase your Distilled water intake?

First off...  Don't drink 4 liters of distilled water a day. Don't even drink it unless you have no other options. Only drink it if you have no other healthy water source. Distilled water is very aggressive and is stripped of all buffers and minerals. Because it's stripped of all minerals it leaches minerals out of your body very aggressively.

It known for it's aggressive and damaging effects to piping. It erodes the metals in the pipe! Boiling vegetables in distilled water removes most of the calcium and magnesium leaving you with mineral stripped food. Distilled water is a risk for hypertension, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, goiter,  jaundice, anemia, fractures and growth disorders. (Mudryi 1999)

Water filters are fine. Reverse osmosis, while not as stripped as distilled water it also has about 90% of the minerals removed in the process and is also unhealthy for long term consumption.

World Health Organization

Well, it's not the World Health Organization, and there's an obvious reason for this website to have a pro-distilled bias, but for what it's worth, here's a counter-argument to the WHO article (which used the word "possible" or possibly" 16 times and the word "may" or "might" 32 times . . . )


Are you being facetious? The link I gave was the WHO and had about 60 cited references that you can verify as accurate data. Your counter argument is a biased website "selling" very expensive distilled water systems.

The EPA also has links to health issues with drinking Distilled water long term. We've been drinking non distilled water for as long as man has existed. If you want to risk your health on distilled have fun at it.

BTW I also have Nuclear Safety and Health Physics background and worked at San Onofre. The San Onofre Reactors are down because of 20 times the expected erosion rates in 100's of water pipes pumping distilled water :)


domain:       WHO.INT

organisation: World Health Organization (WHO)
address:      20, Avenue Appia
address:      Geneva 27
address:      Geneva Geneva CH-1211
address:      Switzerland



Sounds good but once the water hits the ground, rivers and lakes again the dissolved solids and minerals are added back in it naturally. Lakes with high inflow and outflow average about 100-200 p.p.m but once the outflow is restricted the levels can reach over 300 p.p.m. Over 300 p.p.m. and the water is considered (saline). Triple that and it will taste saline.

Even clouds have suspended impurities such as tiny dust particles.  When the water molecules can begin to crystallize. They arranging themselves around the dust particles in a hexagonal lattice structure known as Ice. Without those impurities snow flakes would not form and we would not have snow. Same with water. You can take Distilled water and make supercooled water that won't freeze if you do it correctly. I've brought distilled water down to -40C before freezing using triple stacked peltier junctions.

You can die if you put a bottle of distilled water in the freezer and drink it quickly. The water won't freeze even at blow zero but when you drink it will instantly solidify in your throat as a giant constricting ice cube suffocating you.

You can also Superheat distilled water where it won't boil but will explode when an impurity touches it. 



I know people think Distilled water is harmless but it's not. It has some very bizarre properties that we're just now starting to grasp.




Rahmmanin et al, 1989. Study conducted on rats. Conclusions: distilled water caused decreased secretion of tri-iodothyronine and aldosterone, increased secretion of cortisol, morphological changes in the kidneys (including a more pronounced atrophy of glomeruli), swollen vascular endothelium limiting the blood flow and reduced skeletal ossification in fetuses.

Studies conducted on human volunteers by the WHO, 1980. Conclusions: low mineral water consumption increased diuresis (almost by 20%, on average), body water volume and serum sodium concentrations, decreased serum potassium concentration, increased sodium elimination.

Robbins and Sly, 1981. Study conducted in patients who received balanced intravenous nutrition diluted with distilled water. Conclusion: The intake of low mineral water is presumed to be responsible for an increased elimination of minerals from the body.

Study conducted by Basnyat et al, 2000. Conclusion: Ingestion of several liters of low-mineral water following intense physical efforts may cause severe acute damage, such as hyponatremic shock or delirium.

Epidemiological studies by Sauvant and Pepin 2002; Donato et al. 2003; Monarca et al. 2003; Nardi et al. 2003. Conclusion: Soft water and water low in magnesium is associated with increased morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease.

Study conducted by Verd Vallespir et al.1992. Conclusion: Intake of water low in calcium is associated with higher risk of fracture in children.

Jacqmin et al.1994. Conclusion: Intake of water low in calcium is associated with certain neurodegenerative diseases.

Yang et al. 1997, 1998, 2002. Conclusion: Intake of water low in calcium is associated with pre-term birth, low weight at birth and some types of cancer.

Thanks, Reed - really informative.  I've never drunk distilled water and have been trying to get info about the best sort of water to use. 

Is it true that mineral waters such as Evian (supposedly the best of all of them) contain too many inorganic minerals that may also harm you?

Seanfm - sorry, seemed to have hijacked your post a little.  I had similar experience to you when I first went 811 (and that was after years of a pure raw vegan diet).  It passed but comes back a little now and again. 

Thanks.  I do get my minerals from plants but I'd like to know the best sort of water I should be drinking as well as this.

I hate using water from plastic bottles but often don't have much choice - was just wondering if mineral waters like Evian can cause harm.  I have a vague memory from the 80s of a report about a man who had a large stone-like mineral deposit on his spine that doctors believed was caused by the high amount of mineral water he was drinking.

What if your tap water contains the following:

chlorine, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, Silicon, Fluoride (Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid – H2SiF6)...

and you dont want to ingest xeno-oestrogens from (plastic) bottled water...

what do you suggest?

I've used one of these bad boys for years and love it.  It removes chlorine, pesticides, industrial chemical, metals, and pharmaceutical drugs.  Most importantly it's relatively cheap. 

Water from a natural spring is the best but it's not really practical for most people. 

Thanks everyone for the discussion. I did switch to distilled water at some point and that would be around when I started feeling light headed. I've heard lots of arguments over it, but I'm going to go back to spring water. 

Anyway last night I ended up puking my guts out. I woke up to vomit about 5 times or so. The first time I let everything out--it was mostly orange pulp and spinach, and it was EXTREMELY acidic. It was burning my mouth and nasal passages. The rest I was dry heaving. I still feel weak, I'm gonna stop drinking distilled water and see if I can balance myself out again. 

I've been trying to figure out the best water to drink too.  I do know that you shouldn't drink distilled water to replace fluids that you've lost from sweating -- distilled water is hypotonic.



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