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I have this wonderful kid. I want him to live long and be well just like I'm doing.  

I am not afraid that the 811rv diet is wrong or unhealthy or that he won't get enough nourishment. 

He'll do anything with his diet that I ask him to do.  He trusts me.  But he is afraid that he will cheat and get sick.  He has been listening to a lot of videos that I have been playing from the Raw Food community.

I have been talking him up telling him that he'll become faster and stronger and he'll be able to think faster and more clearly.  It seems to be pumping him up.  I can tell there is still something missing.

How can I help him transition and calm his fears?

How many calories should a 13 year old boy eat?

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Thanks sarah.  I'll purchase lots of dates.  ;0)

Thanks for that Sarah! :)  Lovely site.  I love how they used the pun.

Thanks Saba.  You just gave me some really great advice.  :)

How wonderful that he is so keen for this lifestyle.  Teenagers need looooooooooots of calories - whenever my sons friends stay over Banana Icecream with Caramel Topping is always a hit for breakfast & dinner!!!  It gets devoured pretty quickly!!!  (I freeze up 1kg bags of peeled broken up bananas and throw them in the food processor with 1/4 cup of water and for the topping I blend 10 to 15 medjool dates with 1 cup of water) That's a 1200+ calorie meal there!!!  Datorade is popular too and there are so many different versions to try.  As for salads - my boys have always preferred to eat their vegies and greens separately - they have never enjoyed it all mixed together.  So I put everything on a plate (cucumber, carrot, capsicum, a bunch of mint, tomatoes, celery, a ton of fruit etc) and they eat each thing individually.  That is so sweet that he is worried about cheating - the only time you are tempted to cheat is when you are reeeeeaaally hungry.  Fill up on loooooots of sweet fruity calories first and temptation for other non-foods will magically disappear!!! See how hungry you are for anything after a 1000cal fruity meal!!!  I look forward to following both your journeys.

Thanks so much Nadia.  I'm going to write those recipes down.  As a matter of fact tonight I'm going through all of my corespondence on here from tonight and printing up the tips.  Thanks.  he's a gem.  We're so going to rock this!  

If he cheats and gets sick it will strengthen his resolve to eat healthy, if he doesn't eat healthy he will be sick anyway. Consider priorities, what the worst things he eats are now and what to replace them with. I'd say meat, dairy, junk food should be the first things to go, then you can work on getting rid of other things like cooked carbs. How many calories? Take his weight, multiply by 10, then double that, a 150lb person would be 150X10=1500X2=3000. This site recommends 3000 on average, but everyone is different and will need a little more or less depending on their age, weight, activity levels, and other things. The important thing is that he eats enough. 13 ain't too old, so at least he hasn't been ingesting toxins as long as a lot of other people have, so his transition should be a lot smoother than older folks, if he does get any detox then its better to suffer through that than to keep eating like crap and suffer a lot longer and a lot more and eventually die from heart disease/cancer/whatever. Tell him not to worry because the body is wise and won't give him anything he can't handle. 

Thanks so much StyleStacker.  I will tell him that. ( not to worry because the body is wise and won't give him anything he can't handle ) More Love.

Tell him its a lerning process to embrace and not a problem if he slips, just keep it vegan. Make the most scrummy meals with his favourite fruits and try new things to shake it up since he will likely miss variety. 3000 calories a day is what you should ensure he eats, and then let him eat as much as he wants extra. Smoothiesand datorade help get the cals in. I'm 17 and fresh deglet dates on the vine are my favourite trest, they taste like chocolate or nutella. Its good to make fun dishes for children and teens, I especially enjoy making things that taste like a certain cooked food, for instance I'll make a banana and date smoothie in a mixing bowl and eat it with a wooden spoon like its cake mix hehe - it feels so mischeivous!

Oooo we really like nutella!  Yay!  Deglet dates!  Mmmmmm....  Wonderful.  Thanks so much for the tips on the date and banana cake batter smoothie.  :)


 Nutella provides: (per 2 tablespoons)

200 Calories (100 Calories from fat)
11g fat (3.5g of which are saturated)
21 (!) grams of sugar
3g protein

Thanks swirl.  That's what's up! :0)  Thanks for the link.  I'll show him.



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