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10 biggest mistakes raw fooders do that destroy their health longterm?

1. They think sweet fruit is the enemy! "Dont eat fruit! It will make you fat! It will give you diabeties! It will rot your teeth! It will make you insane!" All of which are total BS. We run the most popular raw foods website and have never seen a single case of tooth decay, diabeties, insanity or severe body blubber from fruit eating. Yes we have seen people shooting up meth/being bulimic/anorexic whilst being a 'fruitarian' and loosing their teeth, we have seen people eating high fat raw diets and getting diabetic symptoms, we have seen people get depression from just trying to eat 10 oranges a day. Sweet fruit is the ultimate food for humans. Fruit is your friend. Every cell in the human body runs on glucose and or fructose. To starve the cells of natural glucose/fructose from sweet fruit is a health crime.

2. They think they need to 'calorie restrict'. "Dont eat more than a handful of food at a meal! Eat light! Remember that humans are designed to be breatharians!!" Well Ive met a few breatharians in my world travels and Ive not met more confused people. A mosquito has a very small stomach but watch how much it expands after meal. Adult male orangutans weighs around 90kg and eats up to 8500calories a day.  Calorie restriction does not work in nature as the animal that eats the least gets eaten first as it doesnt have enough energy to mate, forage or avoid being hunted. One raw food lady in Australia committed suicide 2 years ago after trying to calorie restrict her way to 'health'. Ive had friends end up in mental wards. Ive seen models just lose it big time from calorie restriction and end up becoming severely overweight. We need a lot of sweet fruit calories every day. Sweet fruit is the best caloric source for humans. NOBODY gets overweight from eating copious amounts of sweet fruit, EVER! 

3. They think they can fast their way to health. So many people undereat on sweet fruits and then go and load up on greasy, oily, salty high fat versions of low fat cooked carb foods and wonder they they feel sick. They get told they need to fast/cleanse to aid the 'detox' when actually its a case of 'tox' from too much fat, dehydrated foods, lack of carbs and or too much salt. If you want to cleanse/fast, try living the 80/10/10 lifestyle for a few months and then see how you much you want to fast then! You simply wont as its such a clean way to live/eat.

4. They think they dont need to drink water? Water comes from pipes and plastic and that aint natural so Im not going to drink water and just dehydrate myself instead.. Well my ex housemate had the same belief and drank little water as a result. She got sick after eating raw animal products and did a fast and stopped drinking water. She ended up in hospital and died from renal failure. Drink at least 3 litres of water per day. More if you wear lots of clothing, live in a dry environment, eat salt and or are overweight as fat holds little water compared to muscle. Your body will love you for it and youll have better digestion, mental clarity, skin and physical performance. Drink 1 litre upon rising and 1 litre 30 mins before meals.

5. They think they need to sleep less as a raw fooder. Well Dr such and such says they only sleep 3 hours per night cos they eat raw..Hey! Do you want to end up in a mental ward like my friend that tried to do that? The body needs tonnes of sleep per night! We evolved in the equatorial regions where there is 12hour of dark per night. If you cant sleep proper its most likely you are under consuming carbohydrates and now your body cant produce enough serotonin so your sleep gets effected. Eat over 3000calories a day from a carb rich, low fat raw vegan diet and watch your sleep quality improve out of site. Have a big breakfast and lunch and a lighter dinner and go to bed early.

6. They think that are 'emotional eaters'.  You ever seen a spider emotionally eat? Look at cows and horse in nature, they eat all day! When humans are starved of simple sugars from fruit, they will keep eating and eating until they get simple sugars. We can just sit down and eat a meal of mangoes or make a big banana/date smoothie or we can just fight our 'sweet tooth' and then get real emotional and 'emotionally eat on candy, burgers, fries etc. So how to we end emotional eating? Eat sufficient calories from sweet fruit daily. Its that simple. Eat over 3000cals a day from sweet fruits and you will never emotionally eat again in your life. Note that those who dont believe this fact struggle all their life to control their eating habits. Starve, binge, starve, binge, starve..

7. They think calories dont matter. Ok then if calories dont matter then why eat anything with calories at all then? We dont go to the service station and not look how much gas we put in the tank so why do we ignorantly eat and expect to go the distance when we have no real objective idea how much fuel we are putting in the tank? Ive never met a successful elite athlete that didnt know how much calories they needed and what that looked like in carbs per day. Ive never met a successful raw fooder that didnt know how much calories they needed each day and what that look like in sweet fruit carbs per day. We teach our clients and forum members to learn calories from fruits. Not so they avoid getting too much but so they get enough! You gotta eat a lot of volume to get enough fruit. Thats great cos I like eating lots of sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner! :)

8. They think they dont have to exercise. Most of the time raw fooders cant exercise cos they are so fatigued from their calorie restriction, low carb and high fat raw diets. I dont blame em, NOBODY is fit and active on a high fat diet. When we carb up for a few days, drink enough water and get enough sleep we will automatically be itching to live with more passion and a life of passion means a lot of physical movement be it dancing, sport, active labour sex and or keeping up with our children.

9. They think they need to take drugs to become enlightened. The amount of chronic drug abuse I see in the raw 'health' movement is staggering. Bongs, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, san pedro's cactus, LSD, cacao etc. Call it natural but at the end of the day its still drugs and as a result has a negative impact on our health. I myself used and abuse a lot drugs so I can speak from both sides of the fence: clean vs drugged. Clean wins hands down. The truly natural highs one experiences from keeping their blood clean, body lean and mind sharp from following a high fruit, low fat raw vegan lifestyle with plenty of sleep, water, sun and fun make drugs look like a poor choice. Ive seen many raw food friends develop negative personality traits from using these 'healthy & natural' drugs. Its interesting to note that the promoters of low fruit diets also are the biggest promoters of the 'raw drugs' and the reason is that people are so fatigued and depressed from eating low carb diets that they need some stimulants and drugs to escape the low energy reality that low carb diets provide.

10. Raw foodies think they need animal products for health. Its no surprise that the majority of the people that promote a low fruit diet eventually go back to eating animal products in due time. Why? They simply ate such a low calorie diet that they failed to thrive and thought it was lack of protein or b12 or something. I like to ask people 'how many grams of protein did you get as a raw vegan?' They never know. Then I ask them 'how many grams of protein do you get today?' They never know. They fail to ask the raw vegan athletes what they are doing to succeed so well. They fail to learn basic human & nutritional sciences. Then they fail as a raw foodie and become outspoken about raw foods/vegan diets etc.

With b12 Ive never seen anyone raise their serum b12 and lower their homocysteine and urinary MMA from consuming raw or cooked animal products. I have seen many get food poisoning and end up in hospital as a result. We see that 39% of US citizens have low serum b12 levels. http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr/2000/000802.htm 

Science shows us that absorption, high stress, gastric issues and high fat diets can all create b12 deficiencies. Most people dont even know what their b12/homocysteine/urinary MMA levels were before they went raw vegan and then when they get tested and have some issues they are quick to jump to conclusion it was from being a 'vegan'. Ive trained with the fastest cyclists on earth including riders like Lance Armstrong and Cadel Evans and they ALL do b12 injections on a regular basis as do a lot of hollywood stars as do I. My blood tests always show up healthy results as I do the right things for my health and avoid the pitfalls that unfortunately are all too common in the raw foods movement today.

Thanks for reading and remember, true friends tell you what you need to hear and business people tell you what you want to hear..

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Thank you for this post! So enlightening!! but I got curious...why the b12 shots? i mean... isn't the body supposed to be the most magnificent mechanism? why do we need to add smthng in a non natural way? Just curious. I don't even know that much about b12 other than it's the "fashionable" missing thing.
It's a good question CB...The truth is that most of us live in a sup-optimal environment most of the time.

Call me crazy, but we are not designed to do 99.99% of the things we do, even us LFRV. We are designed to eat, sleep, excrete, urinate, breathe, play, reproduce, move, stay outdoors in fresh air and sunshine and thats about it. When we add in man made activities and harmful substances (there is no need to write an entire list but a few examples include meat, drugs, alcohol, pulling all niters, stressful jobs, doing things we do not like that just waste away our adrenals and health) then we run into problems. The human body simply was not designed to do what we do most of the time. I think it is testament to the brilliance of our bodies that we actually can still thrive doing what we do.

If you are fortunate enough to have all your organs and bodily functions working optimally AND you live in a tropical environment then healthful living should be all you need to thrive. However, if you live a northern region and are hoping to get to the tropics in a few years like me, then you will have to make compromises.

I believe DR takes B12 shots since he has a problem due to substance abuse from years gone by. Only he can tell you the real reason.

Hope this helps
Im currently based in a city of 2 million people and would estimate over 1000cars pass me during my recent daily 100km bike rides. Breathing in that much pollution and expecting peak b12 levels regardless of diet is a bit much to ask of my body I reckon.

Sometimes unnatural actions are needed to assist an unnatural lifestyle. We have over 39% of the US being borderline b12 deficient. http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr/2000/000802.htm
Hey man, thanks for the post, good info as usual. Must say tho I'm surprised you go for the B12 shots though...is B12 absorption affected by pollution in the body you reckon? It is a good point re the number of cars you pass every day, for that reason would you not instead prefer XC or downhill riding?

That's awesome training with Armstrong, dudes a hero (obviously). You chat about diet with him? Would love to know...

You know any 811 cyclists at the top of the game? 


Yeah xc riding is great but their aint an xc trail to the fruit shops etc! ;)


Everyone at the top is eating low fat. Give it a few years before fruit is seen for the ultimate fuel it really is.

It is really hard to trust people in this world, Harley. However, every time I hear you speak and read what you write, I am impressed to the point of ... I am just very impressed with you. The future is so bright ;-)

I am an entomologist and study mosquitoes. I loved your analogy above.
I feel the same way

Yes lana, I agree. I feel fruit is love! I am sure! and joy! So is sunshine and grass, water and play. So close to the heart some can't stand the light. :) 

Nice article DR!

I would also add:


2. If you start 811 with 'already' damaged TEETH and/or GUMS, (and a lot of people do!), YOU HAVE TO TAKE 'EXTRA-SPECIAL' CARE + ATTENTION OF DENTAL HYGIENE (ie brushing after each meal + brushing AND flossing before BED) EVERY, SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL, for at least the first few months during the transition period...........
If you allow sugars from fruit to pour into 'already' existing, deep gum pockets and to sit there for extended periods of time and if you allow sugars to sit too long on 'already' damaged/sensitive teeth and YOU DON'T CLEAN YOUR TEETH + GUMS METICULOUSLY every, single day, you'll end up with dental problems and blame it on the fruit - when the fruit sugar was not the 'CAUSE' of the initial condition, although it will aggravate the condition if you don't follow a meticulous teeth hygiene program.
After a few months of meticulous dental hygiene, your teeth + gums will 'HEAL' BUT ONLY IF YOUR DENTAL HYGIENE WAS EXCELLENT DURING THE TRANSITION PERIOD.............
I also have seen people brushing too much/too hard and wearing away the enamel and also people grinding their teeth when they sleep.

Me too


How I wish I'd had this information when I first embarked on a raw diet!

Getting sufficient calories is SO important. On one of my early attempts I decided to do 2 weeks of green smoothies (I'd just read Victoria's book) as I drove 12 hours to attend a yoga retreat in Massachusetts... On the the third day I fainted. And this was at a "Relaxation and Stress Relief" workshop! How embarassing.

Of course, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense that I fainted since I was probably only consuming about 700 calories a day. One smoothie might have contained 4 apples and 1/2 a bunch kale. Can't thrive on that :)

This is great, can't do without information for anyone who is interested in LFRV.



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