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Has anyone experienced horrible adverse affects from eating at a typical high-fat raw restaurant after eating a LFRV diet for over a year.  I went to a raw buffet a few months back for a friends birthday.  I paid for it afterwards. For two days I felt horrible.  I will not be doing that again.

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I haven't eaten at one since starting 811 (there isn't one near me, thankfully). But I'm not into going to restaurants now anyway. When I do go, I just order salad, bring fruit and dressing, and eat b4 I go when possible. I guess I would do the same at a high-fat one too.
Hi Lucas, well I will tell you that after being Raw Vegan for the past 8 months, (and 811 for only one week) I have to be very selective regarding what I can eat at the raw restaurants. Fats are the biggest item of woe for me. My gut has settled down incredibly within this past week of LFRV eating. Sadly, I cannot eat at my favorite raw restaurant very much any longer. My Raw mentors are always mentioning this phenomenon, but I was shocked to see what they eat when they go out to a raw restaurant! They start off with a huge cacao smoothie... eat a couple courses of high fat foods...then eat a cacao dessert. Then complain about the experience;> I am beyond that. My gut tells me very quickly what it doesn't want, and this is a good thing. Your discomfort, as you know... is your body telling you to push the tiller in the opposite direction;)

This is a great topic, because personally, since being 811, my favorite raw food restaurant meals are forbiden:0

You hit on it perfectly Mark. I used to feel the discomfort mildly when my raw diet included more fat, that is why I switched. I know to stay away from those foods now.
HAH ! I spent a lot of $money$ this summer to learn how to prepare foods that I can no longer eat!!!!

I was drinking a quart of almond milk per day and wondering why my gut was bucking like a wild stallion. Too much fat = GAS ! Gas = toxicity.

I had no idea that there would be such stratifications in the raw vegan nutritional world. I am SO GLAD that I went 811 before doing a *raw chef* internship :0
Your better off to eat low fat vegan cooked food.
I can't even go to raw pot lucks. The food makes me horribly sick. Not only is it high fat, but it is bad food combining.

Has anybody attended a 'luck and elected to maintain 811 standards (even if you had to bring it yourself)? Were the atmosphere/attendees cool enough to make it fun, or did people attempt to dissect you?
i go to every potluck i can cos people want to find out how to freak'n thrive on a raw lifestyle like all the non raw authors advertise in their raw books. thats where you meet the fringe group. thats where you can help people help themselves from hitting the wall on a carb deficient, high fat diet guaranteed to send you back to the stodge foods your trying to get away from cos you know they are limiting your potential..

people always will try and dissect us. why? cos we got the glow! we are in the flow and in the know!
i often even carry around a copy of my latest blood tests to prove a point! :)

you can bet at david wolfes talk i will be passing around my blood tests to show how textbook raw vegan blood can be if you do it right and drop the anorexia, drugs, guilt and excess fat etc.
Funny, it is crazy how peoples bodies adjust. Some people eat 5000+mg a day of salt and love it. You definetly become more sensitive as your body purifies.
i went to a raw potluck a couple of months ago and took a huge basket of freshly picked figs, and another one of fresh pears. i was asked if i was "new to the raw scene" and if i wanted to borrow any recipe books so i could get a bit more creative. there was some interesting dialogue, however, and people seemed more respectful after. kind of hilarious. but yes, if i go to a raw potluck i take something lowfat or fat free and stick with that.
This wild !!!

811 gives me another huge reason to avoid pot lucks... kinda like an alcoholic looking for something to drink at the bar;> I don't like putting myself into situations, whereby I am watching the gluttony in others while I am eating leaves of green. I am way too sensitive about this and would want to dive into the flax crackers and seed-cheeses!!!
Exactly, seaweed! I took a bag of clemintines and people were like 'whatever' and bypassed them for the high-fat combo-abombos. Whatever! More for me. But it was all about fatty, salty recipes so I didn't go back.



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