30 Bananas a Day!

Trouble getting proper amount of fruit in...... Ps I hate bananas

Ok. So allow me to begin by sayin I'm really new at all of this. That said, I was doing well and suddenly fell off the wagon during my period and ate animal products... Needless to say I feel GROSS...but I digress

I absolutely hate bananas. I blend them in morning smoothies to try and get some down but I really dislike them. In addition to that, I have a hard time eating the volume Im Supposed to..... Is it just training my stomach to learn to take in that much??

Lastly, I have been getting very tired eating like this. When I did it previously for the purposes of detox only, I felt great! Is something wrong with me or what I'm doing??

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Oh...and I'm honestly not much of a smoothie fan... Juices yes, but smoothies feel weird texturally

Do you eat your bananas when they are very very spotty? If not I can understand why you dont like them.

Yeah I do. But after 3 bites I want to puke.

Banana hatr???  That's grounds for an instant ban(ana)!

No worries, Vickie ;)

You're not alone here:


Look for the many no-non strategies within.  

Ever tried ripe plantains?  Look similar, with almost twice as many cals as nans but with a very different flavor.

I love plantains! (I'm from Puerto Rico). Hard to find in Nashville. But it's a good idea to keep my eye out for! Thanks for that

Ah, plantain central there!  Been curious about mofongo ever since I learned about it.  Wonder how it could be adapted without the frying and inclusion of pig products that's common.  

Do you have any Asian or Hispanic stores in your area; they usually stock the fruit.  

you don't have to eat bananas all the time! eat them when or if you want them! I can go weeks without bananas and then there are times when I really want a banana then I would go and buy them! :) try other fruit like pears, peaches, melons, cherries, grapes etc! find out what fruits you like :) especially now in the summer -  perfect timing to get organic/locally grown ripe fruit!

what do you mean by " getting tired eating like this" ? you miss certain foods? or you don't know what raw vegan dishes to make?

I find myself craving animal food after a couple of days of fruit. I know it's probably that I'm not taking in enough fruit.

As to bananas, yes. I have tried waiting til they are reallllly spotty and sweet. More tolerable but still gross me put after 2-3 bites.

Take 3 large mangoes 5 times daily to get to 3000 calories, add more if you get any cravings or can't sleep or your energy starts to wane or you feel hungry.  After a week or more start adding tender leafy greens in as your digestion improves and your stomach stretches to accommodate more volume.

Use cronometer to track your intake for a few days every time you change things up.  For the most accurate results weight the edible portions of the food.

Ok so I know you said you don't like bananas, but you could try dipping your bananas in coconut sugar.. I really love that, because the bananas here aren't very sweet, so I'm not too found of eating them on their own. :p 

Anyway, if you REALLY hate bananas, I'd suggest you could try dates? They are high in sugar and lower in water content, so it's easier to get enough calories in. Just make sure you drink enough water, so you won't get dehydrated. :p And for the volume part, you do get used to it. I came from anorexia, eating very little, and mostly LOW volume foods, so in the beginning I really struggled with the volume. Now I have no problem drinking a 2-liter smoothie in one sitting. :p 

Hmmmm ok I'll try eating more dates. Thanks for the tip on volume. I just have to be patient I know. Just getting flustered cuz I've been putting weighty on and I'm already chubby. I know my body has to heal from the hell I've put it through in the past but it's scary

I know the feeling, but it will get better! We'll just have to be patient. :) 



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