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Where are you at on the HCRV path?  Please share your story honestly.  I want people to know that not everyone here is "perfect" all of the time.  Sometimes it feels like all of this is so easy for so many...why can't I get this down?  If we are all more open and honest I think it will help a lot of us pick ourselves up and try, try, try again.

No matter if you are long-term or short-term, 100% or not.  Scared, discouraged, or stoked and have it in the bag...please share.

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you.


I am 32 years old, married to a meat-eater and have a vegan 3.5 year old daughter.  I have been vegetarian for 15 years, vegan for 10, and transitioning to raw for 2.  I am seeing a pattern of self-sabotage in myself.  I learn from my "cooked food binges" every time.  They are getting fewer and fewer.  It's hard to understand why I would do this.  Why would I eat something that is so bad for me and that will make me feel gross?  It can't be just because it tastes good?  I'm an emotional eater (eat heavy foods to numb emotions).  While I want my body to be clean I am also scared of the no turning back of it all.  I was HCRV (solid) for three months then fell of the fruit-wagon last week???  I know all of the reasons this could happen, undercarbed, etc. but for me it's honestly emotional and I'm dealing with all of that.  When we don't have  heavy foods to dull our emotions we must deal with them.  This is a powerful thought but also overwhelming at times.  Life's highs are higher and lows are lower.  We feel everything.  So if you'll all slow down that FRUIT-WAGON for me just a bit I'd like to jump back on with NO FEAR.


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Thanks for the link.

Moab is amazing.  I came here ten years ago to do some whitewater river guiding on the Colorado and kept coming back.  I'm now in Castle Valley which is about 30 min. up the canyon from town.  If you like the outdoors now is the time to come;  a lot of river companies in town need guides and it's all entry-level stuff...they'll train you.  The community is progressive, supportive, and active.  We have many organic farms (a lot of people buy shares) and almost everyone has their own little (sometimes big) gardens.  The famous "Green River Watermelon" comes from an hour away.  There's also matrimony spring for drinking water...it flows fast and is filtered through sandstone.  Let me know if you make it down this way and I'll show you around.  My husband is a guide (rivers and rock) and I'm an online student and mom.  During this time of year Jason is working a lot but Olive and I can be found floating down the river most days. 

Hi everyone! First off, I am so excited to see this discussion going, I loved reading everyone's stories. I grew up on the SAD. My mom would cook a "fresh meal" about every other day and the rest of the time it was all packaged food. Fish sticks, cereal, lunchables, cookies, etc.. When I was in high school (either 13 or 14 I  can't remember) I wanted to go vegetarian after seeing a YouTube video about factory farming. I was a vegetarian for a couple weeks, maybe even a month (it was so long ago I can't remember). Due to everything going on in the house, between my sister's food allergies and the multiple foster children coming in and out of our house, it was too difficult for me to continue and I started eating SAD again. Fast forward, I'm 18 and beginning my freshman year of college. I developed an eating disorder and that continued for 8-9 months. In August right after I turned 19 I had my 9 year old sister over at my apartment (I had moved out in January of that year). I was making her dinner and she looked at me and said "Cort, how come you never eat anything?". For me, that was my wake up call. That night I had my first solid food in months and while eating that first meal I decided that I was going to go back to being a vegetarian. It was something that had stayed in the back of my mind and since I was out of my parents house, it was finally something that I could do. My first week eating again I spent a lot of time researching different recipes and came across veganism. I had never heard of veganism in my life until that point. Overnight, I became vegan. I threw out everything I had that wasn't vegan, downloaded an app that lists all of ingredients that are not vegan, and never looked back. Later on I found out about raw food and flirted with it on and off, but I always went back to cooked vegan food. Usually the reason for going back would be feeling like I had a lack of variety or not having the money to pay for the fresh fruits and veggies. After being vegan for almost a year and a half, this past January I finally made the switch to being a raw food vegan. It was cold and snowy and I was chowing down the fats because fruit other than bananas was too expensive. About a month ago I remembered wanting to read Dr. Grahams book and found this website in the process. That motivated me to change and clean up my diet. I really enjoy eating this way and all of the benefits that I have gained with it. I struggle with getting in enough calories not from a mental perspective but because I just can't get my tummy to stretch out that far :P Sometimes it's difficult having a fiance who eats a SAD diet (everything is either junk food or from a restaurant) because I hate having that stuff around. I hate seeing money go to these companies that are destroying the consumers and the planet. I am so glad to have found this community and know that even though there might not be anyone geographically around me I know that there are others out there who are going through and doing the same things that I am.



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