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Tough times sticking to LFRV...possibly due to sedentary lifestyle after an injury

Brief history: I have been attempting to do 100% LFRV since mid January 2012 (I had been on and off LFRV for 3-4 yrs prior). Since this past January, the longest I have stayed 100% is about 25 days...and that was a while ago!

I have had a real tough time sticking with LFRV in the past 40 days or so. Lots of cheats, including the worst--dairy and meat. I think some of it is emotional. Even when I have all the fruit I need, stocked in my kitchen, or in my stomach, it just doesnt appeal to me sometimes, and I will go run out to the store or fast food joint for some "junk". I usually start out with the intention of trying to keep my cheats "vegan", but half the time I lose it and end up eating dairy and meat.

One significant event that may be correlated with this tough time is that I hurt my ankle about 40 days ago (after a long steep hike, I got a muscle injury or something, that makes walking painful---even used crutches), and have not been able to do the physical activity that I love (walking, dancing, hiking), which kept me happy eating fruit. I have been sitting on my butt most of the time...trying to give my foot rest...but I get bored without physical activity...so I have developed a bad habit of going to cheat foods (wheat, high fat vegan, dairy, meat---but not really interested in sugary stuff like sweets---I like the salt, and just feeling full) for some sort of high (tho it lasts only at the time of going in my mouth!). Aside from boredome, I also just dont "feel good" being sedentary...I am not getting my heart rate up, and sweating, and having blood rush through my body. Those are all very invigorating to me!

Physical activity is what helped me stick to 811! After intense activity I would happily CRAVE fruit and nothing else.

My foot is not better yet....not really healing....thanks to my poor diet and lack of quality sleep...and so the cycle just continues :-(

I welcome any replies, and also if anyone can think of ways I can do intense activity that wouldn't involve using my ankle. FYI---any kind of movement or stretching of my ankle aggrevates it. And swimming isnt an option for me right now. 

Thank you friends!

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That is very brave of you being open and your honesty says a lot about your character. Im an active hiker I hike about 3 times a week. Im actually going hiking in a few hours from now. Of course the best action is always prevention. Have you tried using a brace or wrapping your ankle? What about cycling, they make bikes where you pedal and steer with your hands. Why can't you just hike a flat trail with crutches? You can do it get out there  and challenge yourself!




Thank you, Desert Fox, for your reply and links...Very inspiring, and some good ideas!

You're right! When I was on crutches for the first couple days...I remember thinking...."this is what I call exercise!" I was very out of shape, and I had to walk all over my college campus on crutches and just one foot. WOW! I didn't like it tho cuz it was too exhausting and it hurt my arms and armpits.

But I think we've created a good idea....like just going for a 15-min stroll on crutches in a favorable environment (park, forest)....because that sure will be a work out for me! And even if I hate those crutches, if thats what can get my heart pumping and my mood up, then its worth it! I can just laugh about it in the future when I look back...or better yet, laugh while I am doing it!


P.S. Also, good point about wrapping or bracing my ankle!

Right now I don't have a bike. Hopefully soon!

Thank you for the encouragement, Real!

I have never really done much exercise in the upper-body department....so it didn't come to mind before....but I think this would be a great time to start, and also it is something positive to consider that came out of my injury! I like your emphasis on "creative"---that's my favorite kind of exercise...regardless of what body part I'm working...as long as its fun!!!



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